• Knights Victorious
  • 2020 OBWL Finals Preview
  • 2020 AmCon Finals Preview


Knights Victorious

2020 Knights Champs
Mack Lavoie and Jean Larry helped lead the Knights to the first championship in franchise history.
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2020 OBWL Finals Preview

2020 TBT LON
Tritons vs. Knights: The Rematch
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2020 AmCon Finals Preview

2020 Goodrum 01
Hunter Heath of the Tritons and Daniel Goodrum of the Sun Kings will be key role players during the American Conference Finals.
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Featured Stories

  • Imperators New Season Hopes

    Last year Kollin Hitch was not very active with his team. Many fans and GMs wondered what happened to him. We have breaking news. The OBDL News did an investigation. Inside sources are reporting that Hitch was knocked out by one of is assistant coaches. The assistant coach threw a brick at Hitch's head. This caused Kollin to go in to a coma. (in real life I had a concussion) Kollin was in a coma Read More
  • Imperators season

    GM Kollin Hitch completed his first season with the Imperators. His team went 37 - 43 and missed the playoffs by 9 games. The season before GM Hitch came they went 37- 43 and got 4th in the division but this season the team finished 5th. That shows that the division got better this year. He was hoping to improve the record from the season before but did not do to 2 injuries and Zachary Roush Read More
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Latest Comments

  • Eric Stelle 10.07.2017 09:37
    Yes, very nicely done! I like that you include some ...


  • Jason Warnke 08.07.2017 14:38
    Excellent team summary, Daryl!


AmEast Newswire

  • Tritons Open Strong but Finish Weak in Cup Final +

    The Tampa Bay Tritons looked as if they were well on their way to duplicating last season's success. The defending OBWL champs open the Heikinnen Cup Finals with a 24 Read More
  • Sunkings defeated in Conference Finals +

    St. Louis, MO - What a season it has been! In their first ever playoff appearance, the St. Louis Sunkings managed to go all the way to the conference finals, throwing Read More
  • Richardson wins Most Improved Player of 2020 +

    St. Louis, MO - It has been a nice season with a rund to the conference finals of the AmCon for the St. Louis Sunkings. Within a little over a year, Read More
  • Layne Rollins final Blaze season? +

    If there is one guy that has been a fan favorite for the Blaze it has been Layne Rollins. For many years Layne would be the guy for the Blaze Read More
  • Next year Starting 5 +

    With major question marks going into next season and not much wiggle room to sign or improve, the team will probably have to pick their starting 5 from the players Read More
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AmWest Newswire

  • Chaos Close Another Disappointing Season +

    Los Angeles - With the London Knights winning the OBWL Championship, the 2020 season is in the books. For LA, the season was over long before that. They did make the Read More
  • My Summer Vacation +

    KANSAS CITY, MO (AP) -- Sun-burned and jet-lagged, Pioneers GM Ben Johnson agreed to a rare sit-down interview recently upon his return from an overseas trip to India. Johnson was in Read More
  • Out In The First Once Again +

    For the third time in a row, the LA Chaos faced the Tampa Bay Tritons in the first round of the playoffs. For the third time in a row, the Read More
  • EXIT interview GM Trent +

    Portland, Or. With a record of 15-65, one less win that last year, you would think that GM Trent would want to flee town asap. However the still relatively young Read More
  • Archers Enter Playoffs in "Unique" Position +

    ST LOUIS, MO - Like clockwork the machine in Anaheim has cranked out yet another fifty win season but as the regular season closes and eyes turn to the playoffs, the Read More
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NatEast Newswire

  • London Victorious, Heads to Finals +

    London heads back to the Finals after a hard fought seven game series against Arizona. The Knights rallied from down 2-3 to take the series against the Thunderbirds. The series Read More
  • Knights Defeat Huskies, Advance to Conference Finals +

    London advanced to the conference finals for the second time in as many years as they defeated Toronto in seven games. As expected it was a tough, back and forth Read More
  • Campbell Named 2020 Team MVP, Sources Question Future +

    5/17/2021: Boston, MA -- The surprise acquisition of the then 28 year old All-Star center Malik Campbell from the Philadelphia Americans no doubt charged up the entire Boston Buzzard fan base Read More
  • Knights Into the Second Round +

    The London Knights defeated the Manhattan Swing 4-1 in the first round of the playoffs. While many thought the Knights would breeze into the second round, Coach Shay knew better. Read More
  • Huskies take Coyotes 4 straight in first round +

    Toronto took on the Quebec Coyotes in round one of this year’s playoff and took them in 4 straight games. In the first game the Huskies won 122-121 in a Read More
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NatWest Newswire

  • Shock Sale of the Marauders +

    What a roller coaster of a year it has been for the Minnesota Marauders. A disastrous free agency period, the rise and fall of form during the season, the return Read More
  • Lotto Fever Infects the Highland +

    Lotto Fever Infects the Highland As the annual OBWL Draft Lottery was about to kick off, fans of all teams involved pulled out all of their good luck charms and Read More
  • All-First Team Marauders +

    Despite the disappointing season the Minnesota Marauders are the only team in the league to feature 2 All-OWBL 1st team players giving the fans and club something to cheer about! Read More
  • Ticket Sales & Revenue Plummets in Minnesota +

    The Minnesota Marauders have released their financial information to the public and confirm a $28 million dollar profit was recorded however the club are the first to admit they made Read More
  • Thunderbirds Decline to Re-Sign Coach of the Year +

    Two weeks after failing to capitalize on a 3-2 series advantage in the National Conference finals, the Arizona Thunderbirds have let Head Coach Reilly Zaro know they do not plan Read More
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