• NatCon 1st Round Playoff Preview
  • AmCon 1st Round Playoff Preview
  • 2018 OCBL Final Four and Title Game


NatCon 1st Round Playoff Preview

2018 Flowers 01
The defending champs have a tough mountain to climb in the form of Charles Flowers and the Huskies.
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AmCon 1st Round Playoff Preview

2018 Blaze 01
After knocking on the door last season, can Layne Rollins and the Chicago Blaze break through to the 2nd round this year?
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2018 OCBL Final Four and Title Game

2018 California 01
#1 ranked California has been golden during their run to the Final Four, were they able to take home the National Championship?
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Featured Stories

  • Crew eye playoffs

    Hyannis, MA (AP) - The Cape Cod Crew have lost PF Jason Luker to a broken foot injury for the rest of the season, and foreseeably the opening round of the playoffs. Yet, this team, with all the front office changes, roster changes, and injuries, continue to focus on their number one goal, which is the playoffs and winning the OBDL championship. Yes, Luker has been a big anchor at the post and on the boards Read More
  • The Twin Towers Soaring in New England

    Hyannis, MA (AP) - They lost Cantwell. They lost Eastman. And just when you're about to write off the dynamic season of the Cape Cod Crew, they continue to impress. The main reason can be pointed to what GM Dane Pearson has coined the "Twin Towers of New England" on 95 WXTK. 6' 10" center Alfonzo Lozier and 6' 11" power forward Jason Luker form these towers. These are two big men, who may not be Read More
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  • Eric Stelle 28.04.2016 12:40
    Nice all around guys! :) Anyone else notice the two ...


  • Eric Stelle 25.04.2016 10:48
    Ah, nice one KVM. :eek: :lol:


AmEast Newswire

  • More injuries strike--Pace out for season +

    It's another injury-plagued season of disappointment in Detroit. Just two months ago, the Muscle were one of the better teams in the American Conference, sporting a 26-21 record and looking Read More
  • Stallion’s Woeful Season takes an All Star Break +

    The Stallions have had few seasons in their history as bad as this. At 9-39 they look to be headed to the lottery pick positions in the next OBDL draft. Read More
  • Invaders cant buy a road win +

    Indianapolis, Indiana> While the Invaders look well on their way to rebounding from the disastrous 27 win 2017 season which saw Cleveland Hall and Rik McDaniel both injured for large Read More

    The Tampa Bay Tritons have high hopes entering the 2018 season. “It’s a new season, literally and figuratively, for us,” stated GM Tom Lacher, “and we are extremely excited and Read More
  • Detroit fills bench spots +

    In the hyper-competitive American Conference, building a bench of solid role players is essential to a team's playoff hopes. The Muscle went into the off-season with a lack of depth Read More
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AmWest Newswire

  • Dragoons playoffs +

    The normally quiet Brian Montes decided to speak to the press today. "I started to talk the other day. I had a press release set up, but Coach didn't want Read More
  • Allan Named OBWL's Top 6th Man +

    KANSAS CITY, MO (AP) -- Second year Pioneers guard Colby Allan was named the 2018 OBWL 6th Man of the Year on Monday by a panel of national sportswriters and broadcasters. Read More
  • Chaos Enter Postseason +

    It's been 3 years since the Chaos have been in the playoffs and the first year since GM Whetzel took over the franchise. Despite a very good record of 43-37, Read More
  • On to next year. +

    That was harder than expected! These were the words GM Trent shared with us as he ran off to the final team briefing of the year, now that its impossible Read More
  • Archers Neuter SeaDogs +

    ANAHEIM, CA - Returning home after a ten game stretch that only featured two home games, the road weary Archers welcomed the top team in the OBWL, the Seattle SeaDogs to Read More
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NatEast Newswire

  • On to Boston +

    The London Knights are heading back to the playoffs after a 3 year hiatus. Things looked bleak earlier on as the team went 4-15 to start the year. But the Read More
  • Knights Represented at All Stars +

    Val Crumley made his first appearance as an All Star. The second year point guard is having a fine season with 17 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds and 2 steals Read More
  • Manhattan Swing - Midseason Review +

    New York - It's been an interesting season thus far for the Swing. After the sudden departure of superstar Kade Kramer, to the injuries sustained by Juggernaut James Cooke, and the Read More
  • At the Break +

    Toronto Huskies are tied with the Boston Buzzards with a record of 30-17 good for top spot in the National east division. Mathew Cole and Charles Flowers both are having Read More
  • Knights Midseason Review +

    The Knights head into the All Star break at 24-25. While a 0.500 record is far from impressive it is a major improvement from the team's 4-15 start. Things started Read More
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NatWest Newswire

  • The madness is back - KvM losing it in Denver +

    Denver. And here we go. For weeks Denver Demons new GM Klaus von Meyerinck has held his peace, did not show up during practice or in the locker room, did Read More
  • Minnesota Marauders mid season report +

    Minnesota got off to a very slow start, the team was hit by the injury bug and had trouble being consistent wining two games then losing three or more, they Read More
  • Kole Tantalo signs 4-year Extension with Thunderbirds +

    Veteran smalll forward Kole Tantalo has signed a 4-year contract extension with the Thunderbirds wortha total of $5.3 million. "This is a great organization to play for," Tantalo told reporters Read More
  • Thunderbirds Mid-Season Review +

    Here is a mid-season review of the first half of the Thunderbirds 2019 season. Offense Summary: The Thunderbirds are scoring almost the exact same amount of points per game as Read More
  • Fishmac police at work +

    Denver. It's halfway trough the season already and Denver is waiting for the first outburst of Demons' GM Klaus von Meyerinck in his office or in the locker room. So Read More
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