• 2021 National Conference Preview
  • 2021 American Conference Preview
  • Lottery Lefevre


2021 National Conference Preview

2021 Owens 01
Jose Owens and the London Knights will look to conquer the National Conference again in 2021.
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2021 American Conference Preview

2021 Drumm 01
Three-time Heikkinen Cup winner Joseph Drumm went coast to coast this offseason, signing with the Philadelphia Americans as a free agent.
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Lottery Lefevre

2021 ABaum 01
South Florida guard Aaron Baum is one of the few seniors who can expect to hear his name called early on during the 2021 OBWL Rookie Draft.
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Featured Stories

  • Imperators New Season Hopes

    Last year Kollin Hitch was not very active with his team. Many fans and GMs wondered what happened to him. We have breaking news. The OBDL News did an investigation. Inside sources are reporting that Hitch was knocked out by one of is assistant coaches. The assistant coach threw a brick at Hitch's head. This caused Kollin to go in to a coma. (in real life I had a concussion) Kollin was in a coma Read More
  • Imperators season

    GM Kollin Hitch completed his first season with the Imperators. His team went 37 - 43 and missed the playoffs by 9 games. The season before GM Hitch came they went 37- 43 and got 4th in the division but this season the team finished 5th. That shows that the division got better this year. He was hoping to improve the record from the season before but did not do to 2 injuries and Zachary Roush Read More
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Latest Comments

  • Tom Lacher 15.09.2017 13:08
    WOW!!!! That was awesome!!


  • Eric Stelle 14.09.2017 07:57
    This is the stuff that made Goot a legend. New GM's ...


AmEast Newswire

  • Blaze come to terms on 2nd deal +

    The Blaze have announced that they have come to terms on a trade with Ft. Worth. The team has traded former 1st round pick Joseph Azure for former 1st rounder Read More
  • Blaze Rumored Trade +

    Well GM Abcarian promised changes would come this season to the Blaze via trade(s) and he wasn’t lying. Knowing that they are over budget this season, GM Abcarian is trying Read More
  • Americans Get Aggressive in Offseason; Prepare for New Era +

    After a disappointing season that saw the Philadelphia Americans finish with a bottom-10 record, it was inevitable that changes were to come, and big changes at that. General Manager Jay Read More
  • Sunkings Bring Back 3 Staff Members +

    St. Louis, MO - After a very successfull 2020 season, the St. Louis Sunkings decided to bring back 3 of their staff members for the upcoming 2021 season. Former head coach Read More
  • Tritons Open Strong but Finish Weak in Cup Final +

    The Tampa Bay Tritons looked as if they were well on their way to duplicating last season's success. The defending OBWL champs open the Heikinnen Cup Finals with a 24 Read More
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AmWest Newswire

  • Chaos Ardoin' It Again +

    Los Angeles, CA - For the last 3 seasons, the Chaos have lived in mediocrity under the Whetzel regime. They have been a playoff team, but early first round exits at Read More
  • The Goot That Roared +

    “Fuck that guy.” Simply put, that is how new Pioneers guard Noah Gutierrez summed up his opinion of Thunderbirds guard Mark Marble following Kansas City’s 121-112 win in Arizona on Read More
  • Senior citzens only +

    Portland, Or. With all the glamour and expectation of the new season well and truly a distant memory, the hype and introduction press conferences like settled dust in the rear Read More
  • Rookie draft review +

    Portland, Or. With the third pick in the 2021 draft the Portland lumberjacks took a chance on the 19year old kid Ronald Richardson. 6’10” and out of California, Ronald has Read More
  • Archers say goodbye to an Unsung Hero +

    ANAHEIM, CA - Ambrose Brown, long time scout for the Anaheim Archers, announced his intention to retire at the end of the regular season. GM Eric Stelle presented Brown with a Read More
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NatEast Newswire

  • The Swing vs. Father Time +

    New York - After the season opener the Swing add a notch to the win column, but one question looming this franchise...The age of it's team. With 6 players above the Read More
  • "Let's be realistic. Let's do the impossible!" +

    NEW JERSEY - After winning no more than 23 games in 2019, fans in New Jersey thought, things couldn't get worse with the Enforcers. Well, they could. They did. Last season's Read More
  • London Completes Free Agency Period +

    London had one of their busiest free agency under General Manager Lian. In total, the Knights filled out the max allowed players on a roster at 20. Of course the Read More
  • Buzzards Ink Morrison to 6-Year Max +

    July 23, 2021: Boston, MA -- The Boston Buzzards have announced that they have agreed to terms with 24 year old SF/PF Octavio Morrison for a league-maximum $106.71 million over the Read More
  • Hofer Traded, London Eyes Free Agency +

    London traded Herschel Hofer to Anaheim today in a bid to free up enough cap space for the upcoming free agency. Along with Hofer the team sent their 2023 first Read More
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NatWest Newswire

  • Holmes to Defend 'The Hill' at all Cost +

    The Pfizer Joy Hill is about to become the epicenter of the basketball world. The doors are about to swing open to thousands of electrified fans waiting to enter The Read More
  • Thunderbirds Shrug Off Goot Comments +

    Pioneers forward Noah Gutierrez hadn't been heard from for a while after he was traded away from Arizona to Indiana two season ago. But after returning to Arizona with the Read More
  • Five Games Minnesota Fans Can't Miss +

    Now that the fixtures for the upcoming 2021 OBWL season have been released we take a look at a bunch of games that Minnesota fans will not want to miss! Read More
  • Marauders Get it Right +

    THOMAS VANVIKING CHIEF SPORTS WRITER - MINNESOTA TIMES The Minnesota Marauders have restored the respectability of their front office after a successful off-season. The Marauders had the huge task of signing Read More
  • KvM's next scandal: The huge Goodrum error +

    Denver. And there it is: Yet another scandal in the Denver Demons front office! Because what could have been a successful free agency with the signing of four players so Read More
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