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  • Blaze Draft German Controversy? +

    In the 2022 draft the Chicago Blaze took Luitpold Hippeli with the #5 pick from Germany after he finished 1 year at TCU. No one doubts Hippeli’s ability to score, but the question is will he learn to play defense? While at TCU, Hippeli was able to score almost at will as a Freshman, averaging 19.2 points in 29 minutes a game. He also picked up 4 rebounds a game but had a few too many turnovers and fouls. Both those should decrease as he gets older and a higher basketball IQ. The Blaze had been rumored to be looking at Wallace Briseno, Edward Baranowksi and Roger Desfontaines (picked #3) before the draft. Rumors are that the new assistant coach Read More
  • Is the Coach coming back +

    Will he be fired or will he be allowed to finish out his last year? That is the question being asked about Vasco Brugera. The one thing going against him staying is that it will only cost the team 150K to fire him. In his first season as coach, he did an adequate job with the players he was given, but that doesn’t mean he did a good job. Let’s look at the Positives: The team allowed only 98.5 points a game, but that is also due to fact that the team for the first half of the season, played some of the slowest most boring basketball around. The one thing that improved defensively after the increased speed was, steals. Read More
  • Gluck Trade (End of Season Review) +

    The next trade we will review is the Phillip Gluck trade. Gluck never fit with Semple and then got injured during his time in Chicago, so when the team decided to put up his expiring contract, it came to no surprise. The team building for the future got 2 expiring deals and 2 pieces for the future. Let’s review the trade now, while only sending Gluck to South Florida. Let’s look at Phillip Gluck first. While at quick glance It looked like Gluck didn’t do much more than he did in Chicago, but if you dig deeper, he had a nice season. While his scoring didn’t increase much (.5) and his shooting from the field went down, he distributed the Read More
  • End of Season Trade 1 Review +

    This season the Blaze made 3 trades, 2 major ones and 1 very minor one. At the time critics were split across the board on who won the trades, so now that the season has past, we shall review the first trade of the season and pick a winner. First trade of the season was one made was with the Demons. In this deal the Blaze traded Chris Semple and their 2nd round pick this season to Denver for Gary Budd, Chris Brawner and Marvin Marshall. The Blaze fans were a little upset that fan favorite Chris Semple was traded, but the front office was convinced that his skill had taken a downturn in the 2nd half of the previous Read More
  • Phillip Gluck Traded +

    Well in another move to revamp the roster and play for the future, the team traded Phillip Gluck to the South Florida Sharks. While the team had all the faith in the world in Gluck, his tenure in Chicago didn’t go as planned for anyone. Last season his injury pretty much made it a lost season and with that, the Blaze finished at .500 missing the playoffs. The Blaze in return got 2 veterans with expiring contracts in Ryley Hanover and Richard Voyles , 1 young SF in Frank Mask and a 1st round pick this year. “We are very happy with the return that we got for Gluck. Frank Mask will play in the development league this year, but we Read More
  • Blaze come to terms on 2nd deal +

    The Blaze have announced that they have come to terms on a trade with Ft. Worth. The team has traded former 1st round pick Joseph Azure for former 1st rounder Martin Yee. This trade isn’t a blockbuster and probably is one of the blandest trades ever made in the OBWL. Why was this trade even made you are thinking and really who in God’s name would think up this trade? Well it was GM Abcarian of course and his forward thinking that is what it was. Listen to him explain. “Why did you make this deal today and really how did you actually think to even try it?” WCAR sportscaster Toyota Kawasaki asked. “Well Joseph was a 1st round pick Read More
  • Blaze Rumored Trade +

    Well GM Abcarian promised changes would come this season to the Blaze via trade(s) and he wasn’t lying. Knowing that they are over budget this season, GM Abcarian is trying to shed 5-6 million by season’s end. The first deal has been completed and is only awaiting confirmation from the league office. Reports from anonymous sources, say the trade was worked out 3 different times before coming to an agreement. The report is that the Blaze have traded Chris Semple and their 2nd round pick this season to Denver for Gary Budd, Chris Brawner and Marvin Marshall. Some sources say that at one point it was Clyne and Medeiros instead of Budd, but the teams ended up on choosing Budd. Read More
  • Layne Rollins final Blaze season? +

    If there is one guy that has been a fan favorite for the Blaze it has been Layne Rollins. For many years Layne would be the guy for the Blaze to score when needed and also to lead the team to victory. While his playoff averages never equaled his season averages, that might be because of all the minutes he played and the work he did carrying the team in the regular season. This article is being written on him, not because he is retiring, but because this is surely his last year as a member of the Blaze. The team is most certainly declining his option in 2022, so 2021 will be his farewell as a Blaze tour. The Read More
  • Next year Starting 5 +

    With major question marks going into next season and not much wiggle room to sign or improve, the team will probably have to pick their starting 5 from the players currently on the roster. The problem with that is they didn’t do a great job this year. Another key factor will be who is hired on to be the head coach for the Blaze. Let’s take a gander at what the lineup might be. Center: Armando Bass – Armando has had a solid career with the Blaze and while he might not be a top of the line center he pulls down about 10 rebounds a game and gets 7 points or so. The team knows they would be better with Read More
  • Next year Ticket Prices (lost paragraph edition) +

    While the season isn't even over yet, the Blaze have sent out a letter to the season ticket holders and we have a copy: Dear Season Ticketholder, We are very sorry for the disappointing season we had and the product that we put on the court. Unfortunately, we don't have much wiggle room this year to improve via Free Agency. Due to these circumstances we have decided that next year we are going to reduce ticket prices by $4, Club seats by $30 and Suites by $200. We hope you can accept this offering as good faith as we will work to improve this team and be smarter managing the cap. Thank you, Blaze Management While this may look like Read More
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