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  • Exclusive shoe deal +

    Well this season for the Blaze has been a complete disaster. Nothing has worked from the new coach all the way to the FA signings... So who or what is to blame? Well GM Abcarian has a press conference right now: GM Abcarian: Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your time. I am here to address the season so far with the Blaze and an announcement for the future. First not only has this season been a disaster, last season wasn't that good either. I had an independent firm look over all the game tapes and interview everyone that has been in the organization the last 2 years, including the sales people. Well I think I know what the problem Read More
  • Blaze Early season update +

    The season started out disastorous for the Blaze after the first 7 games of the season, going 0-7, losing 2 of the games by 1 point. Since that point the team has gone 8-1, winning the last 7 games, but just because you are winning doesn’t mean things can’t be tweaked. “Expect changes to come to the rotation in the next few games as we are going to try a few new things. After analyzing things we have noticed some of the statistics show we need to improve in areas that we think we can without having to trade or sign anyone at the moment,” said GM Greg Abcarian. When GM Abcarian was asked about his thoughts on how the Read More
  • Gluck Trade Review +

    When the Blaze traded for Phillip Gluck, they had figured that they found the missing piece to advance in the playoffs. Well they were wrong, but how much of that is Gluck’s fault? Well looking at the metrics Gluck did ok offensively for the Blaze, but on defense he might of well have been a tree as people just got by him or around him all the time. When he was on the court the other team scored an average of 105 points a game and the guy he was replacing Junior Lammers only was giving up 96.5 points a game. While the Blaze lost for many reasons, Gluck didn’t help them win that is for sure, but also wasn’t Read More
  • Last of Garett Ellis? +

    After starting his career with the Blaze, it is now time for Garett Ellis to move on. Where he goes is anyone’s guess, but it most certainly won’t be back in Chicago. The one thing that can be said is that Garett always gave it his best for the team, no matter what the circumstances were. Garett Ellis had a great career at Oklahoma and was drafted in the first round by the Blaze. At the time the envisioned him to be a dominate defender and an above average rebounder. When he was drafted the Blaze were a team in transition so he became a starter for the first 2 seasons averaging about 6 points a game while pulling down Read More
  • Blaze Draft Review +

    Last year the Blaze drafted 3 players and kept 2 of them. Neither had much of an impact in the OBWL, but both played a bunch in the OBDL. The 2 players were Lyndon Wesley and Timothy O’Connor. First we will talk about Lyndon Wesley. He was a 2nd round pick who ended up in 8 games for the Blaze due to a freak anomly that had him disguised as someone else and coach Ervin playing him. While with the Blaze he did show an ability to score, but that was about it as his defense was non-existent. In the OBDL he fared much better, starting in 51 games and showing defensive ability along with the ability to score. While Read More
  • Goodbye Dickinson +

    Well another season done and another disappoint for coach Ervin Dickinson. The teams owner Quinn Ferguson gave Ervin an ultimatum in the beginning of the year and that was to advance to the 2nd round of the playoffs or be gone. Well the team fell to the Archers in 4 games. It was their 3rd straight 1st round loss and Ervin has never broken the 45 win mark in a season. “It looks like I will not be back next year, but that is ok. I am positive that I can find a new job shortly in the OBWL as I am a very smart coach,”said Ervin Dickinson. “I have faith in coach Ervin to succeed in this league, but Read More
  • Blaze Make a Deal +

    The Blaze have traded David Burnham Jr. and would like to thank him for his 12 years with the team (though his records for the first 9 disappeared). Over the last 2 seasons David had fallen out of the rotation and had only appeared in 16 games the last 2 years and just 2 this season. While he may have never achieved what his talent level was in his middle years he was a very useful player. David is going to beautiful San Diego along with the Blaze’s first round pick this year in return for Phillip Gluck. GM Abcarian has long coveted Gluck ever since he was taken 1 pick before Chris Semple and when he heard he was Read More
  • Blaze welcome new signee and other news. +

    The Chicago Blaze would like to welcome new signing Chester “The Molester” Maines. That is the name that Coach Ervin Dickinson gave him after seeing him play defense during his tryout with the team last week. “I told GM Abcarian he had to sign him. He was all over Burnham Jr. that it almost looked like he was molesting him. So I figured that is what I am calling him from now on,” said coach Dickinson. When asked about his new nicked name, Chester smiles and replied, “As long as he pays me and plays me, I don’t care what he calls me. I get to go from no OBWL team, to being on a 1st place team, no complaints Read More
  • Orson Almonte Report +

    When the Blaze decided to give Orson Almonte the max extension there were a lot of people in the league shaking their head. Many people said by the time 2021 comes around the contract will be an albatross. Well 44 games into the contract Orson has been everything that the Blaze could have asked for. Entering his six season the team and Orson both knew big things must come from him and that after signing a contract like he did that he must improve his all around game. While playing a half minute less a game Orson has improved in his FG %, rebounding, turnovers, FPG and PPG. “This off season I trained hard and after I got paid, I trained Read More
  • Blaze FA Report +

    The Blaze management decided to spend money this year and now are a 100 million dollar salary team. They knew they had to spend money to keep both Orson Almonte and Chris Semple and they did just that. While it might have taken Almonte a little more time to sign than the team had hoped for, he still did sign and for the next 6 years he will be in a Blaze uniform. As for Semple the team only had to give him the min Q, but decided that he was worth taking that away and offering him a 6 year deal for 53 million and Semple signed it instantly. The next step was bringing back Octavio Watts with a Read More
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