Detroit Muscle Press Releases

  • Cantell to Detroit +

    The Detroit Muscle are starved for offense. In 2018, the Muscle scored 96.8 ppg, "good" for 13th in the conference and 22nd overall in the OBWL. They missed the playoffs. They dipped even further in 2019, having one of the worst scoring teams (14th CR/26th TR) scoring just 89.7 ppg. They missed the playoffs. In the first 21 games of the 2020 season, the Muscle found themselves once again in a huge hole, thanks to a paltry 92.4 ppg (14th CR/27th TR). Part of the reason for their offensive woes has been C Shawn Pace, who has fallen steadily since 2017 and is now essentially an offensive black hole at the center position (3.9 ppg, 0.74 PPS, .354 TS%). So Read More
  • Muscle 2020 Season Preview +

    It has been a long time in the wilderness for the Detroit Muscle, since they last were in serious competition for a playoff position in the 2016 season. A combination of badly-timed key injuries, the surprising collapse of Daryl Shipes as an effective scorer in 2017 and 2018, the loss of two lottery picks from the Shipes trade, and poor other trades have left the Muscle languishing in 30ish win limbo for the past three seasons. Since the disastrous attempt to go "all in" by acquiring Shipes, for the past two years the Muscle have concentrated on creating cap space and looking to 2021 as the year of re-emergence. Can they compete a year early? They better, since Detroit traded Read More
  • Muscle take big risk for star rookie PG +

    For three seasons, the Detroit Muscle have been too bad to make the playoffs but not bad enough to land one of the top picks in the OBWL draft. They found themselves in that situation again, sitting at #8 while player after player on the top of their draft list went off the board. But instead of selecting a second-tier talent in the draft, the Muscle instead traded the #8 pick and their first-round (and possible lottery) pick in the 2021 draft for 19-year-old PG Xander Remington from the University of California, who was drafted #2 by the Boston Buzzards. "Xander gives us a player with superstar potential, which is something our roster really lacks," stated GM Mark Sands. "This Read More
  • Muscle Big Man Duo off to hot D-League Start +

    Rebuilding is hard. When the Muscle traded superstar Trevon Booth, they knew that the 2019 season would be a challenge. But the Muscle have struggled mightily out of the gate, losing 12 of the 13 games dating back to the November 11, 2019 game where star 6th man Hollis Warren went down with injury. And a 3-13 record in the ultra-competitive American Conference is probably a death blow to the team's chances to make the playoffs once again (at least this time, the Muscle have their own 1st round pick). But that is not to say the team is without hope for the future. With the 10th pick in the 2018 draft, the Muscle took 20-year-old center Darrick Vanpelt. After Read More
  • Muscle Reboot Continues +

    It has been a tumultuous two weeks that has changed the landscape of basketball in Detroit. After trading superstar SF Trevon Booth, the Muscle freed up substantial money for the 2019 and potentially the 2020 free agency signing periods. After striking out on signing the big-name talent in free agency--namely PGs Michael Keyes and Frank Williams--the team shifted focus after years of a "stars and scrubs" approach and focused their dollars on depth. It paid off immediately when the team signed 29-year-old Power Forward Trevor Jolley to a 3 year/$17.06MM contract, with a $6.5MM player option for 2022. Jolley was a mainstay on the two-time Conference champion Kansas City Pioneers before his $13MM contract was bought out in the offseason. Read More
  • Muscle turn the page +

    After three seasons of trading first-round draft picks in a futile attempt to get back into the playoffs, Detroit Muscle GM Mark Sands made the first, painful step towards a long-term plan to rebuild the franchise by trading superstar SF Trevon Booth to the London Knights. In trading Booth, the Muscle freed up approximately $7.3MM of cap room, putting the Muscle $11MM under the salary cap. In exchange for Booth, the Muscle landed the 9th overall pick in the draft, which they used to pick PF Lucas Williams. The tough, 19-year-old sophomore turned a lot of head at San Jose State in 2018, with his combination of solid offense from inside the paint, hard-nosed rebounding, and some non-traditional passing skills Read More
  • More injuries strike--Pace out for season +

    It's another injury-plagued season of disappointment in Detroit. Just two months ago, the Muscle were one of the better teams in the American Conference, sporting a 26-21 record and looking like a good bet to get back to the playoffs for the first time in 3 seasons. But it all fell apart on February 5th when Hollis Warren, the team's starting SG, when down for xx games against the Manhattan Swing. This was the second time in two years that a Muscle starter had missed significant time with an injury--superstar SF Trevor Booth missed 24 games in 2017 with an injury. The Muscle collapsed during the Booth injury and couldn't recover in time when he got back to make the Read More
  • Detroit fills bench spots +

    In the hyper-competitive American Conference, building a bench of solid role players is essential to a team's playoff hopes. The Muscle went into the off-season with a lack of depth in the backcourt and weak defense in the post. The Muscle were able to fill these two gaps with their mid-level exception money and look to head into the 2018-2019 season with one of the most balanced rosters they have had in some time. For three seasons, the Muscle have sought to upgrade the point guard position. While the team reportedly kicked the tires on some potential starters, it appears once again that incumbent Tobias Collins will will maintain his starter's job. With Collins' job secure, the Muscle signed veteran Read More
  • Muscle bulk up for the future +

    After missing the playoffs for a second-straight season, the Detroit Muscle finally had something to look forward to--their first top 10 pick in franchise history. And of course, they finally did so in one of the weakest drafts in recent history. The Muscle enter 2018 needing to shore up the Point Guard position, where incumbent Tobias Collins is in the last year of his contract and is a solid, if uninspired, starter. Unfortunately, with the team faced with the weakest PG class in league history, their draft focus turned away from immediate help in favor of younger players who can boost the team in the long-term. The results were promising--the Muscle two of the players on scout Frederick Hankins' top-24 Read More
  • McKelvey adds to crowded backcourt +

    With rumors swirling that the Muscle are looking to trade SF Daryl Shipes to bring more balance to the team, the last thing anybody expected would be that that Detroit would deal away some of their front court depth for another scoring guard. But that is just what the Muscle did today, sending 3rd string C Stefan Reyes and little-used prospect SF Eugenio Gardner to the Los Angeles Chaos for SG Mark McKelvey and former starting PG Garret Burris. McKelvey was the 5th overall draft pick int he 2014 OBWL draft, and joins three other 2014 picks--Jamie Adkins (#6), Tobias Collins (#15), and Hollis Warren (#24)--on the Detroit roster. 23-year-old McKelvey is primarily a shooting guard who plays pretty good Read More
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