St. Louis Sun Kings Press Releases

  • Sunkings Draft To Early Season Review +

    St.Louis, MO - With their 1st round pick traded in exchange for Frank Williams, the Sunkings weren't looking too much at the rookie class of this years draft. They ended up with PF Ike Azevedo at #43, which was said to be a judgement call without great scouting up ahead. "We felt that Ike was the best player available by then. Sure, he probably will never be a star in the OBWL, but we liked his ability to score and rebound, which can be very usefull for spot minutes off the bench", said Sunkings GM Dominik Jenewein. And Azevedo delivered so far, playing for the Sunkings OBDL affiliate - the New Orleans Doubloons. In 14 games off the bench, the young PF Read More
  • Sunkings Appoint New Headcoach +

    St.Louis, MO - With the whole coaching staff expiring, the Sunkings management had to be busy in offseason. After 3 seasons with Dalton Redd as headcoach, the Sunkings appointed former Boston Buzzards Assistant Clay Houck as the new man guiding the team. "We thank Dalton for everything that he has done for our franchise. We are sorry that he decided to take a new challenge, he will always be welcomed here in St. Louis", said Sunkings GM Dominik Jenewein. Alongside Clay Houck, the management brought in 3 new assistant coaches and a new scout. Wilson Lopez (formerly Philadelphia Americans), Reed Thomas (Montreal Mayhem)and Horace Cooper (Indiana Invaders) complete the coaching staff. Charles Johnson, former Denver Demons scout, takes head of the Read More
  • Timothy Adler Voted Into All-Rookie 1st Team +

    St.Louis, MO - 10 points, 3 rebounds and a TS% of nearly .55 in 20 minutes. 1st Overall Rookie SG Timothy Adler of the St.Louis Sunkings can look back on a quite decent rookie season. Being drafted at the tender age of 19, Adler was tipped to win rookie of the year award, but felt short to 23 year old C David Watts, who himself played an outstanding season for the Buzzards, starting all 80 games and playing 34 minutes each. Watts was certainly more OBWL ready, therefore deserved the Award. Adler however, who has incredible upside, was part of the All-Rookie 1st team, alongside Watts, Spurlock, Picchardo and Willhite. "Timmy has played a very solid first season. He already scores Read More
  • Sunkings Season Review - Regular Season And Moving Day Action +

    St.Louis, MO - Welcome to the second part of the Sunkings Season Review. After taking a closer look at offseason and preseason a few days ago, today we will take a look at the regular season and the day that changed the Sunkings season - moving day on Dec 15th. As stated before, preseason was quite a success with the Sunkings going 5-1. But despite the wins, GM Jeneweins had a bad feeling in his gut and it got well proven once regular season started. Regular Season Going into regular season hope was high, but it didn't take long for the Sunkings to find themselves kicked out of the skies. Of the first 13 games the Sunkings only managed to win one Read More
  • Sunkings Season Review - Offseason and Preseason +

    St.Louis, MO - Missing playoffs because of a tiebreaker is never an easy thing to live with, looking back at the St. Louis SunKings season however, there has been a lot of positive things to talk about. Being one of the worst teams for seasons, things changed in 2019 when non caring GM Dane Pearson got fired and former Sacramento Snipers GM Dominik Jenewein hired. After puting up a winrate of .225 in 2016, .325 in 2017 and .338 in 2018, the team started the season exactly the same way. December 15th aka moving day stands as a day of change in St. Louis however. By then the SunKings had a record of 6-17 and seemed to once again be one Read More
  • Tiebraker Makes SunKings Miss Playoffs +

    St. Louis, MO - It has been a nailbiter, close untill the last game. Both, the Dragoons and the SunKings, finish the season 40-40 and therefore tied for the 8th playoff spot in the AmCon. They split the series, which leads to the next factor as a tiebreaker: The Dragoons have won more games in the American Conference, giving them the edge and therefore the 8th spot. "It'ws incredibly unlucky for us. All of us did everything to reach the playoffs, in the end it's just so close. But I think everyone has seen that the SunKings have changed. Our winning streak prior to the injuries made us one of the best teams in the league for 2 monts. We'll be Read More
  • SunKings Trade Fiesta +

    St. Louis, MO - December is often brought in connection with pre-christmas hectics and stress. OBWL wise, this is enhanced by thje fact that December 15th is the first day of the new season, where offseason signings can be traded, aka Moving Day. For the Sunkings Moving Day this year brought a complete roster rehaul. New GM Jenewein traded away 7 players, including 3 starters. One of the deal is probably the biggest movement of players in OBWL history, when the SunKings sent 6 players packing for New Jersey, where the Enforcers sent away 4 guys. But let's take a closer look on the deals and what is said to have been in the GM's mind by doing these trades: The Read More
  • St.Louis To Blow Up Squad +

    St.Louis - Things change. This applies also to the St. Louis SunKings franchise since GM Jenewein took over control. Done are the times of sitting around and watching the team lose. Jenewein is said to want wins now and according to rumours, he is not afraid of blowing up his squad to achieve that goal. But what happened? After a quite good preseason, the SunKings failed to deliver in regular season. At the moment they are 5-16 and already pretty much out of the race for the playoffs. Veterans like Emanuel Devos and Ira Jackson as well as young superstar Dong Richardson failed to carry the team to more wins than in the past seasons, so Jenewein is said to be Read More
  • SunKings Hire Jenewein As GM +

    St.Louis, MO - In what came as no real surprise, the St. Louis SunKings announced the hiring of former Sacramento Snipers GM Dominik Jenewein as their new General Manager. Jenewein, who recently stepped down in Sacramento after continous disputes with owner Joseph Hodges, seemed happy to have already found a new job. Straight after his resignation, Jenewein was already connected with the SunKings job, as GM Dane Pearson was fired just a few days earlier. On the official press conference Jenewein had the following to say:"I'm really happy to be given the chance here in St. Louis. I must admit that it's a big difference to California, but I already settled in and found myself a nice place to live. The Read More
  • Jenewein Resigns As Snipers GM +

    Sacramento, CA - Surprised faces, disbeliefing eyes, open mouths. No matter where you looked, everyone was blown away when Sacramento Snipers dropped a bomb during their last press conference. Long time GM Dominik Jenewein has officially resigned as the Snipers GM. What has become as a big surprise for most, was rumoured among insiders for quite some times. Jenewein was known for having trouble with Snipers owner Joseph Hodges, especially with his way of financially managing the franchise. During and shortly after the press conference, Jenewein was not available for comment. People close to him were heard saying, that Jeneweins decision wasn't a hasty reaction, but the result of an ultimatum that Jenewein is said to have given Joseph Hodges. The Read More
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