Anaheim Archers Press Releases

  • Lions Youth and Atheticism on Display in Ottowa +

    PARIS, FRANCE - While the OBWL took a pause to celebrate all things basketball, a similar, less heralded celebration was being held in Ottowa home of the reigning OBDL champs the Ottowa Omnipotence. The Omnipotence, affiliate to a struggling New Jersey franchise, steamrolled over the Lions last season in an impressive sweep behind the inspired play of Zachary Stubbs' MVP performance (23.1 points on 51.3% shooting). Yet, half a season later, the winds of fate are fickle in the development league and what was once talked about as a younger Logan Goloboy, wilted in the furnace of the OBWL. That's life in the development though players are called up, sent down, and abandoned to their fate each season. The Lions de Read More
  • Archers Backcourt in Disarray +

    In what seems to be an annual story, the Anaheim Archers' back court is in disarray again and knotted with controversy. Since trading start PG Jeramy Evans, the Archers back court has struggled to find any consistency. In 2011, the Archers started with (then) youngster Hao Billups. After Billups left via free agency, Stephan Steinmuller was brought in but he was immediately enshrouded in controversy as he skipped many of the Archers off season camps and came into the season out of shape with eroded skills. He stayed on for a bit but Jeremy Evans was soon acquired to take the wheel in midseason and that one and a half seasons from 2012 to 2013 represent the second longest tenure Read More
  • (Off)Season of Change +

    ANAHEIM, CA (AP) - Despite fighting against it for quite a while now, a season of change is upon the city of Anaheim. The city has enjoyed a long history of success and it's become a matter of pride that the Archers have won at least 50 games every season since the OBWL's inception. During that span, the Archers habitually made the playoffs with runs to the Conference Finals and League Finals reaching the pinnacle only once in the 2016 season. Now after, nearly a decade of success, large scale change has finally made it to Anaheim. End of an Era --------------------------- From the beginning, the Archers were lead by one man, head coach Kolby Kuryzna. "Coach K" as he because known, Read More

    CHICAGO, IL - To many teams, just getting to the playoffs is an accomplishment but, for the Chicago Blaze and Anaheim Archers, the represent the next step along a path fraught with expectations. The match-up itself is the stuff that OBWL Marketer's dreams are made of. Two teams from what financiers would call "major markets" representing approximately 115.5 million in television revenue between the two. Both teams bring star power to the table but represent polar opposite styles. The Blaze bring a hard nosed interior boasting 1st team all defense and Defender of the Year Armando Bass, three time all star Orson Almonte, and 2 time all star (4 time all defense) Layne Rollins. To augment this, they bring slashing wings, Read More
  • Weapon X Reaps Rewards +

    Anaheim, CA - Logan Goloboy signed a four year contract with the Anaheim Archers on Monday. The Archers did not announce financial terms, but a source told's Scott Stewart that the deal is worth $86,474,420 million. Gologoby, 30, is now the second highest paid small forward and the OBWL's third highest player overall next season, the source told Stewart. The six time all star, who has been all OBWL first team twice and second team twice, will receive $19,302,326 million in the first year and $20,846,512 million in the second year of the extension, according to the source. The Archers and Goloboy arrived at the salaries to provide stability to the a team that, at one point, had nine players Read More
  • Banana Bender Provides Mixed Dividends +

    ANAHEIM, CA - Calendars have changed over to 2019 and the OBWL approaches the halfway mark. With 32 games played (32 on the road), the Archers find themselves in the same position as the beginning of the season, doggedly striving to take the American Conference but only managing to hang on to a wafer thin mint of a margin between teams. "Ultimately, that home court right is an important one to us but the prize... the prize is home court throughout," said GM Stelle of his team's place in the standings, "To do that, you have to win the conference. To do that, you must slay giants." The giants alluded to are the perennial juggernauts in the American Conference, the Kansas Read More
  • Road Warriors in an OBWL Wasteland +

    ANAHEIM, CA - As the Archers continue their 8 game road trip that zig zags across the US, they look to keep their traditional spot in the push for the playoffs but, as the early standings show, holding on to home court in the American Conference is no easy thing. "I'm seeing some promising elements at this point of the season," said general manager Eric Stelle, "Would I prefer to be tied with the Pioneers and Tritons for the Conference right now? Sure, but expectations have to be realistic at this point. We've played nine games on the road vs. three at home and there is something to be said about the comforts of home. When you fly all night to Read More
  • Archers Neuter SeaDogs +

    ANAHEIM, CA - Returning home after a ten game stretch that only featured two home games, the road weary Archers welcomed the top team in the OBWL, the Seattle SeaDogs to Anaheim. The atmosphere in the arena was electric as the Archers looked to prove to the rest of the league and their critics that they are a team to be counted among the elite in the league. "I don't think that you can really say this team or that team is or isn't elite," said Archers' general manager Eric Stelle, "if the right team gets paired up against you on the wrong night, they become the elite ones. You do everything that you can to prepare for those nights and, Read More
  • Cantell/Goloboy Represent Archers at OBWL All Star Festivities +

    PHOENIX, AZ - The best in the league assembled at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, AZ to celebrate the best players in the league this past weekend. The Anaheim Archers sent Gene Cantell and Logan Goloboy to represent in the traditional National vs. American conference all star game. "I can't say enough about Gene," said Archers General Manager Eric Stelle, "he's rewarded the faith we had in him when we brought him and, sure, hindsight is 20/20 but Cantell put in the work to get where he is now." Cantell came to Anaheim via trade along with Nilo Warren and Jacques Okuda but sent a seven footer of their - Maurice "The Praetorian" Roman - to London. Roman, a relic of the Read More
  • Archers Bounce off Bullet Proof Pioneers; Survive Goons to Stay Relevant +

    ANAHEIM, CA - Road games are always difficult but when it's a road game against the best in the league, what is normally an uphill climb becomes a vertical ascent. Pressure is the theme of this season in Anaheim. Not only has coach Kolby Kurzyna and wundercoach Jess Lamb adopted a swarming, high pressure defense that the Archers have never employed before but, this season, the entire American West conference are putting pressure on the Archers. The Archers took the third best record in the league into Kansas City where the Pioneers have been running roughshod on the league this season. "The Pioneers are just such a good organization which is a testament to what Johnson has done there and it Read More
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