Los Angeles Chaos Press Releases

  • Chaos Draft Second Round Big Man +

    The Los Angeles Chaos only had a second round pick in the 2022 Draft. They had pick number 49, which is a late second round pick. Chaos GM Travis Whetzel chose to go big as he has done in recent drafts. Whetzel has drafted past big men like Erwin Offutt, Carl Terwilliger and Daniel Brewer. Terwilliger has become an elite big man, but the others have some room to grow. This year the Chaos selected 21 year old Geoffrey Askew from USC Upstate. The 6'10" center started in 79 games for USCU throughout his career there. Askew was a two time 1st Team All-Conference player and a Freshman All-Conference Player in the Atlantic Sun Conference. Askew is a shot blocker, Read More
  • Twiggy Taking Care of Business in Vegas +

    Las Vegas, NV - Not many people imagined that after two playoff games in Las Vegas, the LA Chaos would be leading the series 2-0. In fact, I don't think anybody thought that. Game 1 was handled impressively by the Chaos. Ardoin was super efficient, scoring 28 points and doing it at a 70% accuracy rate, but the story of the series so far has been Carl Terwilliger, or "Twiggy" as his teammates call him. Twiggy is in his 7th season in the OBWL. He was drafted 8th by Vancouver and soon found himself playing in the D-League at LA's affiliate, but it didn't take long for him to show the franchise he was a valuable asset. Twiggy has been starting Read More
  • Chaos End of Season Report +

    The good news is, the Chaos are back in the playoffs for their fourth consecutive season. They finished the season with 47 wins and 33 losses. That's GM Whetzel's best record since taking over the franchise. The bad news is that the Chaos lost the battle for home court advantage. The last game of the season ended in a disappointing overtime loss to the Blackjacks at home. The Chaos were down all game long, but made a huge 4th quarter comeback to send the game into overtime. The Chaos would completely choke in overtime as the Blackjacks outscored them 13 to 3. This means the Chaos are packing their bags and headed to Las Vegas for the week. They will Read More
  • One Last Push +

    Los Angeles, CA - In just two days, the regular season will come to a close. The Chaos have been doing very well, despite all of the injuries that have plagued the team. First they lost OBWL legend Everett Dolinish, who suffered a season ending and possibly career ending concussion. Then they lost Troy Benson with a broken arm and finally, they lost Goforth for a short time. Despite the injuries, the Chaos pulled together under the leadership of Renato Ardoin and the stellar play of Carl Terwilliger. Ardoin played 4 different positions at crucial times and Terwilliger just went into beast mode. The Chaos climbed the standings and seemed to be in prime position to take home court advantage, however Read More
  • Dolinish Waived As Reality Sets In +

    On January 24, 2017, the Chaos were playing the Storm and after 19 minutes of play, OBWL legend Everett Dolinish collapsed on the court. At that moment, it wasn't known what was wrong. Dolinish was just jogging up the court after a defensive series and then he collapsed. Dolinish was conscious, but barely. Carl Terwillger and Renato Ardoin rushed to his aid. Dolinish was escorted into the locker room and was never seen again that night. We learned later that Dolinish was vomiting in the locker room and was having difficulty speaking. Dolinish was confused. He knew who he was, but when he spoke to training staff he asked how his Spartans were doing. Dolinish hadn't played for the Michigan Read More
  • A Little Less Chaos In LA +

    Los Angeles, CA - What's going on in LA? The team seems to be on one of its best starts in the team's history. The 2021 season is nearly half over and the Chaos are sitting at third place in the AM-West and fourth place in the American Conference. They are just barely leading the Blackjacks for that spot and have a huge game against them in the immediate future. What is the secret? That's a good question, because technically, the roster is not as deep as it was last year and it really seemed like Everett Dolinish had taken a huge step back in training camp. Briefly, Dolinish had lost his starting spot and was relegated to the bench. This Read More
  • Chaos Ardoin' It Again +

    Los Angeles, CA - For the last 3 seasons, the Chaos have lived in mediocrity under the Whetzel regime. They have been a playoff team, but early first round exits at the hands of the Tritons have always been their fate. This year seems like it will be no different, in fact, it could be worse. Everett Dolinish has one foot on his retirement yacht and one barely clinging to the dock and the Chaos failed to re-sign up and coming PG Horace Robinson. There is one very bright star on the squad, team captain Renato Ardoin. I caught up with him after last nights loss to Arizona and asked him what we can expect this season. "Better defense. We sucked Read More
  • Chaos Close Another Disappointing Season +

    Los Angeles - With the London Knights winning the OBWL Championship, the 2020 season is in the books. For LA, the season was over long before that. They did make the playoffs for the third year in a row, but each time it was a first round exit and each time it was the Tritons that sent them on their way. Season 2020 was one of the best that the Chaos have had in a while, finishing 7th in the American Conference. They had a tough squad and a lineup that had some skeptics shaking their heads with Wayne Eatmon and the aging Everett Dolinish, but it was a team that had great potential. Now the question for GM Whetzel is, Read More
  • Out In The First Once Again +

    For the third time in a row, the LA Chaos faced the Tampa Bay Tritons in the first round of the playoffs. For the third time in a row, the Chaos fell short of winning the series. This year's series really didn't even come close, even though this seemed to be the most promising squad that the Chaos has put together. The series looked to be a tough one when LA took game 2 in Tampa Bay with a large margin of victory, making Tom Lacher scramble for a way to beat the Chaos without Hunter Heath. Lacher didn't have to do a whole lot, but what he did do was enough to ensure that the Chaos would not win Read More
  • Chaos Stars and The Playoff Run +

    Three players represented the Chaos this year, during the All-Star festivities. Andrew Bray played in the Rookies vs. Sophomores game, Renato Ardoin tried for a three-peat in the Three Point Shootout and Everett Dolinish joined Ardoin as starters in the All-Star game. Andrew Bray played on the Sophomore team, but strangely the 6'5" shooting guard was put in at the center position for 1 minute. That's all the time he got. It seemed more like a joke at Bray's expense than anything else. The Rookies went on to win the game anyway. Renato Ardoin, entered the Three Point Shootout as a two time champ, but couldn't string enough good shots together to win his third in a row. Ardoin did Read More
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