Los Angeles Chaos Press Releases

  • A Little Less Chaos In LA +

    Los Angeles, CA - What's going on in LA? The team seems to be on one of its best starts in the team's history. The 2021 season is nearly half over and the Chaos are sitting at third place in the AM-West and fourth place in the American Conference. They are just barely leading the Blackjacks for that spot and have a huge game against them in the immediate future. What is the secret? That's a good question, because technically, the roster is not as deep as it was last year and it really seemed like Everett Dolinish had taken a huge step back in training camp. Briefly, Dolinish had lost his starting spot and was relegated to the bench. This Read More
  • Chaos Ardoin' It Again +

    Los Angeles, CA - For the last 3 seasons, the Chaos have lived in mediocrity under the Whetzel regime. They have been a playoff team, but early first round exits at the hands of the Tritons have always been their fate. This year seems like it will be no different, in fact, it could be worse. Everett Dolinish has one foot on his retirement yacht and one barely clinging to the dock and the Chaos failed to re-sign up and coming PG Horace Robinson. There is one very bright star on the squad, team captain Renato Ardoin. I caught up with him after last nights loss to Arizona and asked him what we can expect this season. "Better defense. We sucked Read More
  • Chaos Close Another Disappointing Season +

    Los Angeles - With the London Knights winning the OBWL Championship, the 2020 season is in the books. For LA, the season was over long before that. They did make the playoffs for the third year in a row, but each time it was a first round exit and each time it was the Tritons that sent them on their way. Season 2020 was one of the best that the Chaos have had in a while, finishing 7th in the American Conference. They had a tough squad and a lineup that had some skeptics shaking their heads with Wayne Eatmon and the aging Everett Dolinish, but it was a team that had great potential. Now the question for GM Whetzel is, Read More
  • Out In The First Once Again +

    For the third time in a row, the LA Chaos faced the Tampa Bay Tritons in the first round of the playoffs. For the third time in a row, the Chaos fell short of winning the series. This year's series really didn't even come close, even though this seemed to be the most promising squad that the Chaos has put together. The series looked to be a tough one when LA took game 2 in Tampa Bay with a large margin of victory, making Tom Lacher scramble for a way to beat the Chaos without Hunter Heath. Lacher didn't have to do a whole lot, but what he did do was enough to ensure that the Chaos would not win Read More
  • Chaos Stars and The Playoff Run +

    Three players represented the Chaos this year, during the All-Star festivities. Andrew Bray played in the Rookies vs. Sophomores game, Renato Ardoin tried for a three-peat in the Three Point Shootout and Everett Dolinish joined Ardoin as starters in the All-Star game. Andrew Bray played on the Sophomore team, but strangely the 6'5" shooting guard was put in at the center position for 1 minute. That's all the time he got. It seemed more like a joke at Bray's expense than anything else. The Rookies went on to win the game anyway. Renato Ardoin, entered the Three Point Shootout as a two time champ, but couldn't string enough good shots together to win his third in a row. Ardoin did Read More
  • Hatin' Wayne +

    Los Angeles, CA - The LA Chaos started the season like they always do... a little lost. They have lots of talent, but seem to take forever to string together some wins. They end up finding themselves desperately fighting for a playoff spot. Eager to make a roster change, GM Whetzel set out to find something that would help the squad. He had offers come in and he sent offers out, but it took him a while to come to terms with a team. When he did find a deal, it got heavily scrutinized. Whetzel brought in Wayne Eatmon and traded away a future first round pick. That's when all the hate started erupting again. People hate Wayne Eatmon. Many Sun Read More
  • Better Do Something +

    Los Angeles, CA - That's right, Whetzel... you better do something before you find yourself in the D-League. The Chaos General Manager has been very quiet while his team has been playing some pretty poor basketball. LA has a current record of 12 - 16, putting them out of the playoffs if they were to start today. Fortunately for him, the playoffs are a long ways off, but he can't continue to do nothing while his team falls further and further behind. After taking the Champs to 7 games in the first round before falling in game seven last year, the Chaos looked like they might be a little better this year. They made some FA signings that seemed to make them Read More
  • Chaos Free Agency Review +

    Los Angeles, CA - Well how about that? Los Angeles set out to get some big men to bolster the lineup and a shooting specialist to beef op the bench. Here is what they got. C Kenny Balt - The 31 year old, 7'2" big man was signed to a 3 year deal. What he brings to the Chaos is great offensive rebounding and excellent post defense. Kenny is a pretty good shot blocker too. Expect Balt to start for the Chaos. PF Harrison Garceau - This 33 year old veteran is another former OBWL champion that the Chaos added to the mix. He is a big bodied PF that can also play center. Garceau gets to the line at will, is a Read More
  • Whetzel Cleans House +

    Los Angeles, CA - What happened to Bobby Hamilton? Yes, he was 68, but he was the best coach on the staff. Why did he retire with another year still on his contract? We asked GM Whetzel this question after he hired a completely new coaching staff except for Head Coach Bryant Medina. "I wish Bobby the best, but things are changing here in LA. Coach Medina was brought in last year to help make that change. I was very unhappy with our standing last season and that has got to be our focus. I brought in the players to make it happen, but I was let down by the staff. Bryant wasn't particularly happy with what he had to work Read More
  • Chaos Prepare For 2020 +

    Los Angeles, CA - 2019 was a good year, but once again disappointing. The Chaos met the eventual champion Tritons in the first round and although they nearly knocked the Tritons out, it wasn't meant to be. A big positive to take out of that series was that the Chaos was the only team that gave the Tritons problems in the playoffs. That is a fact! Some would argue that it was a Teeters-less squad that the Chaos faced, but that is not entirely true and not necessarily even a real factor. Yes Teeters is one of the greatest players in OBWL history, but if you look at game one of the series, the Chaos were able to do what no Read More
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