Portland Lumberjacks Press Releases

  • EXIT interview GM Trent +

    Portland, Or. With a record of 15-65, one less win that last year, you would think that GM Trent would want to flee town asap. However the still relatively young GM put himself in front of the wolves and as expected was eaten up. Credit to him for trying to shine light on the darkest of situations, but none of the old heads in the room were having any of it. Time is running out for the GM and unfortunately we are not sure he is aware of that fact, the 50 minutes press conference he gave was all about the future and little about the problems about to slap him in the face. Thanks to the editor and chief Read More
  • what did we expect? +

    Portland, Or. The season was never meant to bring a title shot. The season was never meant to produce all stars, all OBWL team awards or many other highlights that would inspire the city. We knew all this, so what did we expect? To be honest not this. What is this? William Cole. The 7’2” Centre who has been potentially the only bright spot this season. He has been averaging 12.3 points and 6.8 rebounds a game. Locking in the starting centre spot for the Lumberjacks, his PER is at 17.9 and has a fair bit of room to grow. It is hoped by the lumberjacks staff that he will continue to develop and become a menacing force in the Read More
  • Dont let the door hit you on the way out +

    Portland, Or.   An unnamed source has given us this information on the last and possibly most explosive conversation GM Trent had with Mack Lavoie, a conversation that took place just hours before he was traded to the knights.   Mack was the last remaining piece from the team  GM Trent inherited when he first started in Portland. Well Lawrence is still there, but he just keeps hanging around, so I guess they give him a jersey and let him play a few minutes each night – I think it’s their community service to be honest?   When pushed on the Mack trade, the GM offered this.   “We wanted to make him our franchise guy. We had moved EVERY SINGLE Read More
  • First six pack of the season +

    Portland, Or. Even the most loyal and passionate Lumberjacks fan couldn’t have imagined their team sitting at 6 wins at this early stage of the season, this pen book rebuild that has seen some turbulent times in Portland has previously dampened fans expectations of this team. “Six wins this early, that to me is a massive credit to coach Broom who has really pointed the ship in the right direction, we had 16 last season for the whole season!” On fan chimed in. Another said, “the team plays with a grit that represents the city! Something we can connect with, this kind of play will bring fans back, regardless of the result. When I see Cole knock players like Flowers Read More
  • At the foot of hte mountain +

    Portland, Or. “We are not as good as our record” Head coach Broom said after the lumberjacks finished off their second home win of the season. At 2-3, nobody thinks the lumberjacks are either! Broom went on to say. “We are still trying to find our identity, after last year this franchise needed some direction and identity, that is what I have been trying to do this off season and into this season. Our expectation is the be the worst team in the league, when asked what would a successful season look like for us, I commented the No 1 pick, but that is not fair to the guys on this roster. Nor to those we feel can actually be Read More
  • Portland Draft review +

    Portland, Or. It was an interesting draft haul for the Portland Lumberjacks. With the 12th pick being their only first round shot, it was important that they made a selection that would move the team into the future with a sense of hope. So when Tony Myrick’s name was called out, there were some relieved coaches in the Portland bunker. New head coach Morris Broom was most relieved, he had this to say about their new first round addition. “ Tony is a young 19 year old with superman like strength! This team was shoved around by every team in the league last year, and getting strength was the biggest need we had. Tony has great FT ability and the potential Read More
  • Here we go again +

    Portland, Or. That new season is the 2020 season, and that new head coach is Morris Broom. Broom comes to the Lumberjacks after a few season with the Sharks. He signed a 5 year contract with the team, and has been given been given the task of turning this rabble of players into something people would want to pay to watch. Broom has this to say in the short press conference when he landed in Portland earlier this week. I am so excited to be in Portland, not just as a head coach, but as a basketball fan. This city is all about basketball and I cant wait to be a part of it. Even when we would come to Read More
  • Whats left to say? +

    Portland, Or. Congratulations to the Tritons, well deserved. We just need to focus on us and regroup. Lots of work needs to be done in the off-season to try and get this franchise turned around from the horrific season our fans just endeared. There is no season review coming out of Portland. The forums and papers, the national press and even back home in Oz. They have all reviewed, assessed and graded our season. What the hell left is there to say? We, no I made some bad decisions in last season, we have some work to do to get back to some sense of respectability, but we are not going anywhere, we will continue to build what we hope Read More
  • Down for the count +

    Portland, Or. With the season inches away from coming to yet another disappointing end in Portland, the break is going to be good for everyone. The front office need time to figure stuff out. Players need time to go and cry. Coaches need time to go and we just go. GM Trent needs time to assess what the hell just happened and never allow it again. What started off as a promising season with the addition of Williams soon turned into one of the darkest chapters in the franchise’s history. As we survey the damage of that dreadful season we find little life in the ruins, but there is life. At times both James Cooke and Gregory Salerno have been Read More
  • Not long now Portland. +

    Portland, Or. With an expression on his face that was more deserving of someone having their teeth pulled, Portland GM Trent Meister fronted the media trying to appease the anger and dismay the city has around the season that has been. Although he did his best PR job, trying to get us to focus on the young players we have coming through the system, talking about how much budget had been opened up with the Williams trade, or the fact that as a team we are on the same path (result wise) as we were with all the players that we traded away. But the cold hard facts are that this team brings little joy or confidence to the city Read More
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