Sacramento Snipers Press Releases

  • The End Of A Sad Love Story +

    Sacramento - The year is 2012. Alongside Raul Forland and (now) Allstar Duncan Mitchell, Small Forward Ethan Davis was traded to the Sacramento Snipers in Offseason of 2012 in exchange for Patrick Feher and Dalton Beckemeie. Back then neither Mitchell nor Davis played much of a role in the OBWL. But on the Snipers roster, both started to shine. Mitchell at first only got backup role, averaging around 13 minutes. Davis however became a starter in midseason, averaging over 31 minutes over the season. In those games, Ethan Davis showed that he was a high class Small Forward that had a flawless style of game, which earned him a lot of respect by Snipers GM Dominik Jenewein. In 2013, both Mitchell Read More
  • Moreland And Just Represent SAC At AS Weekend +

    Seattle - With Logan Cox and Duncan Mitchell not being nominated to the Allstar Game despite good performances, rookie PG Henry Moreland and Sophomore PF Kenny Just had to win honour for their team. Moreland, who is on the best way to become rookie of the year, was nominated to start for the rookies, while Just was selected to come off the bench for the Sophomores. It turned out that only one of them showed his class during the game. In what has been a harsh lesson for the rookies, the more seasoned sophomores taught the newbies a lesson that they won't forget that soon. In front of millions watching at home, the sophomores won 103-75, making the game not even Read More
  • Once Fired, Now Rehired +

    Sacramento - As we reported lately, the Sacramento Snipers headoffice fired coach Moises Curtis. In a press conference today, the Snipers Franchise presented an already known face as the new and also old headcoach - Stephen Dombi. Dombi, who led the Snipers to the playoffs in 2011 and was then fired during offseason, attended the press conference together with GM Jenewein and PG Donavan Christen, recently traded to Sacramento and therefore the only player still remaining off the 2011 playoff squad. The conference started with a short introduction and formal of GM Jenewein, followed by short statements of Dombi and Christen as well as journalists questions. "Hello ladies and gentlemen and thank you for being here today. The Sacramento Snipers would like Read More
  • Sacramento Fires Headcoach Curtis +

    Sacramento - In a formal press release, the Sacramento Snipers headoffice yesterday announced that Snipers Coach Moises Curtis and the Snipers franchise will part ways in the future. "We would like to thank Mr. Curtis for his efforts and wish him all the best for his future. But we felt that we need a new tactical approach in our gameplaning and therefore decided to look for an alternative", said the statement. Moises Curtis coached Sacramento for one full season, finishing with a franchise low 15-65 record. In a second press release, Snipers headoffice announced that there will be a press conference held tomorrow, including the presentation of the new headcoach. It is rumoured that Stephen Dombi, who coached the Snipers in Read More
  • Sacramento Looks Forward To Off-Season +

    Sacramento - With the playoffs going to an end in an exciting series, the Sacramento Snipers look forward to an important off-season. With 3 picks in the upcoming draft, rumours about a new coach, some capspace and the trade freeze off, it is expected to see some great changes in the face of the franchise. These are the things to keep an eye on: - Coach Hirings: After a desastrous season, the days of development coach Moises Curtis seem to be counted. It is rumoured that Curtis will get fired to bring in some new tactical approaches and better leadership in terms of game day coaching. So far it's only speculation, but rumours often became true in Sacramento. - Draft: #5, #14 and Read More
  • Snipers Season Review - The Bad +

    Sacramento, CA - A few days ago we looked at the bright side of the 2015 season. We all know that - recordwise - 2015 was a desaster for the Sacramento Snipers, but not all things were bad as written a few days back. Now it's time to really look at the bad things in 2015 and make a short analysis of what went wrong. The Bad Worst Record In Franchise History: The Snipers had the worst record in their franchise history. But it comes even worse! They finished last in the AmCon and 3rd worst in all of OBWL. But why? Officials knew that this will be a tough season going into preseason. The Snipers traded away Tank Turner, one of the Read More
  • Snipers Season Review - The Good +

    Sacramento, CA - It's been a tough season for Snipers fans. After what has been a dissapointing season in 2014, Snipers management decided to rebuild from the bottom in offseason and a devastating 15-65 record in 2015 was the consequence, the worst record in franchise history and the worst record in the AmCon. But not everything is as bad as the record indicates, so today let's take a closer look on the good sides of the Sacramento Snipers 2015 season. The Good 5 Million Dollars Profit Before Lux Tax: Moneywise the 2015 season has been a good one for the Snipers. After luxury tax is paid, the Snipers will be in double digit million profit, raising their budget for like another Read More
  • Snipers Trade For Kenny Just +

    Sacramento - While the current season is a year to forget, the Snipers already plan ahead. In their latest trade, the Sacramento officials brought in 21 year old PF Kenny Just in a 3-way deal. Just was the #10 pick in the latest draft and has already shown the league that he can become a supreme scorer at the 4. The rookie from the college of California, already startet several games for the Snipers, playing good basketball already. But what did the Snipers give up? Freddy Harris had to go and was replaced by Eavan Easley. Jamil Johnson had to go and the Snipers got back an old know face in Donavan Christen. "I think this was a good deal for Read More
  • Corbin Sets Records, Wins 3PT Tournament +

    Largely unnoticed in the league, new Snipers signing Jason Corbin showed the league what he's able to do. During the allstar-weekend, the 26 year old Shooting Guard deserved to be called a "Sniper". By winning all 3 rounds against the league's best shooters from downton, Corbin crowned himself the 2015 3 Point Contest Champion and made big marketing for his name. With a record breaking 28 out of 30 possible points in the first round, Corbin managed to write his name in history books, where it will last unbeaten for very very long. Here's what Corbin had to say after his glorious win: "Man this is unbelievable! I was on the waiver wire a few months back, now I'm crowned Read More
  • Snipers Hope For Resurrection Of JC +

    Sacramento - The Sacramento Snipers headoffice today sent out a Press Release reading as followed:   Snipers Hope for Resurrection of JC "JC leaving us was a big hit. In our next 3 games. his resurrection will be Easter Sunday to us."     Did the Snipers office suddenly get overreligious, talking about the Resurrection of JC at Easter? Or is it all just an Easteregg? The eyes of local press media are leaned toward the Snipers and their upcoming schedule. Is the office now officially going nuts, talking about eggs? We will keep you informed.   Read More
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