Denver Demons Press Releases

  • Bryson flying out - for good? +

    Denver. Is Demons' superstar Quinten Bryson on his way to another team? It seems that way. Bryson and his family, wife Sherona (26) and his two twin daughters Ella and Erin (3), have been seen at the airport boarding a United flight to Chicago. Of course it's rumored now that Bryson is going to the Blaze in a surprise move, but sources close to the family told us that Bryson could as well be booking another flight from the United hub and has not booked to his final destination yet in order to cover his tracks. It is as well stongly rumored that Bryson is playing for Boston or even the defending champs out of Tampa Bay soon. Another very Read More
  • KvM going crazy again: Will QB leave? +

    Denver. One of the many problems of last years Denver Demons has solved itself this year. Well, we are not talking about KvM's appetite or the lousy performances of the team. All that still presents a huge problem. So on to the one good news: The team used to play in front of 11.000, 13.000 or maybe 14.000 fans in the Great Divide Arena. Not much fun for the players and not much fun for the Demons' financial division either. Well, numbers went up this season, average attendance is up to more than 17.000. Just 2000 seats to fill... And now to the uggly part. To those who don't attend: Good job, guys. To those 17.000 who do attend Demons' Read More
  • Tricky KvM aims at Fore and shoots Hardee +

    Denver. And all of a sudden it was poker night in Denver again. And Richard "Tricky Dick" Hardee, PF of the Demons and infamous for emptying his teammates pockets over and over again, found himself with a bluff called. Called by Demons' GM KvM who has returned from Madrid, Spain, to take over the helm in Denver again. First order of business: managing the team splitting confrontation between superstars Greg Fore and Quinten Bryson. First victim: Hardee. As a reminder: It's said that the Demons' team is split into to camps, one lead by Fore and one by Bryson, who are barely talking to one another. Fore is supposedly the bad guy in this, at least the Demons' crazy GM Read More
  • Denver: 0-2 and two injured at locker room brawl +

    Denver. Locker room fight in Denver: While the Demons started with back to back losses against the Huskies and got eaten alive on court by Charles Flowers, the really disturbing news is about the state of a franchise in a free fall. Act one: Right before the season opener at home against the Toronto Huskies a fight in the locker room errupted. Ray Granger and Arnulfo Milner went man on man in a wild fist fight that soon turned into a no rules street fight. In the end it was Granger delivering the final blow by kicking Milner's knee with his right leg over and over again. Milner will be out with a knee injury for almost two weeks. Granger Read More
  • KvM arrested in 'Nam - War within the team +

    Denver/Madrid/Ho Chi Minh City. The war is over. Is it? No, it looks like the war is on. Consequently there has to be a winner and a loser. While one can only guess whoever should win within the mess that is called a professional basketball team, you can clearly name the loser right away: Denver Demons. And of course it once again started with one of the so called "brilliant ideas" from Denver's GM Klaus von Meyerinck who is - among other trouble - currently not allowed to enter the United States and will follow the Demons' start into the new season from Madrid, Spain. How that happened? It all started with the GM's idea to hold the training camp in Vietnam. Read More
  • Champs or chumps? Denver hits the jungle +

    Denver. And here we go again: The Denver Demons have left the country for their training camp, and what a camp that will be... We just can say as much as this for now: GM Klaus von Meyerinck was the last guy entering a chartered DC 3, probably 55 years of age, and he was juggling three handgrenades while doing so. And what an absurd scene it has been: When KvM, wearing a camouflage uniform, spotted the waiting group of journalists, he screamed "Fake news at three o'clock" and tossed a grenade at the group. Luckyly the explosive did not go off. It seems that the GM has either completely and absolutely lost his mind - or he is in a Read More
  • Gary and Gary don't fire up anyone +

    Denver. You know that feeling? Everyone's fired up for draft day, there's buzz around the team, the officials, especially the scouts, there's a fired up war room, you can feel the intensity and GM Klaus von Meyerinck is eating even more burgers than usually. And then there's the day after. And when the dust has settled and it's all said and done, there's emptyness. It's quiet and people are wondering: What was all the fuzz about? And was it worth it? Well, at least that's when you are in Denver. And did draft as the Demons did. It's a bit like wondering - what all experts and most of the fans do: All that scouting, all that talking, and then you Read More
  • Demons promote Alvis to HC: Smart or cheap? +

    Denver. And right away with the first move of a new season Denver Demons' GM Klaus von Meyerinck has been stiring up discussions about the teams future - and his own. With former headcoach Darius Hodnett walking and signing on as new HC for the Kentucky Stallions, the Demons were in need of a new guy - and despite a flood of good exterior coaches on the market the GM decided to promote former AC Eli Alvis to HC. And that for 250.000 $ a year which will probably make Alvis the worst paid HC in OBWL by a far stretch. Now there is two ways to look at it. But facts first: Last year Denver paid 4,4 million $ on Hodnett alone, it Read More
  • Between Denver and 'Nam +

    Denver. So there's some wrapping up to do. But then again not so much. Because in Denver things are going just as you would have them expected to. As expected: Denver went out fast and without much of a fight against Boston in the first playoff round. Some games were kind of a competition, other were not. And its exactly that kind of inconsitency that plagued the team throughout the season. Bottom line: With a record of roundabout .500 (a bit worse actually) and a playoff appearance with a quick exit the Demons did as they should have on paper. As expected: GM von Meyerinck didn't even care to show up for the last two games against the Buzzards. Instead Read More
  • KvM and Demons worlds apart +

    Denver. You should think a GM to be happy with a scenario like that: your actual team is making the playoffs at the very last gameday and is doing so in surpassing your former team. That's what happened with the Denver Demons who sneaked into post season thanks to the tie breaker against the Manhattan Swing. But then your GM is Klaus von Meyerinck. And then there is no happiness. "I have never experienced something like this", says Demons veteran Center Kenny Balt, who was brought in during the season via trade and ever since is playing spot minutes only, if at all. But Balt is not refering to his personal situation, as grim as it may be. "That's going Read More
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