Minnesota Marauders Press Releases

  • How Deep Will the Marauders Cut? +

    THOMAS VANVIKING CHIEF SPORTS WRITER - MINNESOTA TIMES The Marauders ship has been rocked to sinking point and its time for a rebuild in a sign that Gibson will remain at the helm. Gibson has signaled that the Marauders will either be stripped down and rebuilt or he will step aside and with the team intact. The 1st move has been made with the trade of Blake Cobb to title contender Kansis City in exchange for a the Kentucky Stallions 2022 1st round draft pick which will undoubtedly be a deep lottery pick, but how far do the Marauders have to go? After the trade of the Cobb the Marauders went out and crushed the Tampa Bay Tritons on the back Read More
  • Holmes to Defend 'The Hill' at all Cost +

    The Pfizer Joy Hill is about to become the epicenter of the basketball world. The doors are about to swing open to thousands of electrified fans waiting to enter The Hill and rock it to it's foundation. The state of Minnesota has come to a stand still, the orange and white of the Minnesota Marauders pave the roads and the thousands of bootleg "Stallions Suck" t-shirts being worn is a sure sign that the arch enemy is in town. As the doors swing open to let the massive crowd in I enter the Minnesota change rooms where the players are preparing for the game. There's noticeable personalities everywhere. Andrew Bordo, Blake Cobb and Michael Jenkins look alive. The amount of Read More
  • Five Games Minnesota Fans Can't Miss +

    Now that the fixtures for the upcoming 2021 OBWL season have been released we take a look at a bunch of games that Minnesota fans will not want to miss! #5 AWAY TO THE ANAHEIM ARCHERS 01/04/2022 This is a game Minnesota fans and the players alike will want to come away with a big victory. Tensions have flared between the clubs after the Archers GM jumped on the coat tails of the commissioner echoing the commissioners voice regarding the Marauders training camp. Trash talk is being traded between the clubs after a leaked document provided by an unknown, possibly amateur league scout singled out Elroy Lucier and to a lesser extent Andrew Bordo for blowing camp. This is the Read More
  • Marauders Get it Right +

    THOMAS VANVIKING CHIEF SPORTS WRITER - MINNESOTA TIMES The Minnesota Marauders have restored the respectability of their front office after a successful off-season. The Marauders had the huge task of signing 3 quality assistant coaches to surround head coach Layne Hensley and sign a quality scout. The Marauders from all reports got the job done in just 2 days hiring assistants Jesus Templeton, Luke Williams and Reed Thomas. The Marauders managed to quickly assemble an elite coaching panel and closed out their hiring process on day 2 by signing Nelson Hysell as their scout on a 5 year contract. The coaching panel assembled leaves little room for excuses when it comes to the development of the youth at Minnesota but it's Read More
  • Shock Sale of the Marauders +

    What a roller coaster of a year it has been for the Minnesota Marauders. A disastrous free agency period, the rise and fall of form during the season, the return of Elroy Lucier, the emergence of Ervin Holmes and the beginning of possibly a long feud between GM and past player who we will not name. Just when the horrors of a disappointing season was about to be swept away, just when the excitement of a new season was on the horizon, just when the unknown possibilities of a new season was about to be born the 2020 year of the Minnesota Marauders took 1 last twist in typical fashion. The 2020 year for the Marauders was a year of Read More
  • All-First Team Marauders +

    Despite the disappointing season the Minnesota Marauders are the only team in the league to feature 2 All-OWBL 1st team players giving the fans and club something to cheer about! ANDREW BORDO, ALL-LEAGUE 1st TEAM - The Horde King himself Andrew Bordo put on the finest 3 point shooting display the league has ever seen. Bordo lit crowds up night in, night out hitting a league record 4.2 shots per game from 8.7 attempts from 3 point range. Bordo ended up shooting a phenomenal .481% from beyond the arc setting a new record of the modern era. Bordo's season saw him poll heavily in the MVP race thanks to his 28.5 points per game, 3 assists, 3.7 rebounds and 1.6 steals. Read More
  • Ticket Sales & Revenue Plummets in Minnesota +

    The Minnesota Marauders have released their financial information to the public and confirm a $28 million dollar profit was recorded however the club are the first to admit they made mistakes in the year, particularly related to ticket prices. The club predicted at the end of the 2019 year a $36 million dollar profit for the 2020 season was expected but the club fell $8 million dollars short of that mark thanks to 1000 less patrons per game entering the gates of Pfizer Joy Hill. Minnesota raised ticket prices for the 2020 season by $3.34 per ticket and while the team was challenging for the division title things looked positive but on the back of poor form in the second Read More
  • GM Out? +

    The GM currently sits in a private estate mansion in his home town of Perth, Western Australia after returning home to his native country the day after the Marauders regular season where they gave up the 8th seed to miss the finals. According to a source Gibson's final words at the end of the final game was "there's nothing to do but leave now" Gibson seems to be completely disenfranchised with the Minnesota outfit and our source claims Gibson is at the stage in his young career where he'd prefer to either rebiuld a rock bottom franchise or coach the kids in the D-League. Gibson's flight itinerary speaks volumns of his intentions. The 1st stop on his path back to Read More
  • Gibson Sits With Thomas Vanviking +

    THOMAS VANVIKING Chief Sports Editor Minnesota boss Steve Gibson has been somewhat low key in recent months. A rugged season from the start, software malfunctions and personal struggles has forced him into laying low in the media. Some media identities are saying Gibson has lost the passion for the Minnesota franchise but as I talk to Steve I see the same determined man flying the banner for the Horde. Thanks for sitting with me Steve. Sum up the year so far for Minnesota. Well yeah it's been um incredibly challenging. We actually sit in a better position now then this time last year, I think we were still chasing 500 this time last year and we've sat above that all Read More
  • Welcome to Minnesota. BOOM +

    "Let's get this thing rolling" were Layne Hensley's final words to his squad before the game against Las Vegas in his strong southern accent. It's a common statement that the difference between good players and great players is that great players make others around them play even better then they otherwise would. Great players elevate those around them to whole new level. "Blake Cobb is great player" Says Hensley at the game. "His addition to our squad basicly means we're gonna out-rebound you. If you're coming to Minnesota then you better come to crash the boards or we'll walk all over you. Offensively the trio of Michael, Blake and Andrew is gonna score on you. There is now so much Read More
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