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Blaze Early season update

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The season started out disastorous for the Blaze after the first 7 games of the season, going 0-7, losing 2 of the games by 1 point.  Since that point the team has gone 8-1, winning the last 7 games, but just because you are winning doesn’t mean things can’t be tweaked. 

“Expect changes to come to the rotation in the next few games as we are going to try a few new things.  After analyzing things we have noticed some of the statistics show we need to improve in areas that we think we can without having to trade or sign anyone at the moment,” said GM Greg Abcarian.

When GM Abcarian was asked about his thoughts on how the new head coach was doing, this is all he would say: “Well he certainly kept the team together after that bad start, but the problem is he had that bad start.  What we do with him will be decided at the end of the year.”

 In other news, PF/SF Eusebio Johnson has been sent to the D-League to get some more minutes and hopefully improve his game as he had only played 15 minutes this season. 


Rumors have it that former player Garrett Ellis has been contacted by the team to gauge his interest in coming back as Mark Gee hasn’t played as well as the coaching staff has wanted.  Now just because he was contracted doesn’t mean that he will be signed as there are a lot of other big man free agents.

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0 #1 Dominik Jenewein 2017-03-20 15:50
Good to see some activity out of Chicago again, Greg!

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