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Tricky KvM aims at Fore and shoots Hardee

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Denver. And all of a sudden it was poker night in Denver again. And Richard "Tricky Dick" Hardee, PF of the Demons and infamous for emptying his teammates pockets over and over again, found himself with a bluff called. Called by Demons' GM KvM who has returned from Madrid, Spain, to take over the helm in Denver again. First order of business: managing the team splitting confrontation between superstars Greg Fore and Quinten Bryson. First victim: Hardee.

As a reminder: It's said that the Demons' team is split into to camps, one lead by Fore and one by Bryson, who are barely talking to one another.

Fore is supposedly the bad guy in this, at least the Demons' crazy GM has given the public that impression by creating an image of a selfish player speaking about himself in third person, surrounding himself with gangsta like kind of players as Hardee, who indeed has repeatedly fueled the battle within the team by inviting the other camps guys to poker nights and clearing them out. On the other hand KvM so far has pictured Bryson as an icon of sportsmanlike behaviour, attacked by Fore out of pure jealousy.

Now however Richard Hardee has been traded in a much critisized move, he is said to settle in into a brandnew casino on Hawaii where he is playing for the Honolulu Inferno as of now. In return the Demons got young PG Troy Benson, who so far has not shown anything that could justfy the move.

KvM however isn't crying after Hardee: "He's overrated and he's a slim asshole. Benson on the other hand payed my burger bill when we negotiated. Nice guy! T prevent him from feeling alone, I know have to hire a player named Hedges, haha."

And that is the entire comment.

Insiders however see the trade purely motivated to bring back Greg Fore in line. Calculating that the SG having lost his best buddy on the team now starts tro feel  more pressure than ever to present himself as a team player. At least Fore's production has been going up lately.

The first return of Hardee however was a tough pill to swallow for everyone, be it Bryson, Fore or KvM: The Demons lost their home game to the Infernos by 4. The is now 7-10 and that is nothing but boring mediocrity again. At best. 

At least Hardee was not much of a factor in the Inferno's win, he clearly was in good hands at Charles Cazares. But a loss is a loss is a loss...


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