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Bryson flying out - for good?

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Denver. Is Demons' superstar Quinten Bryson on his way to another team? It seems that way. Bryson and his family, wife Sherona (26) and his two twin daughters Ella and Erin (3), have been seen at the airport boarding a United flight to Chicago.

Of course it's rumored now that Bryson is going to the Blaze in a surprise move, but sources close to the family told us that Bryson could as well be booking another flight from the United hub and has not booked to his final destination yet in order to cover his tracks. It is as well stongly rumored that Bryson is playing for Boston or even the defending champs out of Tampa Bay soon.

Another very strong and very disturbing hint as to Bryson leaving Denver is coming from reports from Brysons home. It looks like four U-Haul trucks are parked in front of the home and workers are carrying furniture and stuff into the vans.

Moreover there are reports that a fat and bald and uggly guy commanded a huge sleeper seat out of the van again, sat down himself in the seat and had several half naked volptous vixens lined up to serve him fast food while he was shouting at the workers: "Move it! Faster! Hey, you there, fat guy, you're even lamer than Bryson. Move it, buddy, kruzituerken, move it!"

More as the story develops.

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0 #2 Dominik Jenewein 2017-03-30 02:19
Kruzit├╝rken gib doch endlich mal Gas!
0 #1 Jason Warnke 2017-03-27 18:42
Can't wait!

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