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Invaders Fans treated to Depth

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Indianapolis, Indiana>  It has been a common refrain for the past few season, get Cleveland Hall some help. 

Some teams like to clear cap space to use during free agency, however the Invaders like to clear cap space to pickup salary during offseason trades apparently.  Last season the team found a way to bring both Goot and Bixby into the mix which was celebrated by fans.  The team went from 36 wins to 44 and a return to the playoffs however the lack of team depth showed as the Invaders dropped 4 in a row to the Blackjacks.  But they were close, even though it was a sweep, the club only lost those 4 games by 10 points, combined.

So the refrain remained, get Cleveland Hall some help.  However as draft day came, it looked like the Invaders has an offseason plan of drafting, trying to resign Goot and using their almost max capspace to land a key piece.  You'll have to excuse Invaders fans if they didnt host any draft parties as the #18 draft pick doesnt hold much excitement generally.  But then thats when the shoe dropped.  OBWL Commissioner Eric Stelle sauntered up to the microphone and announced his trade alert. 

"Invaders trade the #18 pick, the #48 pick and Lonnie Bosley to the Sea Dogs for Joey McGehee and Jerry Carmichael."

It took a bit of time for the Invaders fans to process but when they did, hot damn, Indiana had now turned their draft and cap space into depth.  Certifiable depth with a proven track record at that.  Scenarios started running through their heads, would the hard nosed McGehee be the answer at PF or would he come in off the bench?  Where does Carmichael and his sorely needed defense slot in in the guard rotation.  Does this further entice Goot into resigning during free agency?  While those answers were weeks away from being answered, the consensus was this was a good deal for the Invaders in the here and now and there was more around Hall.

That's when the other shoe dropped.  With fans checking their new players stats and contract status on line, some missed the announcement, but those who did got to hear this in the background.

"Indiana trades Jasper Hughes to Honolulu for Lane Burton".

Yes, thats right, Fast Lane himself and at 38 still faster than most guards in the league was coming back for a 2nd tour of duty with Indiana.  No need for introductions here, fans were treated to Fast Lane for 3.5 seasons, they new exactly what this meant and what he brought to the table.  While some questioned the decision to use their remaining cap space to bring in a 38 year old, Invaders management held fast that Burton was still a premier guard in the league.  More Depth, more weapons for the coaching staff.

Then after free agency started slow for most teams in the league, the Invaders no different, things started rolling.

Goot resigns, fantastic.

McD signs back.  Oh sweet jesus, someone start playing it.  "Reeeunnited and it feels so good!".  McD, Burton and Hall who formed the high flying Invaders teams of the past were back to gether.

Armando Pennell, depth, check.

Nestor Gattis and Ted Portis, more depth, check.

Surrounded by the deepest team put together in some time, there was excitement and enthusiasm, a tough schedule for the first quarter of the season, the team got started with a 6-3 record, but then things bottomed out 2-10 after that to be 8-13 at the quarter mark is not where anyone expected this team to be.  Yes the schedule was tough but 8-13! 

Invaders started taking it on the chin from other GMs.  The geriatrics, the old folks home ect ect the hits kept coming.   Some euro trash, fake german, team torpedoing before jumping ship GM (who ALLEGEDLY also likes dressing up in baby diapers to make a 'poo-pie') even called them something akin to a pile of garbage.. let's name him D Jenewein, no no that's too obvious, let's go with Dom J instead.   But the organization didnt flinch, they have a collection of stars and veterans on the team.  The players didnt flinch either, but instead came together and have rolled off an 11-1 record since to bring them to 19-14 on the year and back into the thick of things in the AmCon.  See that's what real men and real organizations do.  They dont abandon ship, they dont jump onto another bandwagon and take credit for someone elses hard work.  They dont start to talk shit with nothing to back it up of their own doing.  No a real man, and a real organization takes stock, is introspective of what needs to be done and they go out and get it done and right the ship.  That's what being a real organization, a real man is all about.  And when thats done, you can find that real man or that real organization partying with all the ladies, yours included you Euro trash fake german, because the cream always rises to the top.. of its own hard work.

With 11 game left until the all star break and some tough games on the schedule, we should get a better sense of where and what type of team this is, but for Invaders fans, it has been a hell of an entertaining roller coaster ride so far.



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0 #1 Dominik Jenewein 2017-04-21 08:09
Good job Matt, now show your upper-mediocre results in a 60 mil market and trash talk again about jumping ship.
Best line was " they dont jump onto another bandwagon and take credit for someone elses hard work". That "hard work" included putting together overpaid staff, 0 FA signings by the previous GM, a team without any Point Guard and no depth at all. Team had less than 27 wins a season for 3 years in a row. But yeah, all inherited! *triggered*

You will hear from us! ;)

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