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Banks Want Out

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San Diego - Storm had 10 wins all season long last season. Prince Amour convinced the team owners that this was the effects of a complete restart. It was also the worst season in the franchise’s history. Prince Amour worked a bit harder this off season in adding a few more contributing players to his roster and half way into this season the Storm are 10-30 at the half way point, meaning they have a 50% chance of doubling their last season win totals.

Though they felt confident coming into the season, the Storm had a rough star to the season, but seemed to have gotten a bit more competitive around the midway point, than they did at the start of the season. That was before their star forward Charles Banks went directly to the media and made it publicly known that he has requested to be traded. Banks says the sole reason for the request is because he wants to play for a winning team.

Prince Amour had this to say, Well we know sir Charles’s aspirations to play for a winner, but as a player he has never stepped up to the plate to put the Storm in a competitive or winning situation. This team has a lot more contributors than they did last season; therefore Banks sees his future role on the team diminishing, which has him trying to opt out of San Diego.

Teammate Alejandro Craft said, Well that is a disappointing blow and an embarrassment to the franchise, but this is the stuff the game is made of. On the other hand I am here to help bring change and I am committed to do so; if Charles cannot see that the only way left to go is up, we will just have to move on without him.

Banks in his 3rd season with the Storm, he is leading the team in scoring with 18.4 points per game, up from his 17.3 last season. The Storm has expressed no surety that Banks will be traded before the trade deadline, but recently the Storm has been a part of a couple rumors, which includes the possibility of landing Charles Lao from the Demons and/or landing Daren Keyes from the Archers. Landing any or both of these players may mean saying goodbye to Charles Banks. None the less fans are excited about these rumors, but as it is written, they are purely rumors at this stage. Meaning we may never see any of this come to pass, instead we may end up seeing this very same storm team on the court without any roster changes pass the trade deadline.

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