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2020 All Star Skills Competition

2020 Weathersby 01
Inferno rookie Micheal Weathersby showed off his stuff in the Rim Rocker Dunk Contest at the 2020 OBWL All Star Weekend.

Of the festivities over the course of the all-star weekend, two of the most anticipated have always been the Dunk Contest and the 3-Point Shootout. While some may pretend to not take them seriously in public, make no mistake, these guys are all competitors and there is a high level of cred associated with winning these events by follow players in the OBWL.

While we generally have more of a mix of young and old in the Dunk Contest with vets looking to solidify their reputations and the young kids trying to make a name for themselves, the 3-Point Shootout brings out the elite shooters in the OBWL in a winner take all bragging rights matchup.

In case you missed the festivities or want to relive the moment, here is everything you need to know. First we recap the Rim Rocker Dunk Contest.

The Competitors:

  • Harry White The 33 year old Thunderbirds guard is back to defend his title and having won last season and finishing as the runner up 2018 and 2019, White will come in as the overwhelming favorite but have we already seen his full arsenal of tricks in previous years or will he bring the house down and extend his dominance?
  • Timothy Adler The SunKings sophomore SF and former #1 overall pick has been given the reins on a starting role this season which has raised his profile around the OBWL while also turning some heads as the 20 year old has not been sign to throw down in the 1st half of the season.  
  • Michael Weathersby picked #3 this season by the Inferno, Weathersby also a 20 year old SF, will be looking at this as a great opportunity to raise his awareness around the league. The Inferno have been an early season success story and Weathersby’s play has been a big reason. Nice to see the kid get rewarded with an opportunity on this kind of stage.
  • Duncan Mitchell will join White as the ‘old guard’ trying to hold off the next generation and keep the title with the vets. There has not been a lot to cheer for if you are an Enforcers fan, so hopefully this will be a welcome distraction to that 8-36 season thus far.

The Judges:

A nice past OBWL players including some royalty has come out to judge this years contest.

Round 1:

Harry White moved a row of 3 chairs and lined them up at the free throw line, then proceeded to bring in fans from the stands to sit in them. Meanwhile, injured teammate Mark Marble has inexplicably made his way onto the court and is kneeling on all fours in front or the chairs. White grabs the ball, full sprints from half court, leaps off Marble clearing the chairs for a massive hangtime 1 hander! Oh man did the crowd go wild, but…. Oh no, FAN DOWN!!! His trailing foot clipped the 3rd fan who is down holding his nose in a pool of blood being attended to by medical personnel. Probably would have been a high score but White brought a little too much Thunder and not enough Bird on that one! Score 20

Michael Weathersby’s first attempt he picks the four tallest men he can find in the crown and a women in a cat outfit.. Not sure what is going on here. He lines up the four med and has cat woman lay behind them, apparently only for artistic purposes. The fans, probably still a bit startled by their fallen comrade don’t stay in place on his first attempt, but the second attempt he clears them all to throw down a powerful 2 hander. Score 45

Timothy Adler’s name is called but we don’t see him anywhere. Then he suddenly front flips onto the court over the judges while Elliott is taking a selfie and finished with a reverse 360 slam. Fans breath a sigh of relief that they may not be included in every attempt. Solid showing by Alder. Score 42

Duncan Mitchell to end a weird round 1, jumps on top of a person’s shoulders – who is already on top of another person’s shoulders in the key.   But then he stops, trying to maintain his balance and eventually sticks the landing, although it was iffy at times and starts to lean in slow motion titanic style until he is almost horizontal to the basket letting gravity do the work and slams it home. Score 50

Round 2:

Duncan Mitchell went for a more traditional between the legs dunk and missed. Tried again, and missed. Third time’s a charm.... except is wasn’t. Fourth time, and another miss and after the fifth miss Darryl Bailey takes pity on him and removed him from the court. Score 25

Timothy Adler tries to do a Mitchell style dunk and slammed it home on the first attempt, in a Dayum son showing up your pops kind of way. Then proceeds to go find Mitchell and takes a bow, crowd goes wild, judges cant stop laughing. Score 50

Michael Weathersby grabs the ball from a bystander, tossed it against the backboard and somehow catches it while spinning for a powerful 360 slam. The kids came with game! Score Perfect 50

Harry White is up next, and he grabs a mic and apologizes to the fan he rekt last round and decides to call it quits while he is.. ahead? In a show of respect to said fan. Score 20

Adler and Weathersby onto the finals.

Final Round 1

Adler brings out a cheerleader, a tall spectator and Ferrell planning to jump over all of them, throw the ball between his legs and slam it home. However missed on the first and second attempts. For the third attempt, he askes Ferrell to leave so he wouldn’t hit him (like a gentleman, the announcers suggested… but then why leave the cheerleader??) He missed again though and that was that. Score 35

Weathersby attempts to jump over Mark Marble, who is STILL inexplicably here while injured but misses. He does connect on the second attempt though but is a bit of a lame attempt with no flair so is adjusted down by the judges. Score 40

Final Round 2

Weathersby looking to make up for the last dunk jumped from the free throw line, grabbing the ball from a bystander, wind milling it under his legs and throwing down a massive dunk. The crowd goes crazy and all the judges are screaming ITS OVER!!! Score 50

Adler lines up a SunKings dancer, the SunKings mascot and the Dong… also known as a fantastic Friday night HEYYYOOOO. Where the hell did he get all of them from?? He takes a running start, cleared them all, flew past the basket and slammed the ball home on the first attempt. More screams of ITS OVER!!! And the screams are correct, Adler is the runner up! Score 50.

The kids came to ball in the Final Round 2, both with perfect 50’s Michael Weathersby takes the Contest on the aggregate score, Timothy Adler is the runner up. Congrats to the young blood! And can someone get us an update on that fan? Oh, I’m hearing it is definitely a broken nose.. tough way for White to give up the crown.



Next we recap the Three Point Contest, oh sorry that should be the newly sponsored, am I reading this right? Ok then, the newly sponsored DMV Three Point Contest with the slogan ‘where the DMV hopes your three point turns can be as accurate the OBWL’s Three Point Contest Participants, keep those roads safe from kids!’. Ok then, next time I’m waiting in a DMV lineup for over an hour, I’ll remember it is because of this fantastic allocation of resources.

A lot of prolific shooters to win this in the past, we have 2 time winners Kramer, Hall and Ardoin. Buyer and Kurzyna with one each.

Anyway, we’re down to Cleveland Hall the all world guard from the Invaders and Brian Montes the all world guard from the Dragoons in the finals. Not a lot to choose from between these two really Montes is shooting 48.2% from behind the arc on 7.2 attempts per game while Hall is shooting 46.1% on 8.2 attempts per game. Some crazy accuracy and splash ability from both these guys. And make no mistake, these two have been going head to head for a long time against each other in the AmCom for some time so there are definite bragging rights on the time. Renato Ardoin the 2 time reigning champion from the Chaos just missed out on qualifying for the finals with a 26 in the first round so we will have a new champion. Montes has been close before finishing as the runner up in 2017 and 2018 and with Hall still alive, will we have the first 3 time winner in OBWL history?

Hall reaches the final rack in the corner sitting at 23 out of a possible 24 points, this is a typically hot spot for him in the Invaders offense so he could go high here in the finals. 24…25…26… the crowd is getting louder as he comes to the fourth ball, but oh no.. it rattles around a bit and goes in and out which seems to throw Hall off a bit as he misses the money ball as well. Hall finished with 26, but man did it look like he was in a groove until right at the very end.

Montes steps up to the first rack knowing he has to do well but I think for him, he can definitely go high and 28, 29 or 30 is a real possibility for him if he can find his groove. Montes reaches the final rack in the exact same position as Hall did with 23/24 points, his form has looked fantastic and he is locked in. First shot looked a bit off-balance but still nailed it.. 24 points. The second and third shots look identical and both hit with a strong pop to the net, boom 25, 26. Montes with the clock running down has been methodical but will have to speed up to get the final balls off in time, pivots with the 4th ball and looks like the clock pressure caused him to hurry too much… Miss. Finally here comes the money ball, but he needs to hurry, he pivots grabs the ball and launches it just in the nick of time and .. it looks good.. BOOM he sticks the money ball to finish with 28 points. Montes takes the title with the last shot and takes home bragging rights as one of the best pure shooters in the league.


Rim Rocker Dunk Contest

Season   Winner               Team           Runner-up         Team          


 2020     Michael Weathersby   Inferno        Timothy Adler     SunKings     

DMV Three point contest

Season   Winner          Team          Runner-up        Team      


 2020     Brian Montes    Dragoons      Cleveland Hall   Invaders  



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x2. Gave the skills competition some juice!
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This is absolutely amazing, what a good laugh :D
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