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The Lethal Weapon

2020 Brice HOF
Brice Elliott: Scorer, Champion, Hall of Famer.

 Brice Elliott. For basketball fans that name is synonymous with one thing: scoring.

As the OBWL began, Elliott was an enigma. Everyone knew he was an unstoppable scorer, as evidenced by his OBWL record 38.5ppg average in 2011, but his teams didn't win and what was worse, his critics argued, he didn't seem to care. Brice Elliott was no media darling either and never took the time to defend himself against his critics or explain himself to the rest. Brice Elliott was who he was and that was the most feared scorer in the OBWL.

Elliot didn't seem to endear himself to the teams he played for either. He suited up for 4 teams in the first 4 seasons of the OBWL. One had to figure it was personality problems that caused teams to move him because despite all the changes of scenery, Elliott continued to score, score and score some more. Production and performance never seemed to be the issue.

Then things turned in a different direction for Elliott. In 2015 the South Florida Sharks, who had regulated Elliott to a reserve role, traded the much-maligned scorer to the Anaheim Archers almost as an afterthought and certainly only to match Melvin Gadson's salary. This seemed to light a fire inside Elliott and with the help of the Archer coaching staff and front office, he would reinvent himself into a driven player who would do anything to win.

Both Elliott and the Anaheim coaching staff used the remainder of the regular season to figure out where he fit. He played inspired basketball off the bench in the regular season then came the playoffs. It was the first time Elliott had been to the playoffs since 2011. This time though his team had a legitimate chance to advance beyond the 1st round. Elliott exploded.

In leading the Archers to the Heikkinen Cup Finals, where they would lose to the Seattle Sea Dogs, Elliott averaged 33ppg while shooting 49.5% overall including 56.6% from 3. He started every game in those playoffs and played 41 minutes a game. Brice Elliott had made a statement. He proved he could be the best on the biggest stage.

In 2016, Anaheim knew they had something special and Elliott was the centerpiece. Elliott, playing alongside Logan Goloboy and Gene Cantell, dominated. He averaged 28.4ppg. According to those who had observed him throughout his career something was different. Elliott seemed more concerned with winning than anything else. "It was almost like he had gotten a taste of what winning was like in '15 and just had to get it done in '16.", stated an former teammate Darin Pederson.

The 2016 OBWL playoffs was where Elliott seized his opportunity to be included on the list of all time OBWL greats. Despite missing 3 games with an injury Elliott led the Archers to the 2017 Heikkinen Cup by averaging 26ppg. The task of winning the biggest prize in basketball was complete. Elliott had done it and changed the public and sometimes professional perception about him. According to one rival GM, "Brice became not just a scorer who was going to just get his no matter what his team was doing, he became a lethal weapon, if you will. When he got his points, and he did get his points, they came within the framework of what Anaheim was doing and he helped bury you. Every point he scored just put another nail in the opponents coffin that season. He was still the most feared individual offensive weapon in the league but now he was lethal."

Elliott finished his career with the Minnesota Marauders, signing the biggest contract in OBWL history during free agency. He continued to play high-level basketball, averaging 29ppg in 2017 and 24.7ppg in 2018. More importantly for him and the Marauders, he helped the moribund franchise get to the playoffs in his final two seasons ending a 5-season drought.

Elliott decided to hang in up after the 2018 season despite posting is highest True Shooting % (.581) of his storied career and walking away from close to $70mil. "I think he just knew it was time.", said Pederson.

Brice Elliott ended his OBWL career as a winner and the most feared scorer to ever play in the OBWL.


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0 #2 Dominik Jenewein 2017-04-19 04:39
Oh Brice, what a time it was!
0 #1 Jason Warnke 2017-04-18 17:25
Elliot was always a team cancer in my eyes until he landed in Anaheim. My opinion of him evolved, and he is a much deserved ne of the first Hall of Fame members. We should have a page that lists all the HoF inductees, their year of induction, voting percentage and link to these articles.

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