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2020 All Star Preview

2020 Keyes 01
Vancouver point guard Michael Keyes will start for the National Conference in the 2020 OBWL All Star Game.


Welcome to the 2020 Allstar weekend. During the next couple of days we will see the best of the best competing in various events with the AS game being the highlight. So let's take a closer look on who is representing their conferences in the fight for national glory.


Looking at the starting five of the American Conference some might be really surprised, so here it is:

C Everett Dolinish
PF Dong Richardson
SF Renato Ardoin
SG Cleveland Hall
PG Darell Edwards

While Richardson, Hall and Edwards were pretty much set because of their great performances this year, the nomination of Renato Ardoin and Everett Dolinish as starters might be a suprise to some. The Chaos are the only team represented twice in a starting five and especially the picking of Ardoin as starter will lead to shaking heads in Anaheim, with Logan Goloboy being only second choice.

Dolinish benefits of a lack of star caliber Centers in the AmCon after Malik Campbell was traded to Boston during offseason. The 37 year old veteran got the starting spot over roadblock Louis Lysne, who gets to sit on the bench. Since the inauguration of the OBWL, Dolinish has been an allstar ever since. His stats are declining, but the old man still has what it takes to be a force in the pain. Dolinish will be accompanied by Dong Richardson at PF. Richardson is playing a great season in his contract year with his numbers taking a big step forward.

At Shooting guard we will see Cleveland Hall who is having yet again an incredible year, averaging over 30 points and nearly 8 rebounds a game. With the AmCon being stuffed at SG, it has been a tough battle for the starting spot, where some superstar had to be left out. With Hall, Allan and Baum nominated, champion and allstar game veteran Andy Teeters was left out, which comes as a big surprise given the dominant season the Tritons are playing.

Darrel Edwards got promoted into the starting five this year after an incredible first half of the season. The 28 year old guard out of Penn State is getting more minutes and has improved his scoring massively.


Some of the bench players were already mentioned, so let's take a look at the whole AmCon team. Louis Lysne will be the second center on the team. The 30 year old represents the team together with his teammate SG Domenic Baum, who is having a massive season offensively for the Blackjacks. At PF the American Conference throws in Orson Almonte of the Chicago Blaze. Almonte's performances have become a bit worse than during the last 2 years, but he is still one of the greatest at his position. Logan Goloboy is selected as the 2nd player at Small Forward. Despite having a great season yet again, he was voted to be the second option behind a more team orientated Renato Ardoin. Shooting star Colby Allan gets his second allstar appearance. Being a starter this year, Allan has improved his numbers even more, earning him a big contract extension and another chance to show his skills during the allstar game. The last player rounding up the American Conference allstar team is Dragoons PG Jorge Denis with his first allstar appearance. Despite already being a great player, Denis has lifted his play to yet another level this year, deserving him the spot in the team.


Just like every year, the allstar game has some prominent guys that didn't make the cut. In the AmCon the most surprising one is certainly SG Andy Teeters. Despite lifting his team to the Tobias Cup and a dominating season so far, Teeters was not able to qualify himself over Hall, Allan and Baum. Teeters teammate hunter Heath's all around performance would certainly have qualified him for an allstar appearance, but the lack of excitement in his play are just not fitting well with the highlight names allstar weekend. Another player worthy of an allstar game appearance is Sacramento Snipers SG Ross Hanner. Hanner is having yet another good season and has so far not had any injury problems this season. He also falls victim of the strong pool of Shooting Guards in the AmCon. The same goes for Dragoons SG Brian Montes.

So that's it with the American Conference, let's take a look at the NatCon!


The NatCon fields a starting five with no big surprises:

C Charles Ottinger
PF Charles Flowers
SF David Witherspoo
SG Andrew Bordo
PG Michael Keyes

Charles Ottinger gets the starting spot at Center just like last year. His great offense and rebounding skills have deserved him his second appearance in the game of the best. Again just like last year, he is accompanied under the rim by MVP Charles Flowers whose nomination was an absolute no brainer. Flowers is playing just like every year since the draft, being the best player in the league. With two very young players under the rim, David Witherspoo brings in some experience at SF. The 32 year old is in his 7th allstar game, being one of the best offensive weapons there is at SF in the OBWL. While SG Andrew Bordo was „just" a bench player in last years allstar game, he now gets the starting honors over Joseph Drumm. Starting at Point Guard will be Michael Keyes from the Vancouver Highlanders. While the Highlanders have not found success yet this season, Keyes was a shining star on the team, averaging 16 points and over 10 assists a game. He's lights out from 3 this year and that gave him starting honors over superstar PG Val Crumley.


Backing up Ottinger at C is veteran Donavan Bashford in his 6th allstar game appearance. The 31 year old could have as well been a starter, but just like his teammate Joseph Drumm, he only managed to get a bench place on the allstar team. Last years allstar game MVP, PF Quinten Bryson, founds himself on the allstar squad again. Since his recent trade to the Sharks he's been playing well, certainly willing to give the fans quite a performance during the game once again. Backing the team up at SF is Thomas Stanley. Stanley could as well easily have been a starter but a slight drop in his numbers comparing to last year has given Witherspoo the edge. Since their fantastic run at the end of last season, the London Knights haven't found their groove again. They are doing well, but their dominance is gone. The same goes for Val Crumley. He is still one of the greatest PG's in the league, but his numbers have gone down in pretty much every category. Especially his scoring efficiency took a slight hit, shifting his use a bit more to his excellent defense game. Rounding up the NatCon squad is SG Mark McKelvey in his allstar game debut. McKelvey has been pretty solid overall for the Swing this year and has increased his shooting efficiency and therefore his scoring punch. He also currently leads the league in steals per game.


Probably the most surprising player left out is C Malik Campbell of the Boston Buzzards. Campbell is currently the player with the highest PER at Center, mainly due to his blocks and little turnovers. Still there is no place for him or any Buzzard on the NatCon team. Another player that didn't make it to the team is SG Greg Fore out of Denver. Fore plays a pretty solid season but still he's left with nothing. Same goes for Matthew Cole of the Huskies, who as well was left out in favor of McKelvey, despite his team leading the NatCon and Cole averaging nearly 26 points a game.



Pioneers: Darrel Edwards and Colby Allan
Dragoons: Jorge Denis
Archers: Logan Goloboy
Invaders: Cleveland Hall
Blackjacks: Louis Lysne and Domenic Baum
Sunkings: Dong Richardson
Chaos: Everett Dolinish and Renato Ardoin
Blaze: Orson Almonte


Huskies: Charles Flowers
Seadogs: Donavan Bashford and Joseph Drumm
Knights: Val Crumley
Coyotes: Charles Ottinger
Sharks: David Witherspoo and Quinten Bryson
Marauders: Andrew Bordo
Swing: Thomas Stanley and Mark McKelvey
Highlanders: Michael Keyes



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0 #3 Nate Songer 2017-04-19 15:07
Great article! I actually had allstars this year! :lol:
0 #2 Jay Amado 2017-04-18 21:14
Great job on the article, Dom!
0 #1 Jason Warnke 2017-04-18 17:22
Second year in a row without a Buzzard being represented. I thought Campbell had a chance this season, but probably didn't get the nod since he is not playing that many minutes a night.

No Tritons either!

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