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2020 AmCon Finals Preview

2020 Goodrum 01
Hunter Heath of the Tritons and Daniel Goodrum of the Sun Kings will be key role players during the American Conference Finals.

Tampa Bay and St Louis will meet in a surprising American conference finals matchup. The Tritons were expected be here, having won the championship last season and with what many thought is a better team this year. The Sun Kings on the other hand were the underdogs in the first round against Anaheim, despite being the higher seed, and were given slim chance of beating top seeded Kansas City. But here they are, sharing the stage with the powerful Tritons. Will David take down another Goliath? Let's look at some of the matchups.


Front Court

Both teams have freely mixed up their starting lineup during the playoffs so it's anyone's guess who would play where. The Tritons can call on Kevin Gordon, Rajeev Seifert and Hunter Heath while the Sun Kings have Emanuel Devos, Dong Richardson, and Timothy Adler. It'll be a contrast in style, Tampa's size vs St Louis's quickness. The Tritons should have the advantage defensively but the Sun Kings are the better offensive unit.

Richardson is a superstar and should be a MVP candidate. He'll have his way against Tampa Bay. The Tritons frontcourt is just too slow to stay with him. Defensively, the Sun Kings won't have an answer for Seifert though his performance has been somewhat limited this postseason. Heath is the perfect glue guy but there is no fear of him putting up 20+ points every game. He is more of a complimentary scorer.

Devos and Adler are nowhere near the player that Richardson is and will be in serious trouble if the Tritons decide to focus more on getting shots for Seifert and Heath. Devos is a strong post defender but totally lost if he has to defend out in the perimeter, an area that Seifert and Heath excel in. While Adler has shown strides in his sophomore campaign, the former top pick is a liability with his lack of size and mediocre defense. Despite that, the Sun Kings can more than stay with the Tritons due to Richardson's ability to take over a game.

Advantage: EVEN


Back Court

Again, both teams have freely mixed and matched their guard positions. Andy Teeters and Ervin Glaser will likely get things started for Tampa Bay while Daniel Goodrum and Frank Williams get the nod for St Louis. With Teeters, the Tritons are clearly the better offensive unit of the two. Goodrum and Williams make up one of the best defensive guard tandems and will be geared towards stopping Teeters. Glaser is a non-factor scoring wise but makes up for it as a brilliant passer.

Goodrum is the Sun Kings' best shot in slowing down Teeters, if such a thing exists. No one can stop Teeters in a seven game series. You might get lucky and hold him to a mere 25 points but he will explode for his usual 30 or 40 point game. The objective is to keep those outbursts to a minimum. The series likely is decided by this matchup. If Goodrum can contain and limit Teeters, then the Sun Kings can pull off the upset. Otherwise, the Tritons are headed to the Finals. Goodrum and Williams have their hands full and will find some success but in the end Teeters will be too much.

Advantage: TRITONS



The top reserves for Tampa Bay are guards, Stan McClelland and Hobert Frisby. St Louis counters with Arron Schwartz and Randolph Rogers. McClelland and Frisby are both undersized combo guards that can start next to Glaser if they choose to. Schwartz plays the same role for the Sun Kings, though the team have also called on Timothy Lawless to fill those shoes. Rogers will be the wildcard in this series. With the size that the Tritons can bring to bear, Rogers will get plenty of opportunities to step up and help the team. He doesn't have much of an offense but is a solid defender and rebounder. The Sun Kings might also even turn to Jaylon Urbin to add more muscle up front. The former defensive player of year hasn't gotten many minutes but he can probably still give some quality minutes.

Advantage: EVEN



Before looking at the matchups, it looked like Tampa Bay was the clear favorites but upon further examination St Louis should not be completely discounted. Richardson gives the Sun Kings a player on the same level as Teeters. Both can take over a game, if not the series. This series will come down to who steps up besides those two. Frank Williams can be that guy as it looks like the Tritons don't have anyone to stop him. At the same time, Seifert and Heath should be able to find success for the Tritons.

The series will be a lot closer than what most think. Tampa Bay should still win but it'll be at home in Game 7.

Prediction: TRITONS




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