• Rising to the TOPS
  • 2023 NatEast Division Preview
  • 2023 AmEast Division Preview


Rising to the TOPS

 Val Crumley and the London Knights have all the tools to be the class of the OBWL once again.
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2023 NatEast Division Preview

Can SG Mack Lavoie help turn the Knight's Big Three (Val Crumley, Jean Larry, Jose Owens) into a Fabulous Four?  London's hopes for another division title may depend on it.
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2023 AmEast Division Preview

From All Star to supporting player, the roles have reversed between Andy Teeters and Hunter Heath since the 2019 title team, but the Tampa Bay Tritons are still the favorites to win the AmEast.
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Featured Stories

  • Melbourne Padres Maintain First Place, Despite Mixed January Results

    The Melbourne Padres remain in first place as the end of January nears, maintaining a two game lead over the Kansas City Chickles. The Padres have been a team in transition with new management – rookie general manager Joshua Biddle – which has resulted in some lineup tweaks that have affected the team in the past week. Head coach Eric Huffman has reportedly been receptive to different ideas, despite the mixed track record for the month, but Read More
  • Omnipotence in the Playoffs - Copeland Player of the Month for April

    With Augustine Williamson returning to the lineup early, an end-of-season rally by the Omnipotence saw them play 7-3 in the last 10, and they finish 7th in the league, and in the playoffs. Their first challenge: the Mumbai Avatars. The teams split their 4 games at two a-piece, and every win was at home. Not really a good omen with the Avatars having court advantage. Bruce Copeland - Player of the Month Rookie Bruce Copeland took Read More
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OFF SEASON: Training camp and announcements
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OFF SEASON: Free Agency
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  • Dominik Jenewein 03.09.2018 03:28
    Mathematics or not, whoever rates the Invaders this ...


  • Jason Warnke 31.08.2018 16:27
    Great 5-star article but I will resign if we ...


AmEast Newswire

  • Final 3 spots +

    The fans and management know it is going to be a long season, but just because it will be a long season, doesn’t mean they don’t care about who makes Read More
  • The Blaze Deal White +

    The Chicago Blaze have made their first official trade of the offseason. While there is another deal that has been made, it must wait 60 days. So, what is the Read More
  • Philadelphia Deals Drumm for HoRob +

    In a somewhat surprising move, the Philadelphia Americans announced prior to the draft that the team had moved OBWL legend Joseph Drumm to the Los Angeles Chaos in return for Read More
  • What A Difference A Year Makes +

    Indianapolis, Indiana> Comparing this offseason to last offseason for the Invaders is a bit like comparing the excitement of your first skydiving adventure compared to a trip to your local Read More
  • Blaze announce new staff +

    It is no secret that last off-season hiring of coaches didn’t go as planned. You could go as far as to say the Blaze could have picked 4 better coaches Read More
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AmWest Newswire

  • A November to Remember +

    There's only one game left in November to play, but regardless of its outcome, November 2023 will go down as the November to Remember. Currently on a 6-game winning streak Read More
  • The 2023 Sacramento Snipers +

    2023 is upon us, and with a 3-3 pre-season done with, hopes are high in SacTown. But everyone will tell you: pre-season is not the season. And it's a long Read More
  • Ticker Tape Gives Way +

    ANAHEIM, CA - It's been four months since the Archers sealed the deal and secured the second cup in franchise history; yet, before the ribbon from their homecoming parade had been Read More
  • Ticker Tape Gives Way +

    ANAHEIM, CA - It's been four months since the Archers sealed the deal and secured the second cup in franchise history; yet, before the ribbon from their homecoming parade had been Read More
  • Portland FA review +

    Portland, Or. With a smile that could only be matched by a child on Christmas day, not just any child, but the one who already knows what is wrapped up Read More
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NatEast Newswire

  • The Big Bang Theory +

    NEW JERSEY - So what happened before the Big Bang? Science has an answer to what everything looked like a fraction of a second after it began. But before? Did something Read More
  • London Season Preview +

    London had one of their most competitive camps in recent seasons. With mainstay James Willhite now in Tampa Bay, a starting spot was up for grabs. Maximo Willhite (no relations) Read More
  • Buzzards Bring Back Watts and Swiger +

    July 25, 2023 -- Boston, MA: Sources close to the Buzzard's organization were concerned heading into free agency. Owner Alfonzo Boylan had recently been vocal in his disappointment about the 2022 Read More
  • Coach Cortina Cut, Buzzards Add Eli Dyer to Staff +

    October 17, 2023 -- Boston, MA: In what may seem like an inconsequential or minor move, General Manager Jason Warnke announced this afternoon that the Boston Buzzards would be parting ways Read More
  • What's new? +

    In New Jersey, it's a new season. A new name. And a new team. Having gone into free agency with a league-high $40 million to spend, the New Jersey Evolution Read More
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NatWest Newswire

  • Marauders Win Thriller in Kentucky +

    The Minnesota Marauders have pulled off a thrilling one point overtime win against their arch rivals Kentucky Stallions. Superstar Andrew Bordo went scoreles in the first quarter after getting himself Read More
  • Marauder War Chest Spent Wisely +

    The Minnesota Marauders have pulled off a memorable off-season for all the right reasons. Passed off-seasons have been a nightmare for Minnesota in recent memory with massive budget cuts, power Read More
  • Minnesota Lures Star Stallion +

    The rivalry between Minnesota and Kentucky became one of the hottest and most anticipated match ups in the OBWL one fateful free agency period when Ronald Long defected from Minnesota Read More
  • Chuck checking in - Volume V +

    Blogging here from now on will be Chuck Tankman, Denver Demons insider. The 63 year old Denver native is writing this blog for a single purpose: telling the truth about Read More
  • Power struggles in Denver in full swing +

    Denver. And just a few days after the OBWL has crowned its champion Anaheim Archers and has seen the best season to date of the Denver Demons it's all shambles Read More
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