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The annual rookie draft will be held this Saturday 09/13/2019 with an estimated start time of 2pm eastern time. Below are a few important announcements about the draft.

Proxies are not allowed. You must either attend or provide an explicit list of selections up to your pick. For example, if you have the 13th pick, your list should be 13 players long. This is to ensure there are no judgement calls needing be made on the part of the league office or misunderstanding with a proxy GM.

List submission deadline. All GM lists must be submitted to the league office (me) via email no later than 11:59 pm Friday 07/12/2019. Submissions later than that will not be accepted.

Penalty Picks. GMs who provide lists that do not cover up to your pick or do not submit a list will be penalty picked. Penalty picks are defined as the 10th best player available at the time of the pick.

Draft day process. Each GM will be afforded 5 minutes to make their first round pick and 2 minutes to make their second round picks. Commissioner will message the GM and start the clock. As the timer approaches it's full duration, the GM will get another message requesting the pick. Failure to make your pick in those 5 minutes will result in a penalty pick.

Trades. There will be one transaction round executed Wed 07/10/2019 at the usual submission deadline time. GMs aspiring to trade picks are encouraged to do so before the draft so that every GM's time is not taken up while the league office reviews, validates, and approves trades. Trade offers executed on draft day will result in a "TRADE ALERT" message in the GM chat. The clock will then stop while the league office validates the trade. Please have the trade checked before submitting it as repeated invalid trade submissions will result in censure or other disciplinary action by the Commissioner.

Communication Channels. We will use Slack channels for the draft. #draft_talk is the general channel for GM chatter, announcements, and general shenanigans. #draft_announcement is reserved for League Officials only. GMs cluttering that channel will be removed. Selected players are announced in #draft_announcement so please keep that channel clear. Please make sure you are able to see those channels prior to draft day.

General Protocol. It is also a good idea to direct message the Commissioner or Assistant Commissioner if you have submitted a trade or have some other need so that it gets our attention. We're monitoring several communications channels but, in the end, we're only two people so help us out. Also, because we are human beings and things sometimes happen, we reserve the right to apply situational exceptions to the above and will do our best to communicate with attending GMs with as much advance notice as possible.
If there are any "non shenanigans related" questions, please feel free to DM me prior to the draft.

If there are "shenanigans related" questions, feel free to post them in #general channel on Slack.

Have fun at the draft! It's a great day and I hope all of you can attend!


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