OFF SEASON: Training Camps

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OFF SEASON: Training Camps

Postby Eric - Archers GM » Fri Jul 26, 2019 11:17 pm

Training camps are now complete. Enjoy pouring over the good and the bad as we get ready to start the preseason.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: As mentioned before, we are updating to a new software version. The new version is located here and for those of you for whom that link does not work, it's here:

You can see the version number in the lower left hand corner of the FBB3 application when it first opens. After the update is applied, it should read 3.0.30. If it does not, you have not updated.

Please post in SLACK if there are any questions and we can crowd source the tech support that may be necessary.

Also, keep in mind that rosters MUST be trimmed down to 15 players and only 13 of them can be active (meaning at least 2 must be deactivated or assigned to the D-League). I will cut people you don't want cut if you leave your roster over 15 players by the end of preseason so do yourself a favor and don't leave it up to me!

Also, you must maintain a roster of at least 10 active players who must all have a position defined in the depth chart (i.e. check the little PF if the player is a eligible to play PF). This also must be done.
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