updated. set up league: help needed.

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updated. set up league: help needed.

Postby dragoonsgm » Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:38 am

Hello all,
I am not the best at computers. I got a new PC, my old one was over six years old. Can someone help me set the league up on the new computer?
I have the following instructions, but I am still lost.

First of all, do I need a winzip or RAR program to download the files?
I used a winzip folder and it now appears that I have done some of the steps correctly. I was able to see the file. However, it appears I need to upgrade the grey dog software. I only have the demo version downloaded. How do I purchase the software again?

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. I am sorry that I am not computer savvy.



I have had many successful tests (and one that I am still working on) but I wanted to push the league update files out in preparation for go live.

This method of updating your league data files will be how your local client stays up to date. If you do not keep your local client (the game installed on your computer) up to date, orders you send may not be valid. Invalid orders will not be processed so please keep your client up to date or, at a very minimum, update your client before conducting any GM business.

There are two files attached to this email that you will have to put in the proper location. instructions below:

Create a league on your local copy
You can use an existing one too if you so choose.
When I created a new one, I called it OBWL (as an example).
Settings won't matter as my league update will overwrite what you set up.
Update league.dat file
Search on your computer for the file league.dat (if you have more than one local league, make sure the one you update is in the folder that has the same name as your league. For example, my league file is kept at C:\Users\Public\Documents\GDS\Fast Break Pro Basketball 3\leaguedata\OBWL
From there put the attached zip league.rar and extract it.
It will ask you if you want to overwrite the existing files. Select Yes.
Delete retiredplayers.dat from your local copy.
The new one has a different name so it won't overwrite and dual retiredplayers files cause issues. Get rid of your old one.
Extract the retiredplayers10.rar
Put this file in the same directory as your league.dat file (ref. the C:\Users\Public\Documents\GDS\Fast Break Pro Basketball 3\leaguedata\OBWL location is the one I would use in my example).
Load your local league
When you open FBB3 and go to load career, you should see the league of the same name as in step 1 above.
All player color ratings and such will be blank and white... this is expected. Go to the next step.
Log into your team
Each team is locked down so only you can send orders.
You will need a password to log into your team
I will give you when you have properly set up the league.
When you log into your league, find your name in the drop down list in the upper right hand side of the game from the Hot Seat page.
Select your name
Click on the Team Setup menu option from the left hand side.
Email me when you are ready to log into your team and I will provide your password
NOTE: Please do not make any changes to the Team Setup page. Alterations to this page can delay the go live to the league.
Send team data file.
I will need each of you to push orders to me. THIS WILL BE A CHECK IN AS PER USUAL LEAGUE RULES
You don't need to actually make any changes to push the orders file to me.
Submit orders by clicking the "Export team file to FTP" from bottom of your Team Setup (the FTP info is a part of the league data so no setup needed).
If you have trouble connecting, there may be something about your local setup that needs to be resolved (ex. if you try from work and your boss does not allow it). Each GM will need to resolve their own issue and I (along with the rest of the community) will try to assist you with this.
If you absolutely cannot connect via the game's FTP mechanism, there are two options:
Post a support request to Grey Dog software. it's their app to support so, if it's not working right for you, they can diagnose and respond to your request via the support forum.
You can also extract the file manually and then manually place it on the FTP site using an external FTP client. Since this is more laborious for you, I would not recommend it; however, if something does come up, there are options.

This is the go live version of the file. Please review your data if you have not already and post comments on the forum.
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Re: updated. set up league: help needed.

Postby Dom-SunkingsGM » Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:12 am

Hi Kevin,

first: I think RAR and ZIP works. I use winrar, it is very common, easy to work with and free. I can recommend it.

To use a league for our OBWL reasons, just create a new league and name it OBWL. Then save the league and exit the software.
Afterwards download the league file from the servers, open it with winrar and extract the files to: C:\Users\Public\Documents\GDS\Fast Break Pro Basketball 3\leaguedata\OBWL

When it asks you whether you want to override the files, click yes.

When it is done, just open the software again, load the league and booom, the "real" OBWL is there. Choose your name from the top right corner drop down on the hot seat tab and afterwards go to the team setup page. It asks you for your password. Enter it and from there you are logged into your team, can change things and export files again.

If you need any more help, hit me up on FB or Slack.
Stay metric!

Dominik Jenewein
St. Louis Sun Kings GM
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Re: updated. set up league: help needed.

Postby dragoonsgm » Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:42 pm

It appears I need to update the license to my new computer.

I am not sure how to do this. I have been able to create the file. I see it in the demo version. I have download the full version and nothing loads up.
the system does not ask me for my license id or to repurchase it either.

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Re: updated. set up league: help needed.

Postby Jeramy - Sharks » Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:01 pm

Steps to unlicense provided by the Dev:

Please note that we can only provide you with one
unlicensing every six months unless the situation is exceptional. To help
stay within this limit, please be aware that if you have planned computer
changes (such as performing a reformat) you can use the following steps to
manually unlicense your game yourself:

1.) Go to the shortcut you use to launch the game. Right-click on it and
select Properties.
2.) In the target box, at the end of the path, add a space, and then:
3.) Hit Apply and close the box.
4.) Launch the game, this should pop up the unlicense window.

If these steps do not work reply with the path from the target box of the
shortcut you use to launch the game and I will give you a command that
will work.
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Re: updated. set up league: help needed.

Postby dragoonsgm » Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:22 pm

Finally, I got it.

got the unlicensed done successfully.

found where to put my key in.

thanks everyone.

on to the draft prep.
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