• OBWL Safari Season: 2025 FA Preview
  • 2025 OBWL Mock Draft
  • Knights Bring Home the Holy Grail


OBWL Safari Season: 2025 FA Preview

Colby Allan is just one of many free agents in the crosshairs of OBWL general managers during 2025 free agency. 
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2025 OBWL Mock Draft

Colorado SG Erasmo Dryden is near the top of almost every OBWL team's draft board.  Will the 19 year-old sophomore from Colorado become the #1 overall pick in the 2025 Rookie Draft?


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Knights Bring Home the Holy Grail

2024 OBWL Playoff MVP Jean Larry was the backbone of a remarkable defensive effort that helped the London Knights claim their second Heikkinen Cup.
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Featured Stories

  • Stalkers Harvested

    The Iowa Stalkers have been officially harvested and their season ends at the hands of the Melbourne Padres in 7 games. It was one heck of a series that included a miracle comeback in game #6, where the Stalkers were down 13 points with just over 3 minutes to go and made a serious comeback. With the game tied and the Stalkers in possession of the ball, they gave it to their big man and Read More
  • Playoff Time!

    The Iowa Stalkers finished the season on a strong note making it to the .500 mark good enough for a 40 – 40 final record which slides them into the #5 seed by one full game over the Blue Dragons. C Tuan Bunch, picked up some hardware making the All-League 3rd Team and also making the All–Rookie 1st Team. PF Raphael Brownell, also landed himself some hardware taking home the All–Defense 2nd Team. The real hardware Read More
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  • Tom Lacher 03.06.2019 19:50
    Sorry should have stated that the stats shown in ...


  • Jason Rouse 02.04.2019 19:25
    Well done Greg! :-)


AmEast Newswire

  • Americans Shocked With Sudden Regime Change +

    JAY AMADO QUITS, GIBSON HIRED The Philadelphia Americans were shocked with the sudden departure of their long time GM Jay Amado who left the organisation for the swamp lands, beaches Read More
  • Another Blaze Coach Fired +

    This is Toyota Kawasaki reporting from the Chicago Blaze headquarters. We are here on breaking news that the team has decided to make some moves in the coaching department. While Read More
  • Blaze Mid Season Team Review +

    The first half of the season for the Blaze is not only the worst in their history, but it may be the worst in OBWL history. The only thing going Read More
  • The Blaze Free Agency Review +

    Written by- Toyota Kawasaki The Blaze this free agency had only 2 goals, the 1st was to re-sign Gary Budd and the second was to make sure they had money Read More
  • Muscle still get Lottery-pick talent in the Draft +

    After making the playoffs for the first time since 2015, the Detroit Muscle entered the 2024 draft just hoping to find an OBWL-ready backup with their mid-first round pick, as Read More
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AmWest Newswire

  • Pioneers Get Back to Business +

    KANSAS CITY, MO (AP) -- It's been a quiet two months around Pioneers HQ since the team's disappointing second round playoff loss to the eventual American Conference champion Kentucky Stallions. A Read More
  • ready for lift off +

    Portland Or. After yet another extended off season, the Lumberjacks GM emerged from what can only be described as a scene from the end of ‘Into the Wild’. The Lumberjacks Read More
  • Ott Acquired, Colton Drafted +

    The 2025 season is under way, with pre-draft trades completed and another draft in the history book. One of those trades included the Snipers, which was met with a plethora Read More
  • Dragoons long awaited press conference +

    There have been many questions about what is happening in Fort Worth. There has not been many answers Rumors were flowing that the Dragoons owner Blake Cain was looking to Read More
  • Sunkings fake injury? +

    "I don't know about these injury reports. The leagues tells us Adler is out for the series after play had to be stopped during game two for him. Then, he Read More
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NatEast Newswire

  • Sharks Hire Amado +

    MIAMI, FL (AP)--In a move that surprised many across the basketball world, the South Florida Sharks and Philadelphia Americans general manager Jay Amado reached an agreement that will see the Read More
  • Quebec Coyotes Conclude Rough Season +

    Quebec Coyotes Conclude Rough Season The Quebec Coyotes limped through the 2024 season with very few bright spots, concluding the second season of their full rebuild with a measly 16-64 Read More
  • London Midseason Report +

    Half through the season and the Knights sit atop the league standings with a 35-9 record, one game ahead of American Conference powerhouses, the Pioneers and the Tritons. The team Read More
  • Mazzy Star +

    And they say everybody steals somebody's heart away And I've got nothing more to say about it Nothing more than you would me Anybody who expects some sort of gangsta Read More
  • Owens: Overweight and Benched +

    Almost 10 games into the season and Jose Owens have yet to start for London. After a career year, Owens was expected to be the focal point for the Knights. Read More
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NatWest Newswire

  • Marauders Draft Ellender +

    The Minnesota Marauders entered the draft with the #5 pick overall, #19 pick overall and the #47 pick in the 2nd round. The front office along with the fans couldn't Read More
  • Chucks Blog Vol XVI: Demons only as good as their owner? +

    Chuck checking in is deliverd to you by Chuck Tankman, Denver Demons insider. The 63 year old Denver native is writing this column for a single purpose: telling the truth Read More
  • Less money, no options in Denver +

    Denver. No, this is not about a new crazy outbreak of Denver Demons' GM Klaus von Meyerinck. It's quiet there for the moment, the GM has taken off with a Read More
  • Demons' future uncertain +

    Denver. And so it's over. Maybe it has been kind of a selffullfilling prophecy. There may have been half a dozen games played this season when Denver Demons GM Klaus Read More
  • Chucks Blog Vol XV: No change overnight +

    Chuck checking in is deliverd to you by Chuck Tankman, Denver Demons insider. The 63 year old Denver native is writing this column for a single purpose: telling the truth Read More
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