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    This is the time of year that many General Managers are trying to figure out their team. Players are stating if the want a new contract of free agency and other GMs are dumping salary. For the Dragoons, they are trying to find out exactly where the team is. There have been rumors that Newhous may be on his way out. Other rumors suggest the Dragoons could be looking to add veteran talent to put them over the top. There are always constant rumors about Motley being move. General Manager Hitch states that Rufus is the leader of the team. Hitch took a lot of crap from other managers when he gave Motley the contract. Now he gets frequent offers Read More
  • Dragoons season +

    The Dragoons fans are happy with how the season has started. Fort Worth has a lot of young players getting minutes so far. Most experts figured that the team would be near the bottom of the league. In fact, most expected the team to be in the lottery drawing. General Manager Hitch has put together a team that is 7-6. The team just game off a five game road trip. The coach considered it successful at 2-3. The team is 5-4 on the road and 2-2 at home. They are 3-0 in the division including two wins against the Archers. The team is struggling with rebounding as the are near the bottom of the league in offensive rebounds and overall Read More
  • Dragoons looking to start the season +

    General Manager Hitch is ready for the season to begin. No one knows what will happen. Can the team be better after playing together for a year? The team is returning five starters from last year. Banks was one of the free agents who decided to sign with Fort Worth. There are young players who were obtained from this draft and prior drafts. Is this the year that the coaching staff can make a difference? The staff has looked over the players, Training camps will run tomorrow and it is up to these coached to train up the players. Can they identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team and effectively apply this? Fort Worth fans are realistic. They are Read More
  • Dragoon Draft +

    Don't you hate when you spend a lot of time writing a press then it deletes. Ahh. so here is the short version. The Dragoons have been out of the playoffs for several years. Today was the day the could change the team for years to come. After losing players throughout the years like, Montes, Denis, Torres, Hof, Fitz and Davis(Lenny), Fort Worth has to find a way to get talent. Baranowki drafted sixth two years ago still hasn't made a solid impact at the pro level. Last year the team selected James Hammett at sixth. He saw about ten minutes a game coming off the bench. He can score but lacks defense. Cottingham was taken ninth last year and Read More
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    Finally, General Manager Hitch was frustrated with his teams efforts last year. The team failed to make the playoffs for the third straight year. Fans are getting frustrated with Hitch. He has a career record of 265-295 at a .473 winning percentage. Isaiah Booker is schedule to come back as the head coach. He is 130-190 in his four years. Who is to blame for the losing? Could it be the head coach? Maybe, it is the general manager who can't bring in the right talent and battles the salary cap every year. The drafts should have been better the last few years. Hopes are that Baronowski can be a major contributor at the pro level. Last year Hammett was Read More
  • Dragoons slumping +

    Hitch thought the current home stand would get his team fully into the play off race. The Dragoons have a stretch of 9 of 10 games at home. Instead of making a run for the seventh or eighth seed, Fort Worth is sitting at eleventh. However, they are still only two games out of the last spot. The team is 3-6 during this time. The team has also lost seven of eight. The competition has been tougher during the stretch, but a team that wants to make the playoffs has to find a way to win. On the other side of the coin, the Dragoons would be drafting ninth if the season ended today. Should the teams Coach play his Read More
  • Dragoons draft day +

    General Hitch knew he needed to do something to change his teams dynamics. In the last two years, he has lost Montes and Denis. Denis was traded for a first round pick last year that also brought Granger. Hitch wanted to make changes on draft day. His first step was to take the first rounder in the Denis trade and move it. He reached an agreement with the Lumberjacks. The deal was to trade last years second round pick, PG Dear. In return, the Lumberjacks would trade the number six pick in exchange for the 14th and also gain a second rounder. This gave the Dragoons the 6th and 8th overall picks. All of the sudden, this draft could change Read More
  • Dragoons draft day +

    General Manager Hitch wanted to make some changes this year. He mad some moves, but some general managers are questioning if those moves were good ones. The changes started last year when Dean was traded and Granger was brought in. The Dragoons obtained a first round pick which ended up being number 14. Hitch wanted to move up in the draft. He was able to move the 14th pick and Dear, who was a second rounder last year to move up eight spots to number six. This pick may have been the first mistake. The Dragoons war room had their eyes on two big men, but neither of them fell to six. The pick was Jame Hammet who appears to Read More
  • Dragoons finish strong +

    Many teams try to tank at the end of the season to get a higher draft pick. General Manager Hitch had a meeting with the coaching staff. He let it me known that the coaches and players could be playing for their contract. The team rose to the occasion. The Dragoons won 8 of their last ten games. However, the team still has the seventh worst record and will be part of the lottery. The year has been full of up and downs. In free agency, Motley was signed to be the shooting guard of the future. He was brought in to replace Montes, whose shows were just to big. He did go for over 60 in a multi over Read More
  • Dragoons mid season report +

    The season appears all but over for Fort Worth's Dragoons. There have been changes in the team since the start of the year. Denis told the team he was going to test free agency. Hitch had lost Montes a couple seasons ago and could not re-sign him in the off season. He had also traded away an aging Hofer and a promising star Fitzwater. Denis was the last remaining player from a team that consistently made the playoffs. If Hitch lets him walk, where would the team by next year. Hitch was not willing to take the chance. Hitch made a move. He traded Denis for basically a first rounder and a solid player in Granger. Some general managers thought Read More
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