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  • Dragoons draft day +

    General Hitch knew he needed to do something to change his teams dynamics. In the last two years, he has lost Montes and Denis. Denis was traded for a first round pick last year that also brought Granger. Hitch wanted to make changes on draft day. His first step was to take the first rounder in the Denis trade and move it. He reached an agreement with the Lumberjacks. The deal was to trade last years second round pick, PG Dear. In return, the Lumberjacks would trade the number six pick in exchange for the 14th and also gain a second rounder. This gave the Dragoons the 6th and 8th overall picks. All of the sudden, this draft could change Read More
  • Dragoons draft day +

    General Manager Hitch wanted to make some changes this year. He mad some moves, but some general managers are questioning if those moves were good ones. The changes started last year when Dean was traded and Granger was brought in. The Dragoons obtained a first round pick which ended up being number 14. Hitch wanted to move up in the draft. He was able to move the 14th pick and Dear, who was a second rounder last year to move up eight spots to number six. This pick may have been the first mistake. The Dragoons war room had their eyes on two big men, but neither of them fell to six. The pick was Jame Hammet who appears to Read More
  • Dragoons finish strong +

    Many teams try to tank at the end of the season to get a higher draft pick. General Manager Hitch had a meeting with the coaching staff. He let it me known that the coaches and players could be playing for their contract. The team rose to the occasion. The Dragoons won 8 of their last ten games. However, the team still has the seventh worst record and will be part of the lottery. The year has been full of up and downs. In free agency, Motley was signed to be the shooting guard of the future. He was brought in to replace Montes, whose shows were just to big. He did go for over 60 in a multi over Read More
  • Dragoons mid season report +

    The season appears all but over for Fort Worth's Dragoons. There have been changes in the team since the start of the year. Denis told the team he was going to test free agency. Hitch had lost Montes a couple seasons ago and could not re-sign him in the off season. He had also traded away an aging Hofer and a promising star Fitzwater. Denis was the last remaining player from a team that consistently made the playoffs. If Hitch lets him walk, where would the team by next year. Hitch was not willing to take the chance. Hitch made a move. He traded Denis for basically a first rounder and a solid player in Granger. Some general managers thought Read More
  • Dragoons: changes coming soon? +

    There have been many rumors about how Hitch was going to change the team. Fans continue to worry that Denis will walk at the end of the season. Rumors by NPSE reporter Joe Smoe is that Hitch has fielded many offers this year. Newhous, Denis and Motley have all been discussed according to him. There were also rumors that Mr. Dragoon, Montes could be returning. Hitch would only say that he is looking at for the teams best interest and would not deny that teams have express interest in Denis. Smoe asked Denis what he had heard about being traded. "I don't have a no trade clause in my contract. I have to go where they trade me. However, management Read More
  • Dragoons +

    Are the Dragoons a pretender or contender? What would be best for the organization? These are questions that Hitch must answer to lead the team in the right direction. First of all, Denis is wanting to test free agency. Fans are worried that he may bolt just like Montes did. Hitch has to decide if he will take a chance to sign him for more money than anyone else or potential lose him. Can the Dragoons gain assets or will the lose him and get nothing? There have been rumors that Hitch wants to change the team. At least five teams have asked about the availability of Denis. Some of the owners are wondering what Hitch wants in exchange. They Read More
  • Dragoons: Ready for opening day +

    The Dragoons appear to be in rebuilding mode although management will not admit to it. "If we are in rebuilding mode, why wouldn't we move Denis or Newhouse?" asked General Manager Hitch. "We have been hearing from other GM's since last year. Many want to get Denis. Some have been realistic offers and others aren't even close. We may be open to trading him after seeing how the season starts. It has to be an offer that will be in our best interest and not just the other teams," Hitch continued, "Now, let's talk about what we do know." The Dragoons had the number six pick in the draft. There were questions on why they were not drafted fifth. In Read More
  • Dragoons +

    The season has been quiet for the Dragoons. General Manager Hitch hasn't talked to the press. He hasn't posted on the boards and some feel he lost control of his coaching staff this year. The truth may be that he just had a bad team and was just waiting for the draft. The problem is that he wanted wins when he needed losses to get a better pick. So far, he has survived the coaching fire day. Many general managers get fired at the end for the regular season along with many coaches. Hitch has elected to keep his staff in tact for now. There are two coaches who aren't on contract after this year. Neither side has made an Read More
  • Dragoons looking for nightmare season to end +

    The Dragoons team is as bad as many thought it would be. For years, Montes was the face of the franchise. He kept the team in games and brought wins. The team offered him the max deal, but he wanted to play elsewhere. His numbers have increased. He is the leagues top scorer and is the go to guy on his new team. The Dragoons coach was hoping he would see Denis score more from the point position and step up as the go to guy for Ft. Worth. The problem is that Denis doesn't have enough talent around him. It may be a coaching issue or a player issue, but this team struggles. The Dragoons have lost their last Read More
  • Dragoons: season of changes? +

    What is going on in Fort Worth? Many fans are wondering about the ownership and the lack of action. The team failed down the stretch last year after having succeeded in the first half of the year. Montes, who has been a star for the Dragoons for years, notified the team that he would not accept any contract from the team. In fact, he made it clear that he wanted to test free agency. The management could not convince Daniel Black to stay with the team either. He declined his option of 3.6 million to test the market, also. “Why wouldn’t the ownership look at getting something for these guys? Why not make a trade to get something instead of Read More
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