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Fort Worth Dragoons Press Releases

  • Dragoons Hopeful +

    Fans are still hopeful that the Dragoons can secure the last playoff spot in the conference. However, they lost an important game to the Muscle just a few days ago. A game that had meaning for the team and they just feel flat on their faces with against them. It was a 24 point loss. Now, they will have to beat good competition. The team is two games down heading into the last week of competition. The team could tank and secure a possible lottery spot or they can compete and not make the playoffs. Early season rumors had Fort Worth trying to leave town in the years to come. It is possible the fans and owner may want them Read More
  • Still hope? +

    Is there any hope for the Dragoons this year? There was plenty of hope at the beginning of the year. The team is young and full of solid players. It appears that they struck gold with this years first round pick, Lett. Fort Worth is just 2.5 games out of a playoff spot. However, the team has gone 4-15 in their last 19 games. This has led to the lack of hope to get into the playoffs. After all, their is eleven teams ahead of them in the conference. If the season ended today, General Manager Hitch would have the fifth overall draft pick. So, should the team tank and build again in the draft? Can the team win enough Read More
  • Dragoons still trying to find continued success +

    The Dragoons General Manager will look to an old face to bring success to his team.  Fort Worth is in the playoff hunt at 10-13. Hitch decided to cut Charles Banks who was not getting much playing time this year.  He claimed Jose Peters off the waivers.  He was originally drafted with the eight pick in the second round by Fort Worth in 2019 and played through 2023.  He is a double digit scorer.  Hitch is hoping he can get some scoring off the bench with Peters.  There is not much risk if the signing fails.     Read More
  • Dragoons start of season +

    The Dragoons have been quite in the off season. With only about 7 million to spend in free agency, Fort Worth was not expected to be a major player. Before the draft, General Manager Hitch made a trade with the Sharks. He traded a second round pick for Budde. He is a former Mr. Basketball and was a first round pick last year. Hitch felt Budde would be better than any second rounder he could draft this year. With the 15th overall pick in this years draft, Fort Worth added Earl Lett. Lett grew up in Austin, Texas and played for the University of Texas. He wanted to stay close to home and Fort Worth meets those wants. Many feel Read More
  • Dragoons long awaited press conference +

    There have been many questions about what is happening in Fort Worth. There has not been many answers Rumors were flowing that the Dragoons owner Blake Cain was looking to move the team. It started with rumblings about a move to South Florida. The Sharks had an opening for a new owner. The team has a budget of more than 30 million more than the Dragoons. It would be a bigger market with a dedication fan base and a decent economy. Did the Fort Worth ownership actually look at this option? The league office will not comment. General Manager, Kevin Hitch, had to field more rumors in the days following the announcement that the Sharks had secured new ownership. What Read More
  • Sunkings fake injury? +

    "I don't know about these injury reports. The leagues tells us Adler is out for the series after play had to be stopped during game two for him. Then, he shows up for game three and plays 39 minutes. Did he have a miracle cure? I think the league should fine Dom and the Sunkings." Hitch stated with anger in his voice. Now to play on the court. Game one was all Sunkings in their home opener. The Dragoons staff tried to utilize match ups and moved Motley to point guard. After one game, he was moved back to shooting guard. He immediately led the team to an upset with a 40 point effort. He was 10-21 from the field, Read More
  • Dragoons: Playoff bound +

    The Fort Worth Dragoons are once again in the playoffs. Gone are the days when Denis lead the team at the point and Montes was in his prime hitting the basket. Hofer, no longer defends the rim and Newhous is on the downside of his. This team has a group of young talented players. None are considered a top player in the league, but Hitch has brought the team concept to the players. His coaching staff has the youngster believing that anything is possible. With that said, they will have to step up to beat last years champions, the Sunkings. The team will have three starters 24 and under. The team has only 39 games of playoff experience. Granger is Read More
  • Dragoons: Playoff bound +

    Fort Worth could be returning to the playoffs this year. The team has missed them the last three years. Last year, Coach Booker was able to get 32 wins. This year, the Dragoons have 38 wins. There are six team fighting for the last five positions. The magic number for General Manager Hitch is three. So, a combination of three wins or losses by the Dragoons or the Blackjacks. Las Vegas has been playing well. They have won eight of ten and are just two and a half games out of the eighth spot themselves. "We just have to take care of business during our last seven games. If we do so, then we will find out if we can Read More
  • Dragoons still competing +

    Dragoons fans are celebrating at the mid-year point. There have been hopes that Fort Worth would be play-off bound his year. However, General Manager Hitch didnt't go out and sign any big time free agents. There were hopes that Hitch would be a trade to improve his team. None came along as he didn't want to give up draft picks or his young talent. Coach Booker is in the last year of his contract. He may be having his best coaching year ever. The record doesn't look great at 27-24, but it is good enough currently for fourth place and home field advantage in the play-offs. There are sevn teams competing for the final five positions. There is still a Read More
  • Dragoons season +

    The Dragoons have stayed in playoff contention.  They have been inconsistent at times.  The team has had highs and lows this season.  There have been wins against the Knights and Archers.  Then losses to teams like the Blackjacks.  It goes to show that the team is young and still learning. The young players continue to get experience that should help when playoff time comes around.  Fort Worth is seventh in the play off race, but only a game and a half from the number five seed. Although there has been trade talk, it appears Hitch will stay with the guys he has.  He does not want to give up the future for a player who can only help down the stretch. Read More
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