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Los Angeles Chaos Press Releases

  • Chaos Draft And Free Agency +

    The Los Angeles Chaos made it to the second round of the 2026 OBWL Playoffs, but were no match for the Kansas City Pioneers, who ended their run in 5 games. The Chaos entered the rookie draft with pick #16 in the first round and they chose the 22 year old SG from North Carolina, Grant Middleton. The 4-star recruit hails from Bedford, Virginia where he was an All-State high school athlete. As a Junior at North Carolina, Middleton averaged 16 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists and had a .462 field goal percentage. Middleton was selected for his strong inside game, good passing and rebounding. The Chaos had 2 picks in the second round and they selected SG Roscoe Winkle Read More
  • Chaos Mid-Season Report +

    The Chaos currently sit at the 8th seed in the American Conference if the playoffs started today. This is not where they expected to be at the beginning of the season. This is a let down and not an improvement over last season. Last year the Chaos were the 8th seed and were quickly eliminated by the Pioneers after 5 games. Just a month ago, the Chaos were nearly .500 and set up higher in the standings, but the losses have been racking up, despite great play from Geoffrey Askew and David Bouchard. Long time All-Star and go to player, Lenny Davis, has been struggling and is showing obvious signs of pro basketball wear and tear. His days of stardom Read More
  • Chaos Draft And Season Outlook +

    The LA Chaos barley made the playoffs last season and that is probably the only reason that GM Whetzel still has a job. LA didn't go far in postseason as they had to face Kansas City right out of the gate. KC finished them off in 5 games. That sent the Chaos back home to try to figure out what they can do to improve for 2026. The good news was that the Chaos held the 13th pick in the draft. It's not a lottery pick, but still early enough to grab some talent. Surprisingly, GM Whetzel actually showed up and chose a 19 year old SF from San Diego State. Bryant Walsh was a 5 star athlete in high Read More
  • Not Much News Out Of LA +

    There hasn't been much to write about in Los Angeles for a long time. Ardoin is gone, Terwilliger is gone and most recently, Morrison is gone. Many wish that GM Whetzel was gone. Whetzel was literally a NOSHOW at the draft, forcing staff make a pick of a nowhere near ready point guard in Joseph Powell. The Chaos Roster is mixed between old has beens and young wannabes. Everyone was writing them off as a for certain lottery team in next year's draft. But wait a minute... something might be happening in old LA. The team is actually on a win streak. It's probably too early to get excited, but something is different. The Chaos were once a team that Read More
  • The High and Mostly Low Expectations For 2024 +

    We've seen LA Chaos GM Travis Whetzel make some questionable decisions in the past, but his most recent decisions might top the list. The Chaos have been a playoff caliber team for all but one season with Whetzel running the main office operations. Clearly this will be a season where they don't make the playoffs if the current losing trend continues. How did they get to this point? Well it all started last year when Whetzel failed to throw a maximum contract at Carl Terwilliger and he bolted to Arizona as fast as he could. The thing that really set the losing spiral in motion though was the Renato Ardoin trade. During the 2024 draft, Ardoin was traded to Philadelphia Read More
  • Lots of Changes For 2024 +

    There is a lot of news out of LA. Some of it is good and some of it is depressing. LA is used to depressing news. They have had their hopes up nearly every year the last few seasons, thinking this could be the one, but they always fall short. After hearing all that has developed in LA this offseason, I don't expect anyone to get their hopes up for a championship. With that being said, there are some things to look forward to. The Chaos hired a new head coach after just having an interim head coach last year. The Chaos hired Augustus Taylor, who was a long time assistant coach for the Dragoons. Taylor is a defensive minded Read More
  • LA Faces St. Louis in First Round Once Again +

    The Chaos season ended with clinching the 7th seed in the American Conference. This meant that the Chaos would be facing the #2 seeded Sun Kings. Last year the Chaos met the Sun Kings and it was a tough 7 game series, but St. Louis went on to win. Last year though, the Sun Kings and Chaos were seeded 4th and 5th. Everyone thought it would be a good matchup. This year though, the Chaos snuck their way into postseason and the Sun Kings were battling for #1 overall. Then, just before the playoffs start, C Lenny Davis goes down with a torn ligament. An All-Star and the Chaos' leading scorer is kind of a tough thing to lose when Read More
  • Whetzel Holds Team Dinner, Tries To Reconcile With Players +

    Earlier in the year, GM Whetzel posted a trade block, stating that every player was available for trade, including All-Stars Lenny Davis and Renato Ardoin. Whetzel seemed to be extremely angry around the front office, if he was even there to begin with. This all seemed to stem from free agency, when Carl Terwilliger and his agent refused to even discuss a contract. Whetzel claimed he had the green light to pay Terwilliger whatever he wanted, but the All-Star PF wouldn't even consider a discussion and signed with Arizona. The Chaos seemed to still be a good team, but they couldn't keep players healthy and on the court. The Chaos win record just plummeted and Whetzel figured the days of Read More
  • Season Full of Ups and Downs +

    It just wouldn't be a normal season in LA if there wasn't a bunch of... well... chaos. Maybe they should change their name to the ORDER or the LA NORMALITY. Maybe that would help things not be so chaotic. LA's woes this year started with head coach Bryant Medina taking an assistant job in London. This was a shocker for the front office and surely shook things up a little for the players. Carl Terwilliger moving on and refusing to negotiate terms with LA was another huge blow. Once the season got rolling along, the Chaos have been riddled with injuries. At one point, 3 Chaos starters were out with injury at the same time. Joseph Drumm is working on Read More
  • Personality Clashes Lead To Big Changes +

    In 2023, the fans in LA will see many changes. Everyone knew about the big squabbles between Horace Robinson and Renato Ardoin. When Horace left the team in free agency a couple years ago, Ardoin took over as the clear team leader and in some cases, was the starting point guard. A late season trade last year, brought the potential superstar PG back to LA and many thought this would be a great mix of talent. Everybody might have been right about the talent, but they didn't plan for the ego and attitude problems that started immediately. LA went on an 8 game losing streak and endured lots of locker room and practice facility turmoil that ultimately ended with Coach Read More
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