Portland Lumberjacks Press Releases

  • A review with hope +

    Portland, Or. No, Portland fans, we have not arrived at the annual, hype train of preseason excitement after a hot new draft pick, new FA signing and a fresh group of expectations and unrealistic predictions from the out of touch GM Trent Meister. The hope comes in the form of first year Lumberjack player Charles Barnett. The SF played every game for the Lumberjacks and was a stand out all season long, Barnett single handily won them at least 10 of their 18 wins of the season. His final PER of 20.9 highlighted the importance he had on the season in Portland. Locked up for another three seasons beyond this one, it gives the Lumberjacks a centre piece to move Read More
  • More on Lynwood +

    Portland, Or. After reading the report that Lynwood Emmert will be facing a court case for trashing a hotel room over the all-star break in Anaheim, Aaron Todd and Terrence Latimer were seen laughing and hi fiving each other, with what appears to be a sense of the inevitable finally happening. When approached in the parking lot at Lumberjacks HQ, Terrance added “ Look, Lynwood is a star, he shines, bright. I just think in his own head, its brighter than reality”. SF Terrence and C Aaron were shipped off in a trade deadline deal that sent Kevin K (Special K as he was known in these parts) to the snipers in return for the pair, Tim Wood who has hit Read More
  • On our way to 20 +

    Portland, Or. With the all-star break upon us, let us take a moment and review where our Portland Lumberjacks sit. It’s not a surprise to anyone, to find the Lumberjacks yet again on the bottom of the pile, this was a young team, even with the FA signings, this team was going to struggle for the entirety of the season. Did we expect anything else? This season was about getting the young guys minutes, lots of them, and so far that is exactly what we have seen. The only down side to that is that the record matches this attitude. 11-38. Gee that is tough to type, but it is what it is. When the GM goes on record at Read More
  • 5 star review +

    Portland, Or. Portland Lumberjacks. Although the record, attendance and just everything associated with the Portland Lumberjack brand, there is a glimmer of hope, in order of lest hopeful to most here are our top 5. 5) The rooks; Andrew Lawler has been a breath of fresh air for the team this season. He has forced his way into the starting line-up and doesn’t look like losing it. Although moving next season’s evolution first for him is a stretch, he is displaying the types of qualities the front office saw in him pre-draft. The Russian, started in the OBWL before dropping down to the D league for more minutes, however production dropped so he will get bench minutes from here out Read More
  • Portland FA review +

    Portland, Or. With a smile that could only be matched by a child on Christmas day, not just any child, but the one who already knows what is wrapped up and under the tree, the one who knows it is the very thing that was on top of the list in the letter sent to santa months earlier. GM Trent walked onto the podium to introduce the newest members of the Portland Lumberjacks, even before FA has finished the news that the Lumberjacks signed some players, decent players was too good not to call a press conference for. For the first time in some seasons, the executive team have something positive to talk about, well, not just positive in terms Read More
  • Lumberjacks 2023 draft class +

    Portland, Or. With yet another top 5 pick, the Lumberjacks went into the 2023 draft with lots of expectation and excitement. With the franchise starved of anything to celebrate over the past few years, this draft was seen as the beginning of the next season in the franchise’s history. There was a lot of movement pre-draft with the Lumberjacks. The first move was to grab a second top ten pick this draft while surrendering the enforcers juice pick in next seasons draft, while this is a bold move, as the team from NJ were by far the worst team this season, there is no guarantee that they will be in the same position next season. The amount of budget space Read More
  • When does this become depressing? +

    Portland, Or. Yes it was a disappointing season this past year, but at least this time we were prepared. There were no high and mighty promises, no over the top press conferences, no big FA splurges, nothing really that would cause the fans a false sense of expectation in the season. This year was as expected. In fact, for the first time in a long time, just maybe they even exceeded expectations? I mean, who would have thought after we opened with a 0-19 record and then eventually fell to 2- 31 that we would finish with 16 wins? We had our first three win streak in 4 years and there was a great sense of fun when the kids Read More
  • An arse on the bench is an arse on fire +

    Portland Or, Haven’t things been shaken up these past few weeks? Portland earn back to back wins, are 5 – 5 over the last 10 games, the team was able to claim Blair Call a former first round pick and Albert Mitchell has been playing his best basketball since arriving in Portland 2 seasons ago. Lets break it down, starting with the Albert Mitchell situation. The reality was that Albert was playing such bad basketball, the team were considering faking an injury to get him out of the locker room for a while. After not heeding the advice to not miss another shot, Albert played another bad game, and was subsequently benched. Since Mitchel has been staring on the pine, he Read More
  • Gm faces the media finally. +

    Portland, Or. It is with much hesitation that I stand here today before you all. I know that no one has turned up with any sense of excitement, I also know that the new soccer team is getting more attention than the city’s beloved Lumberjacks, and that is because you guys and girls in this room continue to produce news stories that don’t align with your agenda. I know you guys want me out of here, I know you are stirring up the public to come at me and boycott the games and I know that there are some things that need clarifying so here it goes. Here are some answers to your fake news stories. 1. We are not Read More
  • Portland puch for an Ice Hockey team +

    As yet another season rolls around, the Portland Lumberjacks find themselves yet again entrenched at the foot of the mountain. We thought at the start of the season, that if couldn’t get any worse than the session past. BUT after being humiliated by the storm, maybe it does get worse than previous seasons? The team current sits with 0 wins and 11 losses, the only team in the league to do so. They are second last in points scored and last or second last in just about every other category. There is not much hope that this season will turn into anything worth turning out for, and crowds have already started to waiver, even this early in the season. It Read More
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