Sacramento Snipers Press Releases

  • A November to Remember +

    There's only one game left in November to play, but regardless of its outcome, November 2023 will go down as the November to Remember. Currently on a 6-game winning streak (which won't be shocking to see another W against the Lumberjacks), the Snipers are 8-6 so far this season; undefeated at home, and 7th in the Western conference. A far distance from where they were last season, and even further from many people's expected outcomes this year. And you can't blame it on schedule - not only were the Snipers expected to be the losing side on most schedules, they've won against teams like the Swing and the Thunderbirds, the latter already twice and one of those in Arizona. The Howse Read More
  • The 2023 Sacramento Snipers +

    2023 is upon us, and with a 3-3 pre-season done with, hopes are high in SacTown. But everyone will tell you: pre-season is not the season. And it's a long season ahead. The future looks particularly bright, but the question is: how far away is that bright future? Probably not this year. But improvement seems inevitable, and perhaps we might get a glimpse of what may be. Your 2023 Sacramento Snipers: C Charles Lao: Lao looks like he'll get the start at center, regardless of the rather large one-year contract handed to Kevin Mazzola. Lao brings a stability to the middle, and is entirely capable of a double-double every night. C Kevin Mazzola: A late signing in free agency, it Read More
  • So Much For the 2022 Season +

    Cause we had.... high hope, we had... high hopes... I suppose "not with a bang, but a whisper" would be applicable as well. The Snipers did not even meet the stated goal of one win better than last season. In fact, they were one win worse, with a 20-60 finish. New owner, larger budget, new general manager.... same results. Even the one bright spot in the year is just a mote of light in a sea of darkness; Lynwood Emmert earned the 2022 Rookie of the Year title. But then, this was a known result 30 seconds after he was drafted - given his team, and the amount of game time he would be given. He was top-15 for points on Read More
  • The Truth of Silence +

    If you've wondered how the Snipers were doing this season, look no further than recent press releases: silence. One universal truth to the OBWL, when a team is doing badly, the front office tends to say less. Promoting a good team brings in more tickets; talking about a bad team is depressing. So, most bad teams tend to keep a lid on the press. Now, die-hard fans and people who claim to know the game inside and out will tell you the Snipers are a better team this year than last. In 2021 the team had an 21-59 record. Right now they are 18-38. So yes, 4 more wins means they're going better. On paper. But they were 6th in Read More
  • After 10 +

    Sacramento, California - Ten games into the season, the Sacramento Snipers are not doing altogether that bad. With a 4-6 record, including a couple of games which could be considered upsets, the Snipers, while not a bastion of post-season glory, are looking much better than they did last season. Slowly but surely the team is starting to come together... and if they could solve a couple of problems in the post, they could actually make something of themselves. And while all eyes are on Lynwood Emmert, he's not the sole factor in the betterment of the team. Todd Butterfield is a great addition at point, with 12 ppg, 6 apg, and 2 spg. Ross Hanner is showing he hasn't lost a Read More
  • And The Walls... Come Tumblin', Tumblin' +

    Sacramento, California - The high hopes for a journey out of the OBWL basement seems to have hit a very large snag - a lack of talent. With a dismal 1-5 record in pre-season games, the Snipers are looking less like a dark horse, and more like a team destined for yet another #1 draft pick. Much-hyped #1 draft pick Lynwood Emmert has lost a bit of shine in the eyes of Snipers fans. While Emmert remains the leading scorer on the team - albeit with a dismal 16.5 point per game - the young rookie lacks a lot of self control, and leads them teams in fouls with 3.8 per, including fouling out of his first OBWL game against the Invaders. Beyond Emmert, Read More
  • Emmert, Broquart drafted to the Snipers +

    The 2022 OBWL rookie draft is in the books, and anticipation was high in SacTown with the Snipers holding the #1 pick. Everyone had their own thoughts about who would be the first to enter the OBWL this year. In addition, the Snipers also had the 31st pick, and with the described "deepest draft in OBWL history" to choose from, even a high second round pick is expected (if not destined) to contribute. It remains to be seen if that is the case. Drafted #1 overall: Lynwood Emmert - "Your next Rookie of the Year," noted Snipers GM Chris Noonan after drafting the All-American and 2022 All-Conference (Mountain West) Player of the Year. Emmert was expected to be drafted first overall Read More
  • Shakeup in Sacramento +

    And we're not talking about an earthquake. Changes are coming fast and furious in Sactown. It started with a new owner. The Snipers has been bought by John Parker (for an undisclosed amount of money), who promptly raised the team budget by $4 million. That gives the front office a little over $28 million dollar to fill out a roster that has lost half its team to free agency. The second big news item was the announcement of a new General Manager. Former Inferno and Enforcers GM Chris Noonan has joined the team after a several-year hiatus from the OBWL. Recently spending the last half of the season in Ottawa with the OBDL, Noonan is replacing Brandon Grunwell in the Read More
  • The End Of A Sad Love Story +

    Sacramento - The year is 2012. Alongside Raul Forland and (now) Allstar Duncan Mitchell, Small Forward Ethan Davis was traded to the Sacramento Snipers in Offseason of 2012 in exchange for Patrick Feher and Dalton Beckemeie. Back then neither Mitchell nor Davis played much of a role in the OBWL. But on the Snipers roster, both started to shine. Mitchell at first only got backup role, averaging around 13 minutes. Davis however became a starter in midseason, averaging over 31 minutes over the season. In those games, Ethan Davis showed that he was a high class Small Forward that had a flawless style of game, which earned him a lot of respect by Snipers GM Dominik Jenewein. In 2013, both Mitchell Read More
  • Moreland And Just Represent SAC At AS Weekend +

    Seattle - With Logan Cox and Duncan Mitchell not being nominated to the Allstar Game despite good performances, rookie PG Henry Moreland and Sophomore PF Kenny Just had to win honour for their team. Moreland, who is on the best way to become rookie of the year, was nominated to start for the rookies, while Just was selected to come off the bench for the Sophomores. It turned out that only one of them showed his class during the game. In what has been a harsh lesson for the rookies, the more seasoned sophomores taught the newbies a lesson that they won't forget that soon. In front of millions watching at home, the sophomores won 103-75, making the game not even Read More
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