Quebec Coyotes Press Releases

  • Frank McGehee returns to Quebec +

    The Quebec Coyotes have traded for SG Frank McGehee and some expiring contracts (SG William Wilson,PF Rolando Sturgell and C John Penley) heading out of town are PF Rich Marshall,SG Alain Lagon and PG Hao Billups and 2 first round picks (2021 and 2023. Many GMs around the league have expressed "concerns" about the deal and wondered if veteran GM Gerry Tessier has "LOST HIS MIND" "Not so" Says Coyotes GM Gerry Tessier. "I know what the plan is and always was for this team and after losing Frank McGehee in the FA we were determined to get him back,I take full responsibility for dropping the ball during FA and wanted to fix my mistake" Said Gerry Tessier. Many feel Read More
  • Coyotes off season +

    After an off season that saw the departure of SG Frank McGehee through free agency and letting go the likes off Noah Dewell,Loren Pepper,and Gus McCulloch, the Coyotes needed to try and resign one of what GM Gerry Tessier feels are "the three building blocks" GM Gerry Tessier offered SF Gary Williams a 5 year contract worth $81,487,089.00 and Williams accepted the offer after several rounds "I was beginning to wonder if we were going to be able to keep him but was willing to offer him what ever he wanted." Said Coyotes GM Gerry Tessier. Quebec Coyotes needed to sign someone to bring in a a PG who was able to handle the ball and play defence, they signed Read More
  • Quebec Coyotes hire new GM +

     The Quebec Coyotes had hoped to convince veteran GM Gerry Tessier to leave his current team and return to his native Country Canada the last time they had a vacancy in the GM chair and thought they had he convinced but he (Gerry Tessier) changed his mind at the last moment and decided to stay in Minnesota because he felt his team (Minnesota Marauders) were close to a good thing, he still does but told us that the tug to his heart was just too strong, and that he could not resist this time around." I have to go where my heart is telling me to go, not a moment went by that I did not think did I make the right choice Read More
  • Coyotes Offseason review (yes it is late I know!) +

    Coyotes Offseason review (yes it is late I know!) The OBWL is back in full force now with many teams making great strides towards progress or suffering the offseason hangover. With the Coyotes currently sitting at 6-10 many will say it is business as usual for one of the worst teams in the OBWL. But with a new General Manager at the helm let’s take a look at the past offseason to see who the Coyotes have brought in that may change the seasons predictions. Rookie Draft With the Coyotes holding the 6th pick in the 1st round and 4th pick in the 2nd round many expected Quebec to take a prospect and possibly gamble on potential. 6th Pick – Alain Read More
  • Coyotes Welcome New GM +

    Coyotes Welcome New GM Quebec announced the appointment of former Sultans GM Cleasby as their new General Manager. “I am pleased to be here and I am looking forward to the prospect of shaping this franchise”. Cleasby penned a five year deal which will see him take charge with immediate effect. The immediate focus will be on the draft. With Quebec holding the number 6 pick in the first round it will certainly be a baptism of fire for the rookie General Manager. With the media speculating Alain Lagon from Canada being the pick. Will Cleasby side with the experts or look elsewhere? “I have not had time to take a look at the draft situation yet. The Quebec staff Read More
  • Coyotes Ready For The Season +

    The Quebec Coyotes are ready to compete this season. They needed a SF and appear to have a good one in Arnulfo Milner.  Hao Billups is ready to get on the court, as is Noah Dewell. Stewart Askew can't wait either. "I think Askew is going to surprise some teams this year," says GM Marcus Knuttila. "I can't wait til does. I think Padron and Taylor will surprise some people. It will be exciting for us." Playoffs seem likely for the team, providing no major injuries. Knock on wood. Read More
  • Coyote Ugly in Boston +

    The Quebec Coyotes shocked the OBWL circles in Game 1 by beating the Boston Buzzards on the road to take a 1-0 series lead. Now, they have stunned the world. The Coyotes played an excellent defensive battle in Game 2 and came out on top once again, 85-81. Gary Williams predicted - no, guaranteed - he would not turn the ball over 6 times as he did in Game 1. He delivered, with 12 points 9 rebounds 7 assists 5 blocks.. and 1 turnover. "I just go out there and do what I can to help this team win," he stated after the game. "I've also been having fun. That's easy to do when you're winning." Star PG Hao Billups led the Read More
  • Coyotes Stun the Buzzards in Game 1 +

    "The Coyotes have no chance in winning this series." "Buzzards in four. I'd say three if it was an option" All week long the Quebec Coyotes have heard the nay-sayers. And, with valid reason: the Coyotes have not beaten the Buzzards all season, afterall. "I think you'd be hard pressed to find many people to pick us winning a game, yet alone the series," admits Coyotes GM Marcus Knuttila. "But we have to tune that out and play the game we are capable of." To everyone's surprise, the Yotes did just that in Game 1, winning 107-99 to take a 1 game to 0 series lead. And they did it in remarkable fashion.Hao Billups, the team's leader and best player, Read More
  • Billups Injured; Can the Coyotes Persevere? +

    The news absolutely no Coyotes fans wanted to hear; Hao Billups out 4 games with an injury. It could have been worse. However, this came right at the middle of an important stretch of 6 games in 6 nights. Up to this point the Coyotes were 7-4 in February. More importantly they were 7-4 since the Stewart Askew trade, including victories against the Tritons, Muscle and Enforcers. This team was finally starting to gel and were starting to gain confidence. The Coyotes were beating the Thunderbirds 54-50 with just over 7 minutes left in the 3rd quarter when Billups went down. That seemed to be the turning point in the game, as the Thunderbirds went on a 14-6 run to Read More
  • Coyotes Well Represented at All Star Weekend +

    The Quebec Coyotes have had an average season so far, but you wouldn't know it from their representatives at the All Star festivities. Three Coyotes will partake in four events, with the biggest impact being PG Hao Billups. Billups will play in the All Star game as well as compete in the Slam Dunk event. This will be Billups' third All Star game, as he was an American Conference selection in 2011 and named a National starter last season. This is Billups' first time as a Slam Dunk contestant however. He will be accompanied by teammate Edgar Taylor, who won the event in 2013. Taylor is having a decent season for the Coyotes coming off the bench. He is averaging Read More
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