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South Florida Sharks Press Releases

  • Sharks Introduce New General Manager +

    The South Florida Sharks held an impromptu press conference today to announce that the team had promoted executive VP of Player Personnel and Development Tom Zarra to general manager. The move came as a bit of a surprise, considering the 7-foot former superstar has just one year of front office experience; but, as always, there was no lack of confidence from the former champion. "There weren't a lot of expectations here last year," Zarra said, to the assembled media. "But, we did what we do and found a way to make the playoffs. That's just the beginning. We're not aiming to make the playoffs. We're aiming for these," he said, holding up his gaudy Championship ring from his time in Read More
  • Sharks Hire Amado +

    MIAMI, FL (AP)--In a move that surprised many across the basketball world, the South Florida Sharks and Philadelphia Americans general manager Jay Amado reached an agreement that will see the veteran GM take over the reigns of the team, effective immediately. The move was part of a domino-effect that began when Sharks general manager Jeramay Lay abruptly resigned from his position atop the organization. Following his resignation, the Sharks interviewed several candidates with OBWL connections for the job, before ultimately settling on a 5-year deal that will see Amado return to a city where he had once had much success, in what now seems like an entirely different world. "The best years of my basketball life came while I was Read More
  • Tumultuous Relationship Brewing Between Media and Sharks GM +

    MIAMI (AP) - - One of the unspoken story lines within OBWL this season has been the relationship (or lack thereof) between some General Managers and the media. Rumors have swirled among those in the know and close to the organization that General Manager Lay had instituted a "media blackout" for the majority of the season. While some have pointed out the teams success and the GM's willingness to talk shop and deals with many of his peers daily, others are objecting to the lack of communication coming out of South Florida. It began during a routine Press Conference when the GM exploded on a local columnist after a crushing road loss to the Dragoons in November when the Sharks blew a Read More
  • Quentin Bryson Loving South Florida +

    After a lot of speculation and grandstanding during the beginning of 2020 season, the Denver Demons and South Florida Sharks were able to come to terms on a mega-deal that sent former Demons leader, Quinten Bryson to South Florida in exchange for a bevvy of pieces to assist Denver in re-tooling a team that never seemed to quite mesh. In the trade, The Sharks sent several young assets including former top 10 picks Marvin Marshall and Tony Griffith. Additionally, the Sharks parted a young improving point guard in Chris Brawner and a solid bench scorer in Tony Griffith. The key piece in the deal included 26 year old power forward Justin Miller, who looked to join his former teammate, Charles Read More
  • Sharks Begin Offseason in Troubled Waters -- Part 2 +

    MIAMI, Fla. (AP) -- The last time we caught up with the South Florida Sharks, the up and coming basketball team was entering a crucial period during the off-season. A power struggle, of sorts, started between owner Robert Day and GM Lay. Lay wanted more money and say in roster and coaching hires while Robert Day believed Lay had not build up that level of trust to garner so much power. As rumors swirled of a flirtation between Lay and a few larger sized market teams, Day relented and increased the budget and allowed Lay to bring in a new staff. At the time, GM Lay wanted to shore up the team's defense and focus on adding some punch on the Read More
  • Sharks Begin Offseason in Troubled Waters -- Part I +

    MIAMI, Fla. (AP) -- After finishing with a franchise high in wins (52), one would think the brain trust behind the South Florida Sharks would be jovial, but instead of tranquility, rumors quickly began swirling in Miami of a power struggle happening behind the scenes. What developed over a series of weeks was what many considered one of the greatest behind-the-scenes rollercoasters in OBWL history. To begin, one must look back into the past. Owner Robert Day brought in GM JLay into the Sharks organization on what many considered a lark -- JLay had history helping in the front office of smaller, now defunct leagues from around the world, but to those in OBWL circles, he was an unknown. Day at the Read More
  • The Greatest Sharks Season of All Time +

    MIAMI (AP) - When the South Florida Sharks moved on from previous General Manager AJ Perko, the mood about the team and even from the fans could be described in one single concept: Gloom. Despite the sunny weather and vibrant culture, the Sharks fell into gloomy web of mediocrity. In the team's entire history, it had yet to experience any real semblance of success that the fans could rally around. Even worse, the team was viewed throughout the league as a joke or an easy win. An inside source that was a former scout in the league commented, "We penciled them in as a W and their name only came up in our meetings when we thought we could pull of Read More
  • Cabana Chat with the South Florida Sharks New GM +

    Welcome everyone to Cabana Chat, your number one source for what is happening in southern Florida sports. While the Miami Marlins continue to steal our tax money and break our collective hearts, we now have a new source of hope: The Sharks. Now, I know you are probably chuckling at least a little bit after as the team continually disappoints, but things are already looking to turn around under the new regime. Many are wondering exactly who is General Manager Jeramy Lay, and you know Phil Cabana has the inside scoop! Welcome Jeramy, how are you doing today? GM Lay: Doing well. Thank you for having me. Many fans initially bought into the hype and "vision" of former GM AJ Read More
  • The Rookie Diaries- End of Season +

    I have a lot to think about, it was a rough season for the team. I know they thought they had a shot at making the playoffs, but after we traded Nate McMull for Devon Cambre-We, we never got things figured out. I'm only a rookie, so I can't say too much but I hope management has a plan, because this season wasn't really much fun. I didn't expect to start, but I guess Coach Dempsey was happy with my ball control and defense... even though, to my frustration, my shooting was a liability. The Sharks want to build a pass-first offense, which I'm cool with, it just seemed at times no one could get open and I had to Read More
  • With the 6thish pick of the 2016 Draft the Sharks take? +

    - When all the swinging, wheeling, and dealing was done.... guys like Jaylon Urbin, Noah Dewell and Nate McMull (unfortunately never at the same time) had passed through. Also gone were the Sharks 2016 and 2017 first round picks. In there place stand 2 fatally flawed players. However with the Sharks history of first round flops, Dana Showalter, Gregory Caruther and probably more success with their #2 picks Joseph Miller, Jared Hayes (at least those players were tradeable!) was it a bad deal? Tony Griffith is the guy the Sharks are most high on. In a center heavy draft the big guy slipped all the way to #16. Few players have a bigger upside than Griffith, he shows tremendous potential. The Read More
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