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Honolulu Inferno Press Releases

  • The second big deal this year +

    After the Honululu Inferno added star PG Lane Burton earlier this year, they went on and made another big trade. This time though, it was more a move for cap space in the offseason than anything else. It was a 3 way deal: Inferno get:PF Gregory Gebhardt (Archers)C Joe Turner (Archers)SG Ted Catino (Archers)SF Juan Haines (Blackjacks) Archers get:PG Freddy Harris (Inferno)SG Richard Sturgeon (Inferno)PF Austin Alexander (Inferno) Blackjacks get:PF James Blanchette (Archers) The Blackjacks part in this is easy to explain. The wanted to add some salary for years to come so they did agree to the switch of Blanchette for Haines. That was an important part in the deal for the Inferno, as they were looking to get Read More
  • Inferno trade for Fast Lane +

    The Honolulu Inferno traded for All-Star point guard "Fast" Lane Burton! Just a day after Burton was put on the tradeblock, the Inforno got him in a trade. Togehter with Burton comes former Inferno center Favian Tan. An all star isn't cheap and Honolulu had to give up a 1st round pick 2019, young C prospect Elton Carnahan, SF Jared Richards and SF Carl Smith. "I think you have to try to get players like Burton. He is a huge upgrade for us at PG. We will also try to extend his contract right away, before he hits free agency. I am so happy that deal worked out and we could add another star alongside Bixby." The team was also Read More
  • Sweep!! +

    The Honolulu Inferno swept the New Jersey Enforcers in round one of the 2016 playoffs! That was a statement to open the playoffs! The first 2 games in New Jersey were very close and decided by 5 and by just 1 point. Both games could have gone either way and it was the Inferno rebounding and defense that gave Honolulu the advantage. In game 1 Honolulu took a total of 100 shots, just making 40 of them. But the main reason to being able to get the ball up 100 times was the offensive rebounding. 24 ORB (compared to 14 by the Enforcers) was the difference maker. So outrebounding the best rebounding team in the league 62-54 and holding a Read More
  • Regular season recap +

    For the first time as the Honolulu Inferno GM, Sascha Zerwas did lead his team to the playoffs. So no matter how the season ends, it was a step in the right direction. In the end it was a 3 team race with the Swing and the Enforcers fort he 4th spot and home right in round 1. Honolulu mad it to the 5th spot and will face the Enforcers on the road in round 1. “Finally. It was about time we get to the playoffs. After a rebuilding and a few disappointing years we made it. Now lets see what we can do.” A happy GM Zerwas said. The team hired a new coach, traded for Austin Alexander and Read More
  • Halfway report +

    Last night we did hit the halfway mark through the regular season. The Inferno are currently 3rd in the National Conference with a 26-14 record. Last season Honolulu was 17-23 after 40 games, so that is a huge improvement. But it also has to be noted that the Inferno played 22 home and just 18 road games (compared to 20-20 last year) this season. That is important as the team seems to be nearly unbeatable at home but also they look like they can't win any road games (just 6 wins prove that). In the offseason the 2 made 2 major changes. One was firing their offensive coach and hiring a defensive coach ( Giorgio Piumarta ). The other was trading SF Read More
  • Honolulu adds just one player +

    After all is said and done in this free agent period, the Honolulu Inferno adds just one free agent. They added Winslow Meynardie who was the backup plan if Jesus Ferrell would not sign. And he did not. The only other signing was RFA Andrew Harrigan signing his minQ deal. Honolulu tried a few other veterans on minimum deals but did not go after anyone with a full MLE. guys they tried include C Al-Tariq Salmon, PG Freddy Harris, C Nicolas Bapna, C David Jacquez and C Reuben Alexander. "We tried to get Ferrell to take over the starting SG position. But he signed with KC, and I can understand that. He has a great shot at a cup there. Read More
  • Harrigan signs Q, Ferrell turns down Inferno +

    Round 6 of free agency brought the first action for Honolulu. SG Andrew Harrigan signed his minQ offer and will stay another year with the Inferno. "This is the year he must deliver. He has all the tools to become a scorer in this league but he needs to upgrade his shot selection. I like what he brings to the table but if there is no progress, like the last 2 seasons, he will be looking for a new team next year. He will get a shot at a starting role in camp. We will see." Like GM Zerwas said, time is running out for Harrigan. That is the 3rd time he enters camp with a shot at a starting Read More
  • Hololulu draft recap +

    The Inferno entered this years draft with 2 draft picks. A 1st rounder (#18) and a 2nd rounder (#37). The team wasn't in need of a starter, a good thing if you only pick in the middle of round one, but there for sure were some needs to fill. One was a backup center, another one rebounding, especially defensive rebounding. Also they were looking to add someone to give them some more blocks. The draft pretty much went as expected, in terms of who wasn't left at #18. The last one that was really high on the draft list went at #13. It basically came down to two players. SF Carl Smith and C Nathanial Bobo. Smith would give the Read More
  • Inferno fire Trevor Crawford, miss out on Miller +

    After yet another disappointing season the Honolulu Inferno fired coach Trevor Crawford. It was an expected move as GM Zerwas was growing unhappy with the performance of the team and the way the coach let them play. "I wanted a good defensive team, I still do. I also think we have some really good defenders on the team. They just didn't get used right and I didn't like the style of play. We scored 104 points per game, yes, but we got scored on even more with over 106 per night. I don't need 61-60 games but I think you should be able to keep your opponents below 95 at least. And I also think we had the personal to Read More
  • Inferno trade rumors +

    There are a few rumours around the Honolulu team. It appears that a few guys are heading out of town again. GM Zerwas said after the last game that he wants to keep this team intact and give it another shot, most likely with a new coach though. But right now there are quite a few trade rumours. One that is almost confirmed, is that last seasons deadline trade, C Dexter Richards, is heading out of town again. He didn't work very well with the team and also the production of star C Oscar Bixby dropped with Richards in the lineup. It isn't known what is coming back or to what team he goes. The team also put their whole Read More
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