Minnesota Marauders Press Releases

  • Marauders Mix Things Up +

    The Minnesota Marauders shook things up this off-season by changing General Managers and hired, Jason Rouse, former GM of the Iowa Stalkers out of the D League. Many pundits and fans are very unhappy with this hiring including me, what the heck has this guy done to deserve a prestigious GM job in the premier basketball league in the world?  Absolutely nothing. Some fans are protesting by not renewing their season tickets and others are taken a wait-and-see approach. Owner Richard White, has stressed to the city of Minneapolis to hold out on their opinions and to give Rouse a season or two before coming to such a quick judgment. "I have 100% confidence that he will lead this team Read More
  • Marauders Win Thriller in Kentucky +

    The Minnesota Marauders have pulled off a thrilling one point overtime win against their arch rivals Kentucky Stallions. Superstar Andrew Bordo went scoreles in the first quarter after getting himself into foul trouble early in the first quarter but was more than pleased to walk out of the Horseland Center leading all scorers with 36 points and win. "It always feels great leaving this stadium with a win. It' a prime-time event, all eyes are on us so to leave here with a big win is great for our fans and our organisation" said Bordo courtside after the game. The Marauders were 18 points down when Bordo re-entered the game with 10 minutes left of the second quarter. Bordo instanty Read More
  • Marauder War Chest Spent Wisely +

    The Minnesota Marauders have pulled off a memorable off-season for all the right reasons. Passed off-seasons have been a nightmare for Minnesota in recent memory with massive budget cuts, power struggles, player desertions and wild accusations making the papers. The 2023 season started in far different fashion. Rather than meeting with rival owners and returning to Australian beaches to contemplate his own future in management GM Steve Gibson stayed in Minnesota and put himself and his staff to work tirelessly around the clock. As a result things already look different than they ever have. This is not a long bonded Minnesota team that management hoped would finally click. Minnesota finally got torn apart and the results are showing promise in Read More
  • Minnesota Lures Star Stallion +

    The rivalry between Minnesota and Kentucky became one of the hottest and most anticipated match ups in the OBWL one fateful free agency period when Ronald Long defected from Minnesota and joined the Stallions without warning or negotiating terms. From then on both teams have traded blows on and off the court and all eyes in basketball tune into the two games that these two teams play each year in anticipation of a bitterly fought and often sour contest. The rivalry took a new turn today with the news that Minnesota has signed Kentucky's star power forward Richard Burke II. Rumors swirled for days that RB2 will be a Marauder by weeks end once it became apparent that Kentucky's primary Read More
  • POTW Andrew Bordo Lets Actions Shred the Brass +

    Andrew Bordo has sent a firm message to all the non-believers out there that he is still one of the greatest players in the game and will go down in history as one the greatest scorers to ever grace the basketball court. At 32 years of ages Andrew Bordo is legit.....still. The word "triggered" has crept into society for various reasons. The word "triggered" has now crept into our game. No less than a fortnight ago Andrew Bordo was labelled as "crap". No less than a fortnight ago Andrew Bordo was labelled as "finished". Triggered! Triggered is the fourth highest points scorer of all-time, not the write guy to aggravate. Triggered is an individual with more accolades himself than most Read More
  • "Hardest decision to make yet" Marauders Trade Jenkins +

    Minnesota Marauders boss Steve Gibson fronted the media accompanied by new recruit Stanley Bobo following the trade of dynamic forward Michael Jenkins. The marauders boss obviously shared the fans disappointment of the trade."Trading Michael was the hardest decision I've had to make as GM of this ball club. We drafted Jenkins and helped develop Jenkins into the fantastic player that he is today so sending him to another team really feels like trading your own son". Why Jenkins is the question on the tip of everyone's tongue around the league and a question that was quickly shot at the Marauder boss. "It's a fair question. Our gameplan really put the focus on Michael and it was deliberately geared toward him Read More
  • Big Swerve a Class Above as Minnesota Downs Kentucky +

    The Minnesota Marauders have rallied to beat arch rivals Kentucky in a come from behind win. Down by 8 points at the final break Minnesota surged with a 34 point final term to down Kentucky by 8 points. Ervin Holmes was the standout performer on the court as he monstered his way to a massive stat sheet. Ronald Long and Ray Granger were simply out-matched and completely out-classed all night long as their combined effort was worthless against the more powerful and dominant Ervin Holmes in the white and orange who clearly spent far more time in the gym during the offseason. In the final quarter Ervin Holmes brushed aside Ronald Long with ease scoring clutch baskets, hauling in big Read More
  • Minnesota Find Further Cap Relief +

    The Minnesota Marauders continue to make changes to their list in order to find further cap space by cancelling the fourth year rookie option of speedy point guard Evan Stringer and cutting Patrick Lee who was pick #40 of the 2022 draft. Evan Stringer expressed his disappointment at the lack of minutes he is currently playing and his desire to move on, the club responded by cancelling the last year of his 4 year rookie deal in hopes the youngster can place himself in an ideal situation during the next free agency period. Stringer will remain in Minnesota for the remainder of the year and will be given every opportunity to prove his worth to rival clubs. The second money Read More
  • Elroy Lucier Moving On +

    Elroy Lucier's time in the big league has been marred by controversy and speculation. Exploding onto the scene in 2017 Lucier spectacularly led the league in assists in his first year and then went on to add a superb offensive game to his arsenal of tools which helped him average a double/double for the 2018 season in assists and points. This spectacular and unprecedented arrival quickly turned on its head as an underlying mental health issue rose to the forefront and Lucier battled privately against depression and substance abuse which resulted in a poor training camp and Lucier riding the pine whilst his Marauders went deep into the playoffs of the 2019 season. Lucier finally came clean with Minnesota about Read More
  • Marauders Land Best and Biggest! +

    The Minnesota Marauders held a commanding position in the 2022 OBWL rookie draft holding two first round picks in the top 15 as well as two early second round picks thanks to crafty trading which landed the club the first and second round picks belonging to the Kentucky Stallions who were helpless on-lookers as the Marauders immersed themselves in the talent of what is being described as a once in a generation super draft in which they signed an interior brute in Wallace Briseno and a very dynamic scoring duo in Silas and Moss as Minnesota plans for the inevitable slow down of the much loved Andrew Bordo. With pick #8 Minnesota chose the 22 year old, 7'0" mountain Wallace Read More
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