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Imperators New Season Hopes

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     Last year Kollin Hitch was not very active with his team. Many fans and GMs wondered what happened to him. We have breaking news.


     The OBDL News did an investigation. Inside sources are reporting that Hitch was knocked out by one of is assistant coaches. The assistant coach threw a brick at Hitch's head. This caused Kollin to go in to a coma. (in real life I had a concussion)


     Kollin was in a coma for months. When he woke up, he found out his team went to the playoffs as the fifth seed. Then he found out the bad news, his team lost in the 1st round. Needless to say, he started asking questions about what happened. He was told by his Head Coach, Stanford, that he was struck by his assistant coach, Gilbert Puente. Hitch immediately fired Gilbert Puente and hired Josh Williams.


     Now that Hitch is back, he and the team are expecting to go further in the playoffs this year.

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