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Kadeem Parandian honored

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  Kadeem Parandian was honored at last night game for his 10th season as a Toronto Huskies. Kadeem was drafted in the first year and has been a main stay with the Huskies. “Kadeem Parandian is our glue guy and his veteran percent has been just what this team needed to get to the next level “says general manager Tessier.  This is a very important year for the Huskies one might say a break it or make it year as they will not be able to keep the team together after this year. “ We made some good draft pick to build this team 2015 shooting guard  Oscar Riggs 24th pick , 2016  point guard Jonathan Weaver , 2017 power forward  Charles Flowers 2nd overall , small forward Motya Kamensky 36th pick and traded for  shooting guard Mathew Cole in 2015 “ says general manager Tessier.


   With Charles Flowers becoming a free agent this year and deciding not to sign an extension with the Huskies all sorts of rumors began to surface. “Don’t believe everything you hear I just want to see what offers come my way but like I told Jim I am very happy in Toronto and like my team mate as we all get alone ha ha even Mathew has change a little in Toronto he is more of a team player “ says Charles.  Toronto started of slow with a 2 win and 4 losses but have turn it up a notch going  18 and 2 and are  riding a 12 game winning streak . 

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