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2021 OBWL All Star Skills Competition

2020 Spurlock 01
The Coyotes' Joe Spurlock soared into the finals of the Rim Rocker Slam Dunk Contest with a perfect score of 50 in the first round.


Probably the most anticipated part of the OBWL All-Star Weekend is the Skills Competition, which showcases the shooting and acrobatic talents of today's OBWL stars. This weekend we saw some returning athletes and some new ones as well.

The Rim Rocker Dunk Contest displayed the talents of defending champion Michael Weathersby of the Honolulu Inferno, last year's runner-up Timothy Adler of the St Louis Sun Kings, Joe Spurlock of the Quebec Coyotes, Thomas Stanley of the Manhattan Swing, Marvin Marshall of the Chicago Blaze and Ben Patton of the Portland Lumberjacks.

The judges for this event were a cadre of OBWL legends.

Tyrone Dawson
Jesus “The Ghost” Ferrell
Maurice Roman
Antonio Brant

In this article I will highlight the more spectacular moments. The defending champ, Michael Weathersby's best dunk started like this... He decided to start from the sideline. He dribbled a few times, wiped his forehead of sweat that had collected from previous warm-ups and started dribbling hard toward the hoop. Weathersby tossed the ball in the air and it flew up over the rim. Weathersby lofted himself in the air and twisted his body into a 360 spin. Weathersby grabbed the ball out of the air with his right hand as his body had drifted past the rim. Weathersby slammed the ball backwards into the hoop and the crowd rose to their feet. It was a stunning dunk that set the bar pretty high.

When it was Timothy Adler's turn, once again, Adler was nowhere to be seen when his name was announced. Last year Adler front flipped over the judges. Antonio Brant and Jesus Ferrell both looked nervous and were already ducking their heads in anticipation. Suddenly, Adler appeared behind the judges table. He saluted to the now cheering crowd and then handed a basketball to Maurice Roman. He gestured to Roman to hold the ball out over Jesus Ferrell's head. Adler turned around. Adler bent down and back flipped over the judges as he snatched the basketball from Roman's hand. When Adler Landed he bounced the basketball between his legs, turned toward the hoop and tossed the ball against the backboard. Adler lofted himself in the air and twisted into a 360. As Adler came to face the hoop again, he grabbed the ball with both hands, slamming it through the hoop with intense power. The dunk itself wasn't that spectacular, but the acrobatics beforehand were impressive.

Marvin Marshall of the Chicago Blaze had an assistant with him. He brought out 6' 9” Orson Almonte and had him stand near the hoop. Marshall took off from the sideline, jumped over Almonte's head and slammed the ball through the hoop. That was pretty impressive.

The shortest of the group, standing at 6' 3” Thomas Stanley of the Manhattan Swing took off dribbling from ¾ court and jumped from a distance near the free throw line. He may be short, but the guy sure can jump. It seemed like he was in the air forever before he brought the ball to the hoop with a graceful swing of the arm. His legs bent upward as he glided through the air, making it seem like he was flying. The ball went gently through the hoop and Stanley landed on the ground and pumped his fist. The crowd erupted and the judges seemed impressed.

The Lumberjacks' Ben Patton turned his back to the hoop while he stood at the free throw line. He bounced the ball between his legs and the ball hit the backboard. Patton charged toward the hoop, jumped in the air and grabbed the ball with both hands. He brought the ball down between his legs as his body twisted in the air. He brought the ball up and did a two hand reverse slam. Very impressive.

It was Joe Spurlock of the Quebec Coyotes that really wowed the crowd, though. Spurlock had so many brilliant dunks and seemed as though he was powered by a jet pack. Each dunk he did earned him a perfect score. He did a dunk where he jumped from the free throw line, much further back than Stanley took off from. He had a dunk where he slammed two balls through the hoop. Spurlock easily made it into the finals with a perfect score of 50.

In the final round, Timothy Adler was Spurlock's competitor. Adler earned a score of 48.6 after all of his dunks, which was pretty good, but even his creativity was not enough to match what Spurlock brought to the table. Spurlock was crowned champion by winning 63.8% of the votes.

2020 Spurlock 02
Joe Spurlock defeated the Sun Kings' Timothy Adler, last year's champion, in the finals of the Rim Rocker Slam Dunk Contest.

In the Three Point Shootout, the competitors were defending champion Brian Montes, last year's runner up Cleveland Hall, Renato Ardoin, Mathew Cole,Colby Allan, and Andrew Bordo. Brian Montes and Andrew Bordo, who are very impressive scorers, seemed to struggle getting in the zone from long range. They both ended the preliminary round with a score of 10. Surely this would not hold up. Cleveland Hall set the bar with a score of 18 and no one else could match that.

Renato Ardoin came the closest to beating Hall in the preliminary round with a score of 16. Mathew Cole shot well enough to make the finals as well with a score of 14. Colby Allan couldn't get it going and ended his chances with a score of 11.

In the finals, Hall was red hot and got an even better score than his original high mark. He scored 19 and let the competitors know it was going to take their best efforts to beat him. Ardoin and Cole each took their turn, but neither one could match Hall's accuracy. Ardoin finished with a score of 15 and Cole matched his preliminary round score of 14.

Hall was crowned champion and Ardoin earned runner up. These two events were pretty exciting and a great opportunity for the OBWL players to take timeout and enjoy a little fun away from the fierce regular schedule of games.

2020 Three Point Shootout
Renato Ardoin, Cleveland Hall. and Mathew Cole - all former three point shootout champions - advanced to the finals of this year's competion.
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