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2021 OBWL All Star Game Preview

2020 Williams 01
Coyotes PF Gary Williams will make his first appearance iin the All Star Game this weekend in London.


The magical city of London is alive with All-Star fever as the greatest players from across the OBWL come together for the 2021 All-star weekend. The game's elite from East and West have finally been named causing a flurry of interest from fans and pundits. We finally get to break down each team as they get ready to put on a show, we get announce 1st time All-Stars and we also have a look at those players that got snubbed by All-Star voters. There are bombshells everywhere but first let's look at your 2020 All-Stars!


C RICHARD HARDEE (Inferno) earns his first ever All-Star selection and start on the back of a break out year. Hardee has come on in leaps and bounds averaging 17ppg and 10rpg, earning him huge respect around the league on his way to becoming the first choice center out west and powerhouse for the improving Inferno.

Next to Hardee at the power forward position is none other than PF CHARLES FLOWERS (Huskies). The former Rookie of the Year and 2-time MVP will play in his 5th straight All-Star game. When Charles Flowers steps onto the court he brings the consistency that very few players can match as this superstar of superstars continues to take the basketball world by storm. On track to average 31ppg and 13rpg, Flowers is a lock for the starting role.

SF THOMAS STANLEY (Swing) gets another call up to the All-Star team. The super-consistent scorer is never too far from the minds of the fans. For the 6th straight year Stanley is averaging more than 20ppg, keeping the Swing firmly in the conversation of title contenders.

At the guard positions, we have an All-Star game first timer and an All-Star game regular. At shooting guard, MARK MARBLE (Thunderbirds) earns his first All-Star selection in the best shooting season of his young career to date leading the Thunderbirds to the best record in the NatWest division as they look to secure yet another division title.

He is joined by division rival PG MICHAEL KEYES (Highlanders). The natural floor general will take control of the court for the National All-Stars for the 4th straight year, adding the award to his 3 straight assist leader awards in an ever-growing list of individual achievements.


Defensive superstar C Louis Lysne (Buzzards) will form a front court powerhouse alongside PF Gary Williams (Coyotes) and PF Quinten Bryson (Sharks). It may be Williams' first appearance but Lysne and Bryson are All-Star game experts, regularly getting called up and always performing much like they do for the league teams.

SF James Nichol (Storm) makes his All-Star game debut named as the only small forward on the bench for the West.

At shooting guard, Matthew Cole (Huskies) and Greg Fore (Demons) will look to punish the scoreboard.

PG Harry White (Thunderbirds) rounds out the squad.



The American All-Stars are led by superstar SG COLBY ALLAN (Pioneers). There is literally nothing this man cannot do. Colby has 2 Sixth Man of the Year awards and a Most Improved Player award to his name and now adds a 3rd straight All-Star appearance to his diamond encrusted resume. By the time the year is done Colby would have challenged for league MVP, the scoring title and 1st team honors. The most complete player is named captain of the East and rightly so.

C MALIK CAMPBELL (Blackjacks) is enjoying a standout year individually as his team thrives with his physicality in the paint. Malik Campbell is no stranger to the All-Star weekend and no doubt the HSBC London Palace will be rocked with the big man presence in the paint.

Next to him is PF DONG RICHARDSON (Sunkings) to add scoring pressure in the frontcourt for the East. Averaging 23ppg and 9rpg, Dong's production may be down slightly on his previous year but he continues to be the standout power forward out East. The reigning Most Improved player will be looking to add an All-Star game MVP to go alongside his Rookie All-Star MVP.

SF HUNTER HEATH (Tritons) gets recognised for his great contribution to the Tritons and claims his first All-Star call up to add to his small but great list of achievements which includes a championship ring and 2 All-Defense selections. Hunter Heath is uniquely gifted athletically making him perhaps the premier defender in the league locking down all parts of the court effortlessly, making him a highly important cog in the Tritons well-oiled machine.

Joining Colby Allan and finishing off the starting 5, is a highly unorthodox selection at point guard yet no less deserving of his role is superstud PG RENATO ARDOIN (Chaos). He may not be your typical point guard, but none can argue the Renato has held down the role for the Chaos whose success as a team relies heavily on Ardoin's contribution to the team. Renato Ardoin is a multiple Three Point Shooting Contest Champion and a regular in the All-Star game so the big stage will not effect his performance one little bit.


The All-Star game specialist C Orson Almonte (Blaze) once again makes an All-Star appearance chasing his 3rd All-Star MVP award as he enters the twilight years of his career.

Joining him in the paint is the number 1 big man in Kentucky... PF Richard Burke II (Stallions)! The small salary stud confirms his status as the premier person of the Kentucky Stallions and stands firmly alone in that organisation.

SF Marshall Gaudett (Pioneers) is another first time All-Star.

The East from here on gets very guard heavy though still versatile enough with SG Brian Montes (Americans), reigning MVP SG Cleveland Hall (Invaders), SG Domenic Baum (Blackjacks) and free agency deserter PG Joseph Drumm (Americans) all looking to make an impact on the scoreboard.




It must be a promoter's nightmare for the London Knights to not have a single representative in the All-Star game held on their own home court. Despite the reigning champions' dominance of the National Conference the HSBC London Palace will not see VAL CRUMLEY return to All-Star weekend in 2021 and JEAN LARRY wont be making his 1st appearance yet, or JOSE OWENS for that matter. We can speculate as much as want to about why the Knights couldn't poll well this year, perhaps the league and fans are not happy that the poms have the cup on foreign soil. The Palace is always sold out which means they have a massive local following but a local following maybe all they have and fans may be desperate to bring the cup home. Or perhaps they are simply a well drilled, selfless team that cares more about wins than individual accolades...

Along with the shut out of the Knights, the Archers also recieved a vote of no confidence from fans in the league. The Archers currently have the second best record in the league at the break but their perennial all star, Logan Goloboy, has been sharing the ball with newcomer James Wall and the offense has become more diverse. Gone are the days of the big three offense and maybe gone are the days of Archer fixtures in the All Star game.


ANDREW BORDO will miss the All-Star game for the first time in a very long time. Bordo, usually a consistent performer, is well down on his best and will need to improve if he wants to return next year.

ANDY TEETERS misses the All-Star game. Some say Teeters is the best player the game has ever seen but his reputation takes on a slightly tarnished effect missing this one.

CHARLES OTTINGER... was he just a flash in the pan?

DAVID WITHERSPOO is still performing well but there can only be so many forwards.

DONAVON BASHFORD looks almost finished, both being injured and overlooked.

Finally, let's take a second to think about EVERETT DOLINISH... sadly seriously injured and will miss his 1st All-Star game in a very long time. We pray for the basketball legend, please join us at #prayforeverett


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0 #5 Jian 2017-10-31 17:35
Kind of agree on no one from the Knights. Crumley played in half the games. No one wants to see Larry blocking shots and Jose doesnt put up enough points.
0 #4 Jason Warnke 2017-10-30 19:59
Excellent article! Definitely sad to see Lenny Davis left off the roster, but the Nat-Com has some great PF’s. L-Train and Malik both make the team, traded for each other this offseason.
0 #3 Trent Meister 2017-10-30 19:09
Great read. thanks.
0 #2 Tom Lacher 2017-10-30 12:21

On Teeters, I can't imagine missing this all-star game will tarnish his rep in any way....he missed basically 1/2 of his team's games in the first half of the season. He is still putting up good numbers on efficient shooting.....lo ok for those numbers to go up in the 2nd half of the season as well.
0 #1 Jay Amado 2017-10-30 00:30
Great article! Kinda crazy to see Crumley snubbed. Also happy to see both free agent additions (Montes and Drumm) make it in their first season together. Now, if only I could get my computer going, so I could gameplan more and get them to be better than a .500 team!

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