Sunday, 05 November 2017 16:31

Omnipotence Hires New GM

Written by Esteben Nystrom
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At the most recent games in Ottawa, there was an extra person behind the bench which drew a bit of attention. It was later revealed, and confirmed by management, that it was former Enforcers and Inferno general manager Chris Noonan. And the man himself confirmed it this morning outside a local Tim Horton's.

"Best way to get floor seats for games," he joked, before continuing. "I've been enjoying the retired life for a few years, but the sport is a bit of an addiction. Ottawa is my home town, and seeing as there was a job possibilty.... well, what the hell, right?"

The Omnipoence is in the middle of the pack so far this season with a 26-30 record; 7th in the conference. Noonan doesn't forsee any changes with the roster, however. "Finances aren't something you can just throw to the win. This isn't an OBWL team, and profit margins are always going to be on the thin side. If the right deal comes along, and Cesar (Jackson, Omnipotence coach) thinks it works, then we'll see what we can do."

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