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Maximum Effort, Minimum Contract

2021 Griffin 01
Point guard Lawrence Griffin has been a bargain off the bench for the South Florida Sharks this season.


During every off-season free agency, a plethora of players are signed for 1 year minimum contracts. Many of those are almost immediately cut, basically writing off their salary as they sit at home and watch games they can only dream of being a part of. Some are sent down to the OBDL to play, and try to make a name for themselves for next season; Daniel Herb is ripping it up, including being named to the OBDL All-Star team. Many more get spot time off the bench, and most of those players... struggle.

But a few shine. Perhaps because of the team around them are helping, perhaps because the team around them are in dire need. But five players are definitely million-dollar players, who aren't making a million dollars:

#5 - PG Carl Johnson, Los Angeles Chaos

The only rookie on the list, Johnson never did get drafted but was picked up by the Chaos off the free agency list. And when you compare to say another guy named Johnson like PF Frederic Johnson, who was drafted 7th this year... Carl is doing far better on the court. One of only 4 Chaos who has played every game, Johnson is shooting 40% from the field and 80% from the line, and with 569 minutes on the floor has a respectable 190 points, 88 assists and 76 rebounds.

#4 - SF Timothy Daily, St Louis SunKings

15 minutes a game for 6.9 ppg, 1.1 apg and 3 rpg, he's the second Timothy in a two-Timothy position on the SunKings. Hell, they even both play with about the same stats, except for playing time.  The former OBDL MVP is definitely not holding St Louis back by getting time on the floor.

#3 - C Nick Lazarus, Tampa Bay Tritons

Number 0 for the Tritons, Lazarus gets on the list as somewhat of an anomaly: he was initially signed for a 1-year minimum contract, but has since signed a 4-year extension for $3.7 million. Lazarus gets 15 minutes a game out on the floor, contributing 7.9 ppg with a 57% shooting percentage.

#2 - PG Lawrence Griffin, South Florida Sharks

Griffin played 4 years in Portland before taking a 50% pay cut to play in Orlando. Maybe he has a lifetime pass to Disney in there we don't know about. Griffin has the most game time of the five on our list with 1138 minutes (20 per game). With 7 ppg and 3 apg, Griffin fits in well off the bench.

#1 - PF Elijah Lea, Tampa Bay Tritons

He's the second Triton on our list, and the only one to not play every game this season (he's only played 40), But when he does play, he very much contributes. 53% shooting, 86% from the line, with with under 15 minutes a game he manages 6 points, 3 boards, and 1 assist on average. If he got the playtime of Griffin, he'd be scoring double-digits at game easily. And only $800,000 on the dotted line.



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