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 The Toronto Huskies started off with a tough decision to make, they couldn’t resign both Charles Flowers and Motya Kamensky to start the year.  Not that they weren’t going to resign Charlie but Motya was a big part of the team and general manager Tessier knew it was going to be tough to replace Motya. “Motya Kamensky been a big part of our team and I wish him well in where ever he decides to sign but we just don’t have the ability to sign both “says general manager Tessier.  

 Charlie re-signed with the Huskies for $106,712,670 over 6 years.  For the first time in his young career Charles went down with a lengthy injurie due to a stress fracture and was out for 34 days.  When Flowers returned he did not disappoint the fans in Toronto and went on to lead the OBWL in scoring (32.0) and rebounding (13.2) and was named All-League First Team.

 Injuries did not stop there, Howard Mc Gee was out for 49 days due to patellar tendinitis and Kadeem Parandian was lost for the season with a bracken leg. “We just did not have the depth to deal with the injuries something we will have to try to agree this off season” says Tessier.

 The Huskies did manage to make the play off and get to the second round before losing to Vancouver 4 games to one. Flowers carried the team on his shoulders in the first round match up against the Thunderbirds taking the series 4 games to 2. The Huskies will be trying to re-sign shooting guard Mathew Cole and centre Howard McGee this off season and will be looking to add some depth players via free agency something Tessier hasn’t don’t in the past.




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