Tuesday, 13 February 2018 16:03 Written by Travis Whetzel
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2022 Free Agency Preview

Mathew Cole (TOR), Justin Malone (VAN), and Greg Fore (DEN) are just a few of the premiere free agents available this offseason.


The draft is over and now all the teams that have some change in their pockets, will be scrounging together what they can and trying to woo the OBWL's most eligible ballers. There is a superstar class of young talent and older legends that can still propel a mediocre team into a contender.

The Vancouver Highlanders stunned everybody last season and made a big push for the championship. They got to the big dance and it had a lot to do with the stellar play of PF Justin Malone. The 28 year old is a free agent and will be given a max contract by whatever team he decides to play for.

Malone had his best season so far, averaging over 15 points, 9.8 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 3 blocks per game. During the playoffs, his scoring was even more of a factor. Malone is a very stocky 6'8" power forward that is fairly quick for his size and his jumping ability allows him to block many shots.

The Highlanders have roughly 18 million in salary cap space, so they have the ability to sign him back. The question is, will he want to stay? Why wouldn't he? The Highlanders proved they have what it takes to be a championship caliber team. There are many scouts saying that Malone hasn't displayed the most loyal attitude at times and seems to favor a big paycheck. Only time will tell, but I would venture to guess that Malone will be staying in Vancouver.

The young superstar in the mix is 25 year old Greg Fore. He will also be getting a max deal from someone and unfortunately for the Denver Demons, it won't be them. They are over the salary cap. Fore is a super quick, high scoring shooting guard that could be just what some teams are looking for. Who am I kidding... every team that has the money will be looking to get this kid. He is still developing and doesn't have many negatives about him. He does turn it over a bit too much, but for all the other good things he does, there will be plenty of teams that start throwing big contract offers at him.

One of the veteran legends that will be looking to get paid is Mathew Cole. So far it doesn't look like Cole is asking for a max deal, but before it's all over, he'll have one. Cole still has a lot left in the tank. His scoring numbers have taken a slight drop over the years, but I don't think he's done scoring over 20 points per game for a while yet. Cole has played for the Toronto Huskies for the past 7 seasons. Toronto has money to go after him if they want to keep him in the blue and white jersey, but will they decide to take their money and try to grab up a couple younger guys? That is a good question. They already have the best player in the league in Charles Flowers, so why not go try to get him a couple good helpers. Still, Cole could end up back in Toronto if the offer is there.

Quinten Bryson could find himself playing for yet another team, but the South Florida Sharks have enough money to try to keep him. So far it looks like Bryson isn't asking for a whole lot, so the Sharks might end up getting in a big bidding war with other teams that are salivating over his high point per game average and his rebounding and shot blocking. Bryson is 32, but the guy never gets tired. That's what everybody loves about him. He has a high stamina and will stay on the court throughout the season.

Most teams want a veteran leader. Anybody interested in PG Todd Butterfield? His steals, assists and huge veteran leadership can be had for about 5 million. There will be bidding wars over him as well and he is sure to come away the winner, whatever team he goes with.

If you need a guy with a solid inside game, take a look at PF Lenny Davis. This guy is a giant at 6'11", 266 pounds. He is a scoring machine in the post. His post defense isn't too bad either. Davis can jump out of the gym, which will help him secure rebounds and block shots. Davis is 27. He is not asking for a max deal, so there will be lots of teams after him, which may drive his price tag up a bit. The Boston Buzzards don't have any cap space, but they do have some salary cap exceptions they could throw at him, but I don't think it will be enough.

Do you remember Everett Dolinish? Who could forget him. He will be in the Hall of Fame for sure. At one time he was the best player out there. He is 38 and his game has really diminished, but he is still is a great role player. After his season ending concussion that had him thoroughly confused, many people wondered if he would ever play again. Yes he will. I'm not sure where he will land, but maybe he will go back to LA.

If you are after rebounding, shot blocking and great post defense... look no further than Centers Kevin Gordon and Ray Granger. The Tampa Bay Tritons love Gordon and they might have enough money to bring him back, but again... this could turn into a bidding war that GM Tom Lacher may not have enough funds to win. Ray Granger is demanding a little more money. The London Knights won't have the money to spend on him, so Granger will be wearing another jersey this year.

If you desperately need points, then pull out your wallet and go after Cleveland Hall. He is a perennial scoring leader and will get you the buckets you so desire. Hall is 31 and can literally score from anywhere on the court. I mean it, anywhere! Hall is going to get paid for sure. The good thing for the Indiana Invaders is that Hall has indicated that he will stay in Indiana. He is very loyal to the franchise.

What teams have money to spend in Free Agency you ask? Well we've mentioned a few above, but here is the list of teams with cap space money to spend:

Indiana - $36 million
Detroit - $30 million
Sacramento - $30 million
South Florida - $25 million
Portland - $23 million
Fort Worth - $19 million
Vancouver - $18 million
Toronto - $16 million
Los Angeles - $15 million
Kentucky - $12 million
Las Vegas - $10 million
Honolulu - $9 million
St. Louis - $9 million
Tampa Bay - $9 million
Anaheim - $8 million
Manhattan - $7 million




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0 #6 Jason Warnke 2018-02-15 17:41
I am talking about this year. My comment had nothing to do with 2021. That's long gone...
0 #5 Eric Stelle 2018-02-15 14:28
Quoting Jason Warnke:
It was just nice to see an actual FA article though...

Hey now, I put out an awesome one last year. :D

It's just that people get all excited about rookies and write two articles there and FA get forgotten about. :(

Won't somebody think about the children... er, FA?!!?
0 #4 Jason Warnke 2018-02-15 11:56
Yeah I figured as much. It was just nice to see an actual FA article though...
+1 #3 Travis Whetzel 2018-02-15 08:53
Sometimes I don't fully understand the money mechanics of this whole system. An oversight for sure and I wrote it quickly, because there was a time crunch.
0 #2 Eric Stelle 2018-02-14 14:14
Quoting Jason Warnke:
Definitely good article but I don't know what you're talking about with regard to Lenny Davis. We have plenty of budget to offer him a maximum contract if need be.

Yeah, an oversight it seems. Lenny should draw fire though. I mean, if Cherry just caught 14.5 million escalating for for 4 points less and 2 rebounds fewer. Granted, it is from the Swing though but I would expect Davis to catch a big payday.
0 #1 Jason Warnke 2018-02-13 18:32
Definitely good article but I don't know what you're talking about with regard to Lenny Davis. We have plenty of budget to offer him a maximum contract if need be.

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