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OBWL's Who-Isn't-Who

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NEW JERSEY - "We're all gone", is one of the famous lines in the TV series "The Leftovers". Which just nails the situation of the New Jersey Enforcers. Everybody's gone. The rest of the team? Leftovers.

Horace Robinson is back in Los Angeles. Motya Kamensky is back in Toronto. And the Enforcers have only $13 million cap of its cap space in use going into the next offseason. Even for a team that is used to hit restart quite frequently, this is news. It's ground zero. The mother of rebuilding.

Nobody knows, how the team is going to look like next season. A starting five with Charles Cazares, Richard Burke II, Timothy Adler, Thomas Stanley, and Jorge Denis is possible. It the OBWL's Who-Is-Who. That's unlikely, though. Right now, next season's team looks like OBWL's Who-Isn't-Who: Edward Kerr, Daniel Brewer, Kenny Just, Julius Atherton, and Troy Benson. 

"Looking at my record in the past seasons, I have to admit: I failed. Complete misery. Sad. I tried to build a good or very good team so bad, I forgot to take and establish baby steps like becoming decent and average first. Combined with an ever-shrinking budget, I made things worse instead of better with every trade I made. Now, we have a clean ship. And there is already some good talent on board", says Enforcers GM Marco Heinrich.

Playmaker Troy Benson is an option for a starting position. Rookie Julius Atherton needs time to develop. Daniel Brewer could turn into something useful if he improves on defense. And Kenny Just looks comfortable enough playing at the SF position to be a backup next season.

The rest needs to be done with $40 millions of cap space. And with two first round picks.

"We looked up in the past seasons. We tried to copy teams like the Pioneers or the Archers. That was wrong. If we are looking for a role model right now, we'll learn from teams like the Inferno. Without much money and very quietly, they built a young team with perspective. And with only one guy making the big bucks. If you want a preview of how the Enforcers will look like - book your vacation to Honolulu", says Heinrich.  

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