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Change. The. Name.

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NEW JERSEY - All Star Break is just over - and the Enforcers' plans for free agency have already been set. It's that kind of a season. The only "success" was the mere total clearance of cap space for the upcoming bidding war. The few fans that (for whatever strange reason) still show up for the home games in New Jersey, found a new chant, though. "Change. The. Name." is what they are singing, as soon as the Enforcers trail by more than 10 points. Which means, they are singing it quite frequently.

"This franchise needs a new start. Everybody who hears our current name has images of failure and embaressment in his head. This needs to stop. We're going to get a team full of new players next season. But we need more than that", said an Enforcers fan while waring a huge paper bag over his head. "We need a new name!"

But can it be done?

"I never liked the name Enforcers. In a world full of stupid violence and with discussions about gun control all over the place, I find it difficult to play around with mafiaesque connotations. If we can change it, we will. We already came up with some ideas that would cherish the heritage of New Jersey even if you are not a fan of the Sopranos", said GM Marco Heinrich.

In the history of the OBWL, no team has changed its name yet. There is also no guideline for it in the rulebook. Heinrich said, he wants to talk to the league board about the issue within the next days. 

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