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2023 OBWL Free Agency Preview

St. Louis forward Timothy Adler is a rising star and, in the eyes of some OBWL executives, the top free agent available this offseason.

It's officially the OBWL off-season and the 2023 free agency period is about to begin as some of the

biggest names in the game make vital decisions on their futures in the OBWL. This free agency period is packed with stars such as Renato Ardoin of the L.A. Chaos, Denver's Charles Cazares and the Thunderbird's sharpshooter Mark Marble.


There are plenty of ball teams that will bring bags of money to free agency this season. Ten clubs are $14 million dollars or more under the salary cap and a further 3 teams can spend around $9 million dollars before they cap out. The perennial cellar dweller New Jersey Enforcers look to entice superstars to their franchise with a $42 million dollar free agency budget whilst the Portland Lumberjacks, who rival the Enforcers as the worst performed team in the OBWL are $31 million dollars under the cap. Neither team should persuade any player that values winning so their best bet is to throw big money at players driven by greed and hope one takes the bait.

The Minnesota Marauders cleared a ton of cap space to reboot their franchise during the 2022 season and have almost $19 million dollars to spend before they cap out and have the task of signing six players in that space or there about.

The L.A. Chaos have massive budget room which they will need to re-sign their stars. Both Renato Ardoin and Carl Terwilliger are out of contract and will command big pay days but if the Chaos can land a star with their $18.2 million dollars in cap space before they sign Ardoin and Terwilliger they may become an unstoppable dynasty in the OBWL.

The Kansas City Pioneers and the Vancouver Highlanders are possibly sitting in the box seat in this free agency period. Both clubs are successful, both clubs already have filled out rosters and both clubs have money to burn to add strength to already rock solid foundations.


There are a few teams that would love to make some moves but are handcuffed by their outgoing salaries.

The Las Vegas Blackjacks are over budget and will have to rely on exceptions and minimum contract offers to fill out their bench. The Blackjacks starting roster looks competitive so their financial situation might look worse than it actually is but it is something they should be looking to rectify.

The San Diego Storm are hard up against their budget ceiling which suggests they regularly fight deep into the playoffs, unfortunately that's not the case for San Diego as their budget doesn't match their performance and alarm bells should also be ringing for the South Florida Sharks, who don't have the cash to bring back their free agents who despite being role players should command more money than the Sharks can front.

The two remaining Canadian teams (the Toronto Huskies and Quebec Coyotes) will also have to make do with their exceptions and minimum offers to fill out their rosters but neither have a huge amount of work to do and both will be doing well to if they land a few quality players with what they have to work with.


Renato Ardoin - MAX CONTRACT

The Chaos have money to burn. They are bringing the biggest purse to free agency and sit in the box seat to re-sign their star player. Multiple All-star appearances and All-league awards will result in Renato Ardoin attracting big offers from teams that have the cap space so if L.A. want to retain the face of their franchise they will have dig deep into them pockets to convince him to stay in L.A.

Charles Cazares - MAX CONTRACT

The Demons are coming off one of the best season's in their franchises history and have a great core of young players that they must keep together. Cazares is a great age for a long term contract and it will be big but he fits perfectly with Demons group and KVM will stop at nothing to try and convince this athletic big man to return to the mile high city and the odds are heavily stacked in Denver's advantage.

Jorge Denis & Richard Burke II - MAX CONTRACT

It's pretty clear that Jorge Denis and RB2 are gettable targets in this free agency period. The Stallions have budget room but it will be impossible for them to retain both Jorge Denis and Richard Burke II. The Stallions may choose to deal one of these guys in a sign and trade deal but will have to act fast in getting either of these guys to sign to give them that option. For that reason any GM with the cap space will be gunning hard for both of these guys and it's highly likely Jorge Denis or Richard Burke II suit up for a different team next season.

Timothy Adler - MAX CONTRACT

Quite possibly the number one target in free agency. The 23 year old future superstar will fit into any teams future plans whether they are rebuilding or gunning for the title which is a rare prize to win in the OBWL. Adler has been a pivotal piece on the Sunkings surge into the playoffs and still has lots of room for improvement which means the team that wins his services will get the best years of his career and don't need to worry about offering a long term contract. The Sunkings are hard up for cap space but they have planned for this moment and kept their overall budget healthy and will look to sign their young star using their bird rights on Adler.


Keven Kowalczyk: 5-10 MILLION

Kowalczyk has signed 3 consecutive 1 year deals and is coming off a good year with the Highlanders being one of their leaders on offense whilst holding up his end of the bargain on defence. Wont suit the team that is rebuilding but any team that is on the cusp of playoffs or making a solid run at the title should have a close look Kowalczyk to bolster their teams chances.

Kevin Mazzola: 5-8 MILLION

One of three players the Stallions need to try and re-sign with just over $22 million in budget room. Big chance Mazzola is the least of the Stallions priorities so Kevin Mazzola is most definately a player that teams should look at closely. There is a few knocks on Mazzola's game including his fouling issues but he does add a nice injection of scoring whether that be as a starter or in the rotation.

Arthur Fiscus & Jonothon Goforth: 5-10 MILLION EACH

Two players that South Florida and L.A. will struggle to re-sign.  In Fiscus' case it is likely he'll command more money than the cash-strapped Sharks can afford.  Goforth is a flight risk for LA because their cap space will be tied up in resigning Ardoin and Terwilliger.  Several teams could potentially use their MLE on Goforth, a useful shooter and defender. 




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