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The Big Bang Theory

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NEW JERSEY - So what happened before the Big Bang? Science has an answer to what everything looked like a fraction of a second after it began. But before? Did something come out of nothing? Did a Big Brunch lead to the Big Bang? Nobody knows. Well, nobody outside of New Jersey - where fans are still waiting for the Evolution to begin. It's a waiting game for the Big Bang. And it ain't pretty.

The New Jersey Evolution started its first season with a record of 1-9 - which looks familiar from when the team was called Enforcers. Yes, there are explanations for it. The schedule was (and still is) extremely road-heavy. Minor injuries to two centers caused gameplanning problems. Cohesion is way down after the total rebuilt during off-season. And the two to-be-cornerstones of the team, Julius Atherton and Luis Engram, need more time to develop.

"We are still in the twilight zone, in some kind of an intermediate world. The other teams play for wins, a playoff berth, or titles. We are playing to get a feel for the team we will become. Yes, we thought we would start better. But in the end, it doesn't matter that we lose now. If we finish the season 13-7 in the last quarter of the year, I couldn't care less about how many games we won before", says GM Marco Heinrich. 

A surprising statement which somewhat sounds like: The near future for the Evolution will be... getting big banged some more.

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