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El Presidente wins player of the Week

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Andrew Jackson, aka “the President”, was named player of the week for the last week of February and Start of March.  Jackson has average 29.3 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 1.5 assists over the week.  This is AJ’s first player of the week award.  When asked about the achievement he responded with, “It is an honor to be recognized for my individual performance but I am pleased about the way the team is playing.  If we can keep playing like this we’ll be in the playoffs for sure.”  

Jackson has received some criticism in the past from around the league in regards to his inconsistent scoring but with games of 34, 38, 20, 33, and 26, he is finally demonstrating the scoring that was expected from him.  Jackson is averaging 21.3 points and 5.2 rebounds per game, which is improved production from last season.  Efficiency has also improved for Jackson whose average has improved from the field and three-point line from last year.

An increase in touches for Jackson has coincided with the shuffle of the Stallions starting lineup from last year.  AJ is the lone starter still on the roster from last year’s playoff team. Gone are longtime Stallions Ronald Long and Richard Burke II whose interior scoring made up much of the team’s offensive touches over the last several seasons.  In their stead, Kentucky has brought in Herschel Hofer and Arthur Fiscus who are known for rebounding and shot blocking as an alternative to the scoring that Long and Burke provided.  

Interior changes have coincided with backcourt changes as well for the Stallions.  Point Guard Jorge Denis came to the Stallions last season via trade from the Dragoons and signed a huge contract in the offseason to stay with the Stallions.  By December, Denis was wearing an Evolution uniform only to change that out for a SunKing’s jersey at the trade deadline.  Fellow backcourt running mate shooting gaurd Geoff Sullivan returned to New Jersey after 2 seasons with the Stallions.  The Stallions have missed Sullivan’s perimeter defense and quick hands but his interior scoring did not mesh with the Stallions moved to a perimeter-based offense.

The Stallions have used a platoon system in the backcourt with time shared by newcomers Carl White, Timothy O’Connor, and Troy Benson. PG Benson is the only newcomer on a long-term deal.  White and O’Connor have baulked at the cash strapped Stallions first extension offers.  Contracts for either guard may not be finalized until this summer’s free agency period.  Point Guard Cecil Means has been stepping up his game and finding more minutes with the team as well.

The net of all the Stallion’s changes has meant the team is now built around the play of Andrew Jackson.  The Stallions are 9-1 over their last ten games so time will if Jackson can lead the new look Stallions back to the playoffs.

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