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LA Faces St. Louis in First Round Once Again

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The Chaos season ended with clinching the 7th seed in the American Conference. This meant that the Chaos would be facing the #2 seeded Sun Kings. Last year the Chaos met the Sun Kings and it was a tough 7 game series, but St. Louis went on to win. Last year though, the Sun Kings and Chaos were seeded 4th and 5th. Everyone thought it would be a good matchup. This year though, the Chaos snuck their way into postseason and the Sun Kings were battling for #1 overall. Then, just before the playoffs start, C Lenny Davis goes down with a torn ligament. An All-Star and the Chaos' leading scorer is kind of a tough thing to lose when you are about to face the red hot Sun Kings. How do you replace his shot blocking and inside scoring? With what the Chaos have left over, the answer is... you don't. Everyone who knew anything about basketball had already made up their minds that the Chaos would be run over and swept by St. Louis.

LA does have several bigs, but none of them are at Davis' caliber. In Game 1, the Chaos replaced Davis with Erwin Offutt. He has been a bench player for the Chaos for 5 years. He is very strong, but he is only 6'9" and his inside game doesn't come close to Davis. The move paid off and the Chaos stunned St. Louis at their home court. It wasn't Offutt that made the difference, but he did fill a spot and played well enough that other Chaos players could shine. Chung Patton and Joseph Drumm did shine that game. Each of them scored over 20 points. 

Game 2 put things back in perspective as the Sun Kings came out fierce and won by 23 points. The teams traveled to LA for game 3 and it was St. Louis that stole back home court advantage. With the Sun Kings up 2 games to 1, it seemed that a series closure was just around the corner. The Sun Kings seemed to have an answer to whatever LA threw at them.

Then came Game 4. It was in LA once again and both teams played very hard in front of a sold out crowd. The Chaos decided to utilize Renato Ardoin in a different way and moved him to SF. He still had a few minutes here and there at other positions, but the Chaos decided to change up the bigs a little bit. Offutt moved to PF and youngster, Geoffrey Askew started at center. Askew has played most of his career in the D League. He's slightly taller than Offutt, but still has big shoes to fill if he wants to replace Lenny Davis. The game came down to who committed less turnovers and fouls. The Chaos managed to get back in the fight and evened the series to 2-2. No one saw this happening.

After Lenny Davis was injured he was told he would be out for 50 days. This was very bad news and likely meant the end of his season. Just in case though... he was referred to a knee specialist and underwent surgery. He is going through recovery and rehabilitation at the moment and we are told he could play in a month. If the Chaos were to pull off a huge upset, Davis could return. 

Tonight, the two teams face off at the Sun Kings home court. What can the Chaos do to steal another win there? They will have to do it tonight or in game 7 if it goes that far.

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