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Stalkers Harvested

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The Iowa Stalkers have been officially harvested and their season ends at the hands of the Melbourne Padres in 7 games. It was one heck of a series that included a miracle comeback in game #6, where the Stalkers were down 13 points with just over 3 minutes to go and made a serious comeback. With the game tied and the Stalkers in possession of the ball, they gave it to their big man and team leader, Tuan Bunch, who went up with the ball down low only to get rejected and then grab the offensive board and put it back at the buzzer. Bedlam ensued and the fans rushed the court which later turned into a dance party grooving to the 80s hit, "Celebration!"

That would be the last celebrating the fans would do as the Padres took them down in game #7 due to a major free-throw advantage. The Stalkers shot a series high 58% from the floor but couldn't over come the referees, who many fans thought were crooked to begin with before the series even began. Of course the D league wants the teams with the major stars to move on to the next round so they can get their dirty hands on more cash. The Stalkers front office called major shenanigans on the Commissioner of the OBWL, Mr. Steele, who is also the Commissioner of the D league. A rule is put into place that allows for younger OBWL players that have never played a single minute in the D league this season to be sent down just for the D league playoffs. The Stalkers had no reinforcements sent down, but the hated Padres sent down Not 1… Not 2… Not 3… Not 4… But 5 players! General Manager Jason Rouse commented…

"Bush league!"

So now the Stalkers are done for the season and can only imagine how far they could of made it without the "Cheater Rule" being in place. Life goes on and so must this team and they need to focus on next season which means most likely an entirely new roster. Iowa City loves their Stalkers and fans have already renewed their season tickets and hope next year brings a much wanted Championship to this sports crazed city. This is over and out until next year and I would like to say Go Stalkers!

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