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Chucks Blog Vol IX: Unite your power, guys!

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Your blogger: Chuck Tankman, Denver Demons insider. The 63 year old Denver native is writing this blog for a single purpose: telling the truth about the Demons and consequently chasing GM Klaus von Meyerinck out of office.



Goodbye can be a terrible moment. Especially when you fall in love with someone.

Farewell, hope.

The hope that the Denver Demons might turn into a decent organisation at some point is vanishing with each day.

Make no mistake. The team is decent. More decent than you would have imagined and we will tell you why right away.

But the organisation isn't decent. It can't be decent as long as it tolerates the damage a single man does to it over and over again.

So hope is vanishing. It's vanishing despite whatever success the team has, despite however good or even great single players may be on and off the court.

It vanishes with every day that unbearable GM Klaus von Meyerinck remains in charge.

Here's what could be:

Our Denver Demons have struggled with adversary this year and so far they have overcome each and everything. Superstar Greg Fore, by far the teams best player and undisputed leader, being out for two months and more? Power forward power house Charles Cazares as well? So what? The Demons still clinged to first place in their division and they took it if not in a stellar fashion but with a fighting spirit and endurance that was nothing short of admirable.

Our Demons have struggled against the Inferno during the first playoff round? Oh hell did they. The entire series was on the line during the last few minutes of game six and it came down to one or two shots. They fell on our side, they did not fall on the other end and that is why we still can enjoy the playoffs. Again: The Demons prevailed and they prevailed a bad series by Greg Fore.

Our Demons now are battling the formidable London Knights, there's extra pressure because the Knights are without their star PG Val Crumley and that turns fans and experts into the "now they got to beat them" mode. So far our team did what it had to do, it needed some luck to win it's second home game, it came back with a dominant win in London, it's up 3-0 and that is more than you could hope for and could ask for. And Greg Fore is back in business, scoring 32,6 ppg in the Knights series so far. Bam!

And finally all of this does not need to be over anytime soon.

The Demons have found their starting five three years ago, it's Darin Deans, Charles Cazares, Greg Fore, Daniel Goodrum and Larry Burt. They all are under contract for at least one more year together and nothing is hinting towards them slowing down anytime soon.

In other words: It's our window now.

Well, yes, there have been several bench altering trades mid season and the verdict still has to be out since never so far all players have been healthy. But at least the moves did not seem to have hurt.

And then, for you nostalgic older fans with a sense for history out there, Denver is the place to be: Kade Kramer and Noah Gutierrez on the team for a last swan song? It's not about what they have left - even though Goot gets solid minutes and shows flashes of former greatness every now and then. It's about trying to stop time, a gesture to two of the all time greatest. How stylish is that?

And now here's what is and what happened lately:

After the narrow escape from an early playoff exit versus the Inferno the GM went into the locker room with two stamps and  a fishmac in his hand. He took the stamps, swiped them through the dripping fishmac sauce, licked off the sauce and then hammered one stamp each on the foreheads of two players shouting "You're out, bitch" two times, biting into the fishmac and then mumbling into the room: "Ifff fou dont beat ffe nightffs in four more haffe to go."

So far so crazy.

The usual. Or is it?

Something extraordinary happened as we have been told by three players after that. Both those stamps had KvM's handwriting over them and it said "Traded to ..."

The extraordinary thing is: The Demons players took matters into their hands. A few talks to agents here, a few inquirys there and the truth is out within the locker room: Yes, two guys will be out next off season and the word is, it's two important guys.

That's shocking.

That's so unneccessary.

That's the breakup of a good thing because of the sick mood of one crazy maniac.

But as the Demons overcame so much so far, they made a pact in that locker room:

Who goes stays in the room.

Where they go to stays in the room.

It's a unique situation: All the guys know that KvM wasn't bluffing, as kind of a punishement for a 4-3 series over a strong opponent he traded away two important players in what must have been a crazy rage. And as much as all of Denver's press, bloggers, twitter maniacs and such sniff around this is the closest you can get:

The locker room knows. The locker room has decided to keep it there.

Seems like they can do the impossible and succeed in that.

Now for a team to be proud of there's just one more thing to do.

Unite your powers once again. Like you have when injurys hit. Like you have when the Inferno fought you.

Unite your powers once again.

And free us of that crazy GM.

Goodbye then would be the sweetest moment we all can imagine.


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