Monday, 17 December 2018 13:48 Written by Prince Amour
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2023 AmCon Finals Preview

Can Dong Richardson and the St. Louis Sun Kings dethrone Long Foote and the defending champion Anaheim Archers?

For the 2022-23 season, the OBWL made some obvious choices to kick off the season: The rejuvenated St. Louis Sun Kings or the Kansas City Pioneers would face the defending champion Anaheim Archers, and the former Muscle star Hollis Warren would help lead the Demons against Huskies.

If you watch how the regular season played out, the league's final four almost makes perfect sense, if it wasn't for the fact that the number 1 seed Huskies lost in 6 games to the number 4 seed Highlanders.


Season head-to-head: Archers, 2-1

All it took was one trade by St. Louis (involving Domenic Baum) and suddenly their grip on the Western Conference is in their hands.

St. Louis's ascension may seem obvious now, but there was a time when adding Dominic Baum to a roster whose best players are Dong Richardson and Timothy Adler seemed problematic, getting everyone involved. But instead of Baum struggling to get involved, the rest of the Sun Kings adjusted to him and thrived. They put up more steals than any other team in the OBWL, but they started grinding down opponents and forcing turnovers rather than trying to outrun them. it helped that Dong Richardson was able manage his minutes on the floor more efficiently to complement teammates.

Archers, added Ronald Long which allowed them to set the pace this season. A very healthy roster this season and with new additions, Marc Desrousseaux and Ronald Long as big contributors at the 4, such a combination which allowed Archers to have another 61-19 season and another conference finals.

If Archers can stay healthy, during the conference finals, this is the worst possible match-up for the Sun Kings. Sun Kings has no one who can adequately defend James Wall — Baum is the most capable, but in recent games it has seemed like an extreme mismatch — and once Wall gets cooking he has an effect on all of the players around him that can be outdone only by Charles Flowers. And when your second options on offense are Long Foote and Alain Lagon, giving them room to work is almost near to handing over the game.

The biggest keys to the series for Anaheim will be letting Wall thrive and hoping that Long/Desrousseaux combination works well against Joe Turner. Although a very explosive on offense, St. Louis is not great at defending the perimeter which where all the Archers scoring come from. Unless the Sun Kings' Big 3 can outplay the Archers defense every night, the Archers may accomplish their goals and should advance.

Pick: Archers in 6.


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